Sun appears just in time for Myrtle Reservoir Park dedication

The sun came out late this morning just in time for the Myrtle Reservoir Park dedication! Above, the ribbon was cut by an all-ages group – with acting Parks Superintendent Christopher Williams looking on from background/left, and the scissor-wielders including, at right, Terry Holme from the Seattle Parks Board, Pete Spalding (who chairs the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Oversight Committeea different levy, Pro Parks, funded Myrtle), and Cindi Barker from the Morgan Community Association. Music was courtesy of the Jacob Lakatua Quartet – check the park’s city-skyline view in their background:

They’ll be playing tomorrow night at 8 at Locöl, a little ways south on 35th, not far from new Fire Station 37 (which itself was dedicated just last December), which sent Engine 37 to the event:

The park actually opened last October. Its creation was made possible when the once-open-air Myrtle Reservoir was covered, also includes a playground and viewpoint with interpretive features – the reservoir is near the highest spot in Seattle, 520 feet above sea level, so markers in the park point out Seattle’s other highest hills.

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  • Cheryl April 30, 2011 (7:34 pm)

    My daughter (and I) have been enjoying this park for a few months now, great playscape and even greater views of the city. Also, definitely the nicest new park at our end of the peninsula, that being the more southerly end (we live in Fauntlee Hills). My only “complaint” is that there are, as of yet, NO BATHROOMS. Kind of sucky when you’re there w/ a preschooler, or worse, a toddler. Just saying!
    We stopped by today for the dedication, but were a bit late for the bulk of the festivities. Lots of people still there at noon though, including the band. Had a great time, and ran into a neighbor and his daughter too. Yay West Seattle!

  • ReCall McGinn April 30, 2011 (7:46 pm)

    Great for the neighborhood!

  • Marcia May 1, 2011 (9:26 am)

    What’s the deal with no bathrooms at a city park? We went there, and it’s real nice, but a park without bathrooms? uh?

  • Robert2715 May 2, 2011 (9:16 am)

    This weekend, noticed one of those large portopotties up on top of the hill on the other side of the fenced area on top of the resevoir – hopefully it will stay there. Not totally convenient for the playground, but better than nothing.

  • Marcia May 2, 2011 (2:02 pm)

    Where there’s playground equipment for kids, there’s bound to be those little ones who have to go to to bathroom, so these planners weren’t thinking very well!

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