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West Seattle budget cuts to be reversed? Council meeting tomorrow

November 3, 2010 9:59 pm
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From tonight’s Southwest District Council meeting: There’s new hope the City Council will consider canceling a budget cut directly affecting West Seattle — the proposed closure of the Neighborhood Service Center in The Junction and elimination of its Neighborhood District Coordinator‘s job. The coordinator’s responsibilities include liaison and communication work on behalf of the council and the neighborhoods it represents, and the SWDC, as well as many of its member groups, had formally asked the council to consider canceling the cuts. Tonight, SWDC co-chair Erica Karlovits noted that the council is looking at the Department of Neighborhoods‘ budget tomorrow, with two specific line items of interest, one titled “(r)estore Southwest Neighborhood Service Center,” the other titled “(r)estore Neighborhood District Coordinators.” (In the mayor’s budget plan, which DON director Stella Chao outlined to SWDC last month, Southwest coordinator Stan Lock is one of seven whose jobs are on the line.) The agenda calls for the council to get to this item around 2 pm; you can see the full agenda here. (More news to come from tonight’s SWDC meeting.)

West Seattle wildlife: Reminder to stay away from hauled-out seals

Out of the WSB inbox, from Kelly:

I was down at Lincoln Park (northwest side) … and there was a small group of people standing very close to a seal pup. I stopped and listened to what they were saying, ready to impart my seal (keep away!) knowledge if need be and ready to call the Seal Sitters. Apparently, one of the men who was standing there (a man maybe in his 60s or 70s?) had picked up the seal pup and tried to put it back in the water! Three people had stopped and told him that he needed to leave the seal alone. Apparently, he thought he was “helping” the seal and that it “was going to die” if it were left on the beach. I heard him say these things. I started to tell the group about the Seal Sitters and ask them to move their dog away (I had a dog with me too and wanted to move it away from the seal), but they were telling the man about a boat that will come and take the seal away if its mother doesn’t come back in a certain amount of time. ??

Anyway, I got my phone out to call Seal Sitters, but as I was looking for the number, a woman with a NOAA bag (presumably from Seal Sitters) came up and told everyone to back away and that we are supposed to stay at least 100 yards away, not 10. The other people explained what the man had done and as I left, she was talking with the man.

I just couldn’t believe that anyone would think it was a good idea to approach, let alone handle, a seal pup! There is a sign not too far away from where this happened explaining to people that you should leave marine mammals alone! WSB runs a story a week on seal pups! Why is there still so much ignorance? Very frustrating. Hope it all turns out well for the seal, but he was very scared looking and skittish when I saw him.

Seal Sitters did mention this briefly in the latest update on their “blubberblog” site (be sure to check out other entries, which now include lots of beautiful seal-pup video updates).

Alki Community Council president Jule Sugarman dies

Just announced by the Alki Community Council board:

To members of the Alki Community Council and the West Seattle Community:

It is with deep sorrow we mourn the passing of Jule Sugarman, President of the Alki Community Council yesterday, Tuesday, November 2, 2010, at about 3 PM, after a brief illness.

Jule’s Memorial Service will be on Saturday, November 20, 2010, at 2 PM. More details will follow.

alkiprez.jpgMr. Sugarman was first elected as president of the Alki Community Council in March 2008; that’s when we took the photo at left. As noted at the time, he had a long history of work in government and nonprofits, including running the nationwide Head Start program for its first five years, and serving as our state’s Secretary of Social and Health Services. Mr. Sugarman was 83 years old. His passing also is announced on the Facebook page of the Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, of which he is a past president; he and his wife Candace were major donors to the campaign to fund the recent WSUU church purchase. That’s where his memorial will be held November 20th.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Coffee-shop-heist arrest

Followup tonight on one of the cases summarized in WSB contributing reporter Megan Sheppard‘s police-files roundup published early today: Southwest Precinct detectives have arrested a suspect in the coffee-shop robbery/lewd conduct case; that’s the word from Detective Brian Ballew. The suspect is in the King County Jail; we’re looking for more information about him and will add anything we find.

Election 2010: Newest King County results now out

(King County Councilmember-elect Joe McDermott thanking commuters at 35th/Fauntleroy this afternoon)
Without any really close local races, nothing has changed in terms of potential outcomes … but in case you’re tracking something else, we thought you’d want to know that King County is now out with today’s vote count. If you’re watching the statewide race for U.S. Senate, with the latest vote counts, Sen. Patty Murray is now two points ahead of Republican challenger Dino Rossi, 51% to 49%. P.S. The county says turnout already has exceeded projections – they thought they’d get about 68 percent of the ballots back, and they’re already up to 71 percent.

West Seattle business news: Music, money, moves, more …

In addition to the business comings-and-goings noted the past few days, we have a virtual stack of notes to share. First:

GUITAR TEACHER ON THE MOVE: That’s Richie Jenkin, longtime WSB sponsor, who teaches guitar. He’s switched locations and asked us to share:

I have relocated my guitar lesson studio from my office on California Ave SW to my home studio in the Alki Beach neighborhood. My new location is a half block from the beach and right across the way from Alki Playfield. I can be reached via my website: or by phone at (206) 799-7432.

SPEAKING OF ALKI, NEW ATM: One year after the BECU ATM was removed from the wall near the Alki Starbucks, Robert pointed out via Facebook that a Chase ATM has now taken its place. Via the WSB Forums, Jo tells us it was installed just yesterday.

ANGELINA’S CELEBRATES FIRST ANNIVERSARY: In a Facebook invite, Angelina’s West Seattle notes that it’s celebrating 1 year in business, and offering specials Friday to commemorate the occasion, plus a DJ starting at 9 pm.

JUNEAU STREET MARKET: We’ve received many notes this past week-plus about this market appearing to have closed again, less than 6 months after it reopened following an eight-month shutdown caused by a fire in the apartment over the market. We have been trying to reach its owners, both in person and via e-mail. Finally spotted people working in the space yesterday and asked them what was going on. Only got a one-word comment: “Remodeling.” We’ll keep watching …

NEW HEAVENLY WHOLESALE LOCATION: This retail business was in The Triangle for a while, then made a temporary seasonal move last fall to the Junction space that had previously been home to Funky Jane’s and is now home to Suite Arrangements. Now, Heavenly Wholesale has turned up in the 5446 California SW space that used to contain On The Way Maternity.

AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS OF SEATTLE: 13 months after this car-sales business moved onto a lot on SW Alaska east of Jefferson Square, they’re gone – the space has clearly been cleared out.

BUILT BURGER MAKES A STAND: This isn’t in West Seattle, but it’s big news for a business that was founded by a West Seattle couple, David and Rebecca Makuen. For more than a year, they have sold flavor-infused BuiltBurger patties by mail, and now they’re opening a burger stand in Pioneer Square, 217 James Street, on November 8th.

Pre-pardoning turkeys to meet West Seattle Montessori students

Lots of product-pushing national press releases having nothing to do with West Seattle turn up in the WSB inbox these days for some reason, but once in a while, there’s truly a local angle. And so it is with this: Foster Farms is touring with the turkeys it’s taking to the White House for the famous pre-Thanksgiving pardoning ceremony. They’re meeting with students from two schools in the metro area – and one will be West Seattle Montessori (WSB sponsor). For reasons we haven’t yet investigated, the stop itself will be at Delridge Community Center, 9:30 am November 15th. The turkeys will be accompanied by humans including Washington Agriculture in the Classroom reps and Foster Farms’ “Vice President of Turkey.”

Trial over for ‘The Hole’; judge’s decision in a week and a half

Following up on our earlier report: The three lawyers arguing for key interests in the legal fight over lien priorities in West Seattle’s stalled Fauntleroy Place project, aka “The Hole,” have just wrapped up their closing statements before King County Superior Court Judge Susan Craighead. She then said she will deliver her findings in the case at 9 am Monday, November 15th; rather than just sending out paperwork, she will read them aloud, in order to answer any questions. We’ll add toplines here from the closing statements – during which, at one point, the judge observed to a lawyer that it seemed much of the project and its financing had been “a charade” (she also acknowledged, when setting the date for announcing her decision, that she knows this is “important to the community” as well as to the individual parties involved). ADDED 11 PM: Click ahead for toplines from the closing arguments:Read More

West Seattle embraces Dine Out to Remember Our Fallen

An all-star concert at Bamboo Bar and Grill on Alki is just part of the West Seattle lineup for tomorrow’s Dine Out to Remember Our Fallen regional benefit for Behind the Badge Foundation and the Lakewood Police Memorial. Thanks to Eric for e-mailing to share the latest details; the Bamboo concert is expected to be a jam featuring members of Queensryche, Candlebox, and Lotus Crush. Restaurants participating by donating part of their proceeds tomorrow include Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor; half of food proceeds for the day), Salty’s on Alki (part of proceeds from certain desserts), Puerto Vallarta (all proceeds for the day), Bamboo (half of all proceeds for the day, all proceeds from beer donated by Elliott Bay Brewery, plus the concert), Rocksport (proceeds from Georgetown Brewing beer plus drink specials), Christo’s on Alki (accepting donations), Talarico’s, Elliott Bay (proceeds from its beer sales plus has donated kegs to Bamboo and Pegasus), Shipwreck Tavern, Brickyard BBQ, Pegasus Pizza (proceeds from the donated Elliott Bay beer), Duke’s on Alki (donating $250 – had a different fundraiser already scheduled) – and Liberty Bell Printing in The Junction donated the posters! More info, including full regional participants’ list, on this Facebook page.

Ready to think New Year’s Day 2011? Join the plan to jump in

That’s Christopher Boffoli‘s WSB video from last year’s New Year’s Day polar-bear swim at Alki. Never too soon to start planning the next one; we just heard from Angelina Shell, who is ready to organize it but looking for coffee donations, for starters. If you can help – e-mail her at!

Future of ‘The Hole’ discussed in court, as trial’s end nears

As the end nears for the trial involving lawsuits over who gets paid what/when in relation to “The Hole” (June 2009 photo at right) – the project once known as Fauntleroy Place, once slated for Whole Foods, Hancock Fabrics and apartments, now a massive excavation idle for 2 years – we’re covering what happens in King County Superior Court Judge Susan Craighead‘s courtroom. WSB contributor Katie Meyer sat in on the trial again Tuesday, and reported that closing statements are expected today after one last round of witness testimony. Right now, we’re in court, where the witness on the stand was with Chicago Title when it evaluated title insurance for a sale of the project in summer 2008. Yesterday, Seattle Capital’s Robert Story, Jr., was among the witnesses, and said on the stand, “The day before the transaction fell apart [to sell to another lender], everyone felt it would close. It was a quite shocking and horrible day when we found out the deal wouldn’t close.” He was questioned about signing the “Owner’s Affidavit” document that was required (by Chicago Title) to receive title insurance, saying he signed it in the capacity of Seattle Capital Company, “acting on behalf of the lender,” on June 18, 2008. He testified that to his knowledge, there had been no real “work” done at the site prior to June 18th (in the key trial issue of whose lien/s take precedence for payment, that is a major question – what work was done, by whom, and when). Read on for other highlights from yesterday – including testimony from the developer who hopes to take over the site:Read More

Election 2010 aftermath: County warning about ‘draconian’ cuts

Though the final vote count will take weeks, most of last night’s King County/Seattle results were fairly clear, and further counting is not likely to change the outcome. One such issue: The defeat of County Proposition 1, which sought to raise the sales tax to get money that county leaders said would stave off more budget cuts for public safety and human services. With that measure failing 44% yes to 56% no, two county councilmembers involved in the budget process have just released a statement warning of “draconian” cuts as a result (note that many of these services are provided by the county for city residents too, so this isn’t just an unincorporated-area issue) – read on for the statement:Read More

West Seattle Wednesday: More election results; SW District Council

November 3, 2010 8:03 am
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Looking ahead: King County Elections says it’ll count about 45,000 more ballots for its second release of results, due out around 4:30 pm today (our coverage from last night is here, here and here) … In West Seattle, tonight’s big meeting is the Southwest District Council, with a very busy agenda, including presentations about RapidRide (which Morgan Community Association heard about last month), the Duwamish River cleanup, and the much-discussed petition regarding low-flying aircraft. The public’s always welcome at meetings of the SWDC, whose members represent community councils and other major organizations/institutions around western West Seattle (the Delridge District Council, same thing for the eastern peninsula, meets in mid-month) – be at the South Seattle Community College board room (campus map here; the building with the board room is detailed here) at 7 pm … Tonight’s nightlife includes trivia at Skylark Café and Club (WSB sponsor) at 6:45 pm, open mike at 9.

Southwest Seattle Historical Society celebrates brand-new book

November 3, 2010 7:12 am
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It was a double celebration for Southwest Seattle Historical Society leaders and members last night at Beveridge Place Pub: Not only were they excited about the new “Images of America: West Seattle” photo book they helped create – with assistance from volunteers who stepped forward after this request 10 months ago – but they were relieved that the shipment of books arrived in time! You can buy it for $21 (with part of the proceeds benefiting SWSHS) at the Log House Museum gift shop (which carries other books too) – 10 percent discount if you’re a member – and it’ll soon be available elsewhere in West Seattle; if you’re a retailer and would like to carry it, get in touch with the Log House Museum (whose new manager Sarah Frederick was among last night’s partiers – 2nd from left – along with outgoing director Andrea Mercado – 3rd from right).

From the police files: Neighbor rescues toddler, and more

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fifth weekly installment of this new WSB feature – if you missed the explanation/introduction with which we prefaced the first one, you can see it here.

By Megan Sheppard
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

From reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers:

*Just after midnight early Monday, a Highland Park man awoke to the sounds of a child crying outside his residence. He saw what appeared to be a three-year-old walking barefoot in the middle of the street. He also noticed the front door open on a nearby residence. He went out, picked up the child, rang the bell and banged on the door. When no one answered, he took the child home and called 911. Officers arrived, entered the home through the open door, and found a four-year-old sleeping alone in a bedroom. There was no bed, and he was lying on some blankets on the floor. No other adults were present, except for a renter who came out of a basement room. A Child Protective Services social worker took custody of the children.

Six more cases, after the jump:Read More