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Sustainable West Seattle’s scholarship offer for permaculture event

August 24, 2010 11:23 pm
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Just posted today on Sustainable West Seattle‘s always-informative website: SWS is offering two “scholarships” to help with local residents hoping to attend next month’s Northwest Permaculture convergence at West Seattle’s South Seattle Community College. You’ve got one week to apply; details are here.

(P.S. While you’re at the SWS site – which is one of the 100+ sampled by this frequently updated WSB page, by the way – take a look at Andy Silber‘s latest “Energy Blog” story, connecting you with the newest information on electric cars.)

Chief Sealth International High School gets move-in go-ahead

If you’re associated with Chief Sealth International High School in some way, including students’ families, you’ve probably seen or heard a message in the past few days about the renovated campus awaiting Fire Marshal clearance before staff can move in. That clearance has just been achieved, says Sealth principal John Boyd, who tells WSB that teachers and administrators will start moving in tomorrow – exactly 2 weeks before classes begin.

West Seattle’s new Fire Station 37: Sneak-peek tour

If you often drive through the Sunrise Heights/Gatewood areas, you’ve seen the Seattle Fire Department‘s new Fire Station 37 taking shape over the past year at 35th/Holden (map) – and now, it’s about a month away from completion. After watching its progress day by day, we asked for a sneak-peek inside – and got the chance on Monday afternoon. Our guides: Project manager Teresa Rodriguez, architect Brad Miller from Miller Hayashi Architects, and construction-team leader Elliott Blom from Kirtley-Cole Associates:

Among the sights at the levy-funded project site: A deck with a view of Mount Rainier!

But that space isn’t just a deck – it’s got something you might not expect to find at a fire station – read on for that, and the rest of the tour (UPDATED 11:14 PM WITH PHOTO OF SCULPTURE THAT ARRIVED TODAY):Read More

Shanti Salon and Spa: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor

This afternoon, we’re welcoming Shanti Salon & Spa as one of our newest WSB sponsors. As per WSB tradition, new sponsors have the opportunity to share information about their business: Shanti (pronounced Shŏntē) Salon & Spa has operated in West Seattle continuously since 1996. The salon was recently purchased by a West Seattle family: Tim and Heidi Reynolds, daughter Lillian, and a close family friend purchased the salon in mid-May of this year. Tim and Heidi have three daughters, all of whom are involved in the business. Erica graduated from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute several years ago and is a stylist at Shanti. Carlene, the middle daughter, is keeping the books and helps with marketing. When you visit Shanti, you will notice some exciting changes to both the exterior and interior of the salon and spa. Heidi and Tim are intent on maintaining an atmosphere conducive to pampering their clients and providing the highest level of service and products. In maintaining the Aveda mission, the owners of Shanti value and care for the world we live in and are taking steps to become more environmentally friendly, as well as supporting other local West Seattle vendors. Shanti Salon & Spa offers full-service hair treatment, nail service, waxing, facials, lash extensions, and a wide range of massage treatments. Visit the Shanti website to sign up on the e-mail list and receive a discount for spa or salon services. Shanti Salon & Spa is located at 2138 California SW, two blocks north of the Admiral Junction; for an appointment, call 206.932.5988.

We thank Shanti Salon & Spa for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; find our sponsor team, and info on joining, all here.

Election 2010: Sen. Patty Murray campaigns in West Seattle

U.S. Senator Patty Murray has just made a quick stop in West Seattle as part of a whirlwind campaign tour of local veterans’ facilities. She spoke briefly at American Legion Post 160 in The Triangle, accompanied by a group of veterans who say they’re supporting her because of her advocacy for their issues, particularly health care through the Veterans’ Administration. Sen. Murray will face Republican challenger Dino Rossi in November; in the primary-election tally so far, Murray has 46 percent of the vote, Rossi 33 percent, topping a field of 15 contenders.

West Seattle Golf Course driving range: Next meeting set for 9/15

Almost three weeks have passed since the first design meeting for the new West Seattle Golf Course driving range (WSB coverage here), so we just checked in with Seattle ParksGarrett Farrell, who’s leading the project. He tells WSB the date has been set for the second public meeting: Wednesday, September 15th, 7 to 8:30 pm, at the golf course. According to Farrell, “Meeting #2 will answer questions from meeting #1 and put some of the design team’s ideas in front of the public.” As you might have read in our story from the August 4th meeting, some big issues were raised – not just for golfers, but also for those who will see the driving range’s tall nets from 35th SW, Rotary Viewpoint Park, and/or nearby neighborhoods – so they’re hoping for a big turnout at the Sept. 15 meeting.

Mayor’s jobs plan: ‘New and existing policies,’ and monitoring

August 24, 2010 1:08 pm
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As previewed here yesterday, Mayor McGinn has gone public with what he calls the Seattle Jobs Plan. There’s a full writeup on his website. In addition to investment and infrastructure, the plan also promises to “monitor and report semi-annually on five key economic indicators: business income, job growth, business start-ups, performance of local K-12 and postsecondary education systems, and distribution of income.” The plan itself is linked here. ADDED 3:11 PM: Seattle Channel-provided video of the mayor’s announcement.

Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival plans West Seattle return

August 24, 2010 11:20 am
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Once again this year, the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival plans screenings in West Seattle – Oct. 21-22 (updated dates from organizers) at Admiral Theater, during the final days of the Oct. 15-24 festival. This’ll be the festival’s third year with WS dates. We got first word from the festival’s volunteer coordinator Kevin Fansler, who also sent word they’re looking for volunteer help, with an orientation coming up Sept. 26 – read on for more on what kind of help they need:Read More

Video: West Seattle marina fire ‘accidental’; $200,000 damage

(Scroll down for newest information – 1:11 pm: SFD has determined fire was accidental)

(Photo substituted at 5:46 am for cameraphone photo we had earlier – this was taken before fire was out)
FIRST REPORT, 4:35 AM: There’s a big response right now to a boat-fire call in the 1300 block of SW Spokane, and we have a few reports of a loud explosion-like noise heard from northeast West Seattle right about the time it was reported – we’re checking it all out right now. It’s at the Jim Clark Marina.

4:50 PM: We’re en route to the scene – scanner traffic indicates that this is affecting traffic in the area, even train traffic, which has been shut down by Burlington Northern. Scanner says “two houseboats are totaled” so far in the fire, and also indicates the fireboat Leschi is involved in fighting the fire. WSB’s Patrick Sand has just arrived in the area and even before reaching the marina just called to say “fire is still visible.” (added – the video he shot on arrival)

5:03 AM: Patrick came over the low bridge and IT IS OPEN – for those who were worried. The flames are now subsiding but still a lot of smoke. Now the scanner (which we’re monitoring at HQ) says three houseboats were/are involved. At the scene, Patrick says it appears some sheds at the marina were involved too – sunrise is still an hour away so the damage will be more fully visible then.

5:13 AM: The “houseboats” reported on the scanner are more like covered slips, Patrick is being told at the scene, where SFD public-information officer Helen Fitzpatrick has arrived to work with the media. She tells us **no injuries**. Some of the fire units are being cleared from the scene; the fire is mostly out.

5:20 AM: Adding a cameraphone photo atop the story (that’s a fireboat lit up at the back of the shot); we’ll have video back at HQ in a bit. We asked SFD’s Fitzpatrick about the reports of a “boom” just before this was reported; she says the Fire Department’s heard a lot about that too but it’s way too soon to tell what that was – investigators will have to do their work figuring out what caused this. The official summary so far is two “boat houses” burned (NOT “houseboats” as per earlier scanner traffic) and one boat (photo above shows smoldering debris). The fire was fought from both land and water (the fireboat Leschi was called out) – and if you’re passing by, as a Twitter question reminds us, you may notice firefighting foam on the Duwamish.

6:50 AM: We’re going back shortly for a daylight look at the scene – scanner indicates police have just reopened the surface street(s) that were blocked off in the marina’s immediate vicinity (again, NOT affecting low-bridge traffic).

7:14 AM: SFD’s Fitzpatrick has just updated the damage totals from the fire: One boat burned, one boat was damaged by fire, a third boat sank; one boathouse was gutted (see our photo) and the two adjacent ones were damaged. The firefighting foam on the water, she notes, is biodegradable. No word yet on how the fire started.

7:55 AM: We’re back at the marina now that the sun’s fully up. The iPhone photo above is the burned boat from the shore east of the marina – we’ll have a closer photo a bit later but that’ll do for now. Port of Seattle Police are here as well as a few remaining fire and citywide-media crews. (Next two photos added 9:22 am – burned boat, plus damaged boathouse next to debris from destroyed one)

11:37 AM: Still no word on the cause. SFD has posted its complete summary of other details here.

1:11 PM: Fire investigators say this was an accident: “fuel vapor in the bilge of a 36-foot boat was ignited by a spark from electrical equipment, & caused explosion.” Damage total is estimated at $200,000.