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New West Seattle restaurant/pub: A Terrible Beauty expands here

Story and photos by Katie Meyer
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Thanks to Milton and Mike, who e-mailed tonight to report activity in the former Table 35/Ama Ama/etc. space at California/Edmunds. There, we found Jenna Shannon Garvey O’Brien (right), who, with husband Paddy O’Brien, just finalized the lease on the space, and have already started remodeling. They plan to open May 1st, introducing West Seattle to the official second location of their popular Irish pub and restaurant A Terrible Beauty (the first one is in Renton).

“West Seattle is our stomping grounds!” Jenna told WSB. She and her husband have long enjoyed the community and the restaurants in West Seattle. Jenna explained that when they have some time off, or have a “date night,” they just head to West Seattle without even having a definite place in mind because of the myriad good options here. Having kept an eye on this specific space, once it became available, they went for it. They’re thrilled to have the chance to create and share what she says will be a warm, welcoming authentic Irish pub and restaurant as an affordable destination for this community.

They plan to have 30 beers on tap and will be doing in-house baking and cooking just like at their original location.

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First residents arrive at Link; Chaco Canyon open house Saturday

If you were moving into an apartment building with a rooftop view deck – what a perfect day to do it. We went over to Link (WSB sponsor) at 38th/Alaska in The Triangle to doublecheck on reports that the first tenants would be moving in right about now – and manager Rose confirmed they’re in, while allowing us up on the rooftop deck for a look at the beautiful afternoon (plus the furnishings and garden containers that have gone in since our last visit).

Back inside Link, the lobby’s water feature is in action, too:

And on Link’s south side, along SW Alaska, you will get your first chance tomorrow night to visit Chaco Canyon Organic Café, the vegetarian/vegan restaurant that’s expanding here to add to its University District location, partly at the encouragement of hundreds of WSB’ers (remember the comments?) Their open house is 7-11 pm tomorrow night, everyone welcome, as owner Chris Maykut told us last week (here’s our sneak peek inside, before it was all finished).

Hope Lutheran School open house (and more!) this Sunday

March 25, 2011 9:23 pm
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This Sunday afternoon, Hope Lutheran School invites you to its open house and “Moving Up Day” – noon-1 pm on Sunday (4456 42nd SW). Hope Lutheran describes it as a “casual opportunity for students and parents to check out our classrooms, and get to know your new teacher for our upcoming school year. All classrooms will be open so please stop by for a visit with the teacher, along with a fun activity of some treats in the lobby. We hope you can join us!”

Hope is starting a preschool program and you can find out more about that during the open house too – here’s a link to more information on the school website.

West Seattle restaurants: Beachside Café to open April 4th

The new owners of the former Alki Bakery, closed since November, have set the date for opening the Beachside Café – right across from the restaurant they already own (Alki Café). Just in tonight from Sharon Bang:

After a long wait, we finally have an official opening date for Beachside Cafe on Alki. We are opening on Monday, April 4th. Every time we felt like we were ready, there were things to be improved. We really wanted to do it right for all those who have been waiting patiently with so much anticipation. We wanted to make sure we bring quality to this great location. We searched for the best quality of ingredients for all the food items we were going to prepare; as small as just the right bread for each sandwich or better syrup for our espresso lovers. We also wanted to work with local vendors to bring freshness and to support the local economy.

Our hours of operation will be as follows;
Sun – Thursday: 7 am to 7 pm
Fri & Sat: 7 am to 8 pm

We are going to serve Caffe Vita Coffee. We are, however, bringing back a manual espresso machine for best taste of coffee.

Here are list of the things you will find at Beachside Cafe on Alki;

Panini Sandwich
Classic Sandwich
Signature Salad & Soup
Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies
Pearl Sugar Waffles
Coffee from Caffe Vita
Cinnamon Rolls from Alki Bakery
Cheese cake from Cheesecake Factory
Bread from Grand Central Bakery
Bagels from Zatz a Better Bagel
Pies from Alki Pies
Pastry from Little Rae’s Bakery
Pastry from Macrina Bakery

We hope to make Beachside Cafe on Alki a place where everyone can come together and enjoy simple things in life.

The name was announced last month. And if you’re a recent arrival wondering where this is – 61st and Alki SW, right across from Statue of Liberty Plaza.

Spaghetti with the Scouts: Troop 284 dinner/auction Saturday

March 25, 2011 8:20 pm
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Another weekend full of chances to do good while having a good time, like this: The Troop 284 members in the photo include many of the Scouts who will serve you dinner tomorrow (Saturday) night if you join them for spaghetti and a silent auction at Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall, 5-7:30 pm Saturday, 35th/Myrtle. Sharing the photo and the event reminder, Diane tells us the menu includes spaghetti and meatballs, French bread, salad, and beverages – for just $7 adults, $4 kids under 14. They are raising money for summer activities including camp.

Random acts of knitting: West Seattle gets ‘yarn-bombed’

Story and photos by Keri DeTore
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

It’s the (yarn) bomb!

The Admiral District’s been “yarn-bombed” — by a talented knitter willing to brave the rain that fell while she was creating this:

Knitting decorative pieces to attach to public installations such as bike racks, telephone poles and bus stop signs is known as “yarn bombing” or “knit bombing.” It started as a way to use up extra yarn and, according to “Yarn bombing is almost exclusively about reclaiming and personalizing sterile or cold public places.”

The bike-rack “yarn bomb” is the work of a West Seattle knitter known as Jaesee, who just started writing about her “Yarn Core” activities at Asked about her inspiration to start “bombing,” she replies:

“The idea was initially inspired when I was visiting Los Angeles in October and saw a bike like this. I’ve been knitting for around 2 years and have a real knack for it, but after a while knitting hats and scarves starts to get old. I’ve always considered myself mildly artistic, but I never really found my medium until I started knitting.

“So I wanted to figure out how I could make knitting more like an art project. Yarn-bombing … really appealed to me because it seemed so free-form and a little scary and exciting. I like the “danger” element of it, like you’re kind of doing something bad, but since it isn’t paint it isn’t permanent there isn’t a real threat of consequences.

I live and grew up in West Seattle and I love that it has blossomed into a very tight community, and this yarn art seemed like something that would be embraced by the community. I’m starting out small, but I’d love to eventually grow into an army of knitters, crocheters and crafters that love West Seattle and want to help make it unique and beautiful.”

Admiral District residents Meredith Hailey and her son Grayson (top photo) learned about the bike-rack “bomb” and decided to go on a hunt for it:

“There are a lot of artists in our community, and a whole lot of knitters. I’m so charmed by artists who reach out to the community and to our individual sense of play through whimsical presentations like this one,” said Meredith.

When the owner of the Admiral Shoe Repair shop noticed the bike rack, he exclaimed, “Beautiful!”

Jaesee lets on that there’s a May Day project in the works. Updates will be posted on the Yarncore website.

Followup: Driver cited in Admiral crash, toddler reportedly home

(WSB photo from Wednesday, looking toward the west side of California/Lander intersection)
We promised a followup when we had new information about the Admiral crash that injured a toddler and his nanny on Wednesday afternoon, near Lafayette Elementary and Hiawatha park. Today, police confirmed that the driver who hit them was cited for failure to yield right of way; that word from Seattle Police media unit Det. Mark Jamieson. Harborview Medical Center, to which the two victims were taken after the crash, is unable to provide information without the victims’ names, which we don’t have. But as often happens, the comment section on our original story has yielded information. This account of the crash, from Jon, is not disputed by police – as our photo (above) showed, the crosswalk was the collision scene. The story is also related, along with updates on the victims, in this comment from Brooke:

The nanny was dropping off my daughter and the little girl she watches at gymnastics. She then left with the 21 month old brother to go to the park. They crossed at the intersection when it said walk. The yellow smart car turned without yielding. The nanny was holding the little boy’s hand and picked him up immediately when she saw they were going to get hit and pushed him out of the way. He suffered some head and eye damage but was able to come home today. The nanny severely damaged her leg and had surgery last night. She will not be able to put weight on it for 3 months and her leg will never be the same. The parents feel that their little boy would not be here without the nanny. We love this family dearly and hope that things strengthen faster than they are supposed to. Please send out your prayers and thoughts, especially for the nanny that is going to have a really rough next few months.

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Anybody home?

Just out of the WSB inbox, a door-to-door alert (or maybe something more) regarding someone who turned up in the 4100 block of 41st SW – details after the jump:Read More

Zippy’s Giant Burgers move countdown: 1 month till new location

Exactly one month from today, Zippy’s Giant Burgers is scheduled to open in its new White Center location (9614 14th SW, February photo at right). WSB contributor Deanie Schwarz – who broke the story last month – talked with Zippy’s owner Blaine “Zippy” Cook this morning, and he says he’s optimistic they’ll make the target date – they’re continuing to work on the new space even as they move toward the scheduled April 16 closing date at their original Highland Park location. (If you’re just coming in on the story – they’re moving because the building’s future is uncertain, after its previous owner lost it to foreclosure). Deanie reports that Zippy’s plans to keep all the trademark nuances of its current location, with new fun features. Cook told her that the “bun wall” – an image suggesting a sesame-seed bun – will be painted this weekend at the new location, along with “soda-pop graphics” in the (much larger) bathrooms. The counters and tables will have the familiar charcoal-boomerang surfaces, and there will be booths too, all atop a newly polished concrete floor. In addition, an alcove will house pinball machines, and an old-time photo booth is planned. Meantime, on closing day, April 16th, Zippy’s plans to keep serving until the food literally runs out, and then will race into the finishing touches till the scheduled April 25th reopening.

Alaskan Way Viaduct checkup report: No new problems

No new cracks, no new settlement. That’s the bottom line to last weekend’s Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection, WSDOT says today. Here’s the long version:Read More

Happening now: Chief Sealth Walk for Water

Taking laps on a flat track, at the Southwest Athletic Complex in the sunshine. Sound like a great thing to do in the midst of midday sunshine like this? Maybe – until you realize the Chief Sealth International High School Walk for Water involves carrying gallons of water, to get a bit of a feel for what people all over the world have to do to get water – carrying heavy containers for miles, from the water source to home. The walk is under way for a few more hours, as the World Water Week “ideas festival” concludes today. Faculty’s joining in, too:

On the side of the track, where athletes would usually gear up for a game, the students are helping each other put on their water-laden packs:

Across the street, inside the school, this day has a special schedule. Students have been rotating through activities including speakers in the auditorium and Little Theater (among them, reps from the King County Wastewater Treatment Division, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, National Wildlife Federation, and Gates Foundation), s well as events in classrooms, including a Water Taste Test. This concludes the “local ideas festival” that Sealth senior Molly Freed and social-studies teacher Noah Zeichner spearheaded after they were chosen to participate in the Aspen Ideas Festival last year – on condition they organize and present a “local ideas festival” back home. The week began with an event open to everyone in the community, with high-profile speakers (here’s our video of the entire event, plus a full writeup).

Nova passes 1st design review, but city parking policy puzzles

(One of the “massing” graphics from the meeting presentation)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Harbor Properties‘ next West Seattle development Nova (36th/Snoqualmie) stirred little controversy as it sailed through “early design guidance” last night, at the Southwest Design Review Board‘s first meeting in seven months (if there’s no project to review, they don’t meet).

However, a revelation about recent city code changes loomed large: The fact that Nova and other developments in certain areas of the city could be built with no on-site parking at all (though Harbor is currently looking at providing .6 of a space per unit, about the same as its nearby Link and Mural [WSB sponsors] developments).

“When did (the rule) change?” asked Triangle property owner Jim Sweeney, saying that he believes few are aware of the changes.

Here’s the answer we found afterward:Read More

Big tree topples onto Gatewood house; everybody OK

(HELICOPTER NOTE: The Channel 7 chopper some have asked about in the 11 am hour was shooting this scene.)

Close call for a Gatewood family this morning! Mark Brent tweeted a photo after that tree fell this morning on the back of his house; we went over a short time ago to get the photo you see above, and to find out more about what happened. Mark told us his wife was inside that part of the house when she heard a noise – and suddenly, the tree came crashing down. Neither she nor anyone else was hurt. They’re currently working to find somebody to come over and take care of the tree; he says there are a couple other nearby trees that are of concern too.

Jeremy Peck death: Medical Examiner says cause ‘undetermined’

The King County Medical Examiner says the toxicology reports have come back in the case of Jeremy Peck, the West Seattle man who was the subject of a large volunteer search after he was last seen in the Admiral District early December 24th, until he was found dead when his body washed up on a Bainbridge Island beach on January 19th.

KCME program manager Greg Hewett told WSB Thursday afternoon that the toxicology reports showed nothing that would have solved the mystery, so the cause is classified as “undetermined” and will remain that way until and unless some information comes to their attention suggesting otherwise. That information would not come from further analysis of the remains, Hewett said, explaining that there is no more physical testing that can be done. After speaking with Hewett, we checked with Seattle Police; Detective Mark Jamieson in the media-response unit told WSB this morning that because of the inconclusive report, the case will remain classified as a “suspicious death” till further notice, which is how it has been classified since the body was found. “We don’t know what caused his death, ergo that makes it suspicious,” explains Det. Jamieson. If you have any information about Peck’s disappearance and death, contact police.

West Seattle Friday: Gardening, gear swap, ‘Rumors’ opens, traffic

March 25, 2011 7:20 am
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Happy Friday! Just a few highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar (and thanks to T. Doherty for the pieris photo below, taken in the Alki area):

OPENING NIGHT FOR ‘RUMORS’: Twelfth Night Productions (WSB sponsor) presents Neil Simon‘s “Rumors” this weekend and next at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, schedule and tickets here

WEST SEATTLE GARDEN CLUB: Meets today at Daystar, 2615 SW Barton, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with today’s meeting including Karen Summers from Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society, speaking at 1 pm, discussing the use of succulents and cacti in outdoor landscapes in the Seattle area. Donation $5; more information, 206-932-2540.

SEALTH’S WORLD WATER WEEK WRAPUP: As the World Water Week “local ideas festival” concludes at Chief Sealth International High School, students participate in a “Walk for Water” throughout the day.

GEAR SWAP DROPOFF: Skis, boards, boots, poles welcome for Mountain to Sound Outfitters‘ Saturday-Sunday gear swap – VFW Hall on SW Alaska, dropoff 4-7 pm today (details here)

BENEFIT WINE TASTING: Bin 41 wine shop in The Junction is again donating its $5 tasting fee tonight to Japan earthquake/tsunami relief, 5:30-7 pm, Woodinville Winery/Patterson Cellars featured tonight.

TRAFFIC ALERTS TONIGHT: Not in West Seattle but close enough they might affect you: 1st Avenue South north is scheduled to again close overnight at Spokane Street, starting at 8 pm; then starting at 11, on the north end of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, SDOT is scheduled to close one northbound lane of SR 99 through the Battery Street Tunnel and the Western Avenue on-ramp for maintenance work, till 5 am Saturday.