West Seattle Golf Course driving range: Next meeting set for 9/15

Almost three weeks have passed since the first design meeting for the new West Seattle Golf Course driving range (WSB coverage here), so we just checked in with Seattle ParksGarrett Farrell, who’s leading the project. He tells WSB the date has been set for the second public meeting: Wednesday, September 15th, 7 to 8:30 pm, at the golf course. According to Farrell, “Meeting #2 will answer questions from meeting #1 and put some of the design team’s ideas in front of the public.” As you might have read in our story from the August 4th meeting, some big issues were raised – not just for golfers, but also for those who will see the driving range’s tall nets from 35th SW, Rotary Viewpoint Park, and/or nearby neighborhoods – so they’re hoping for a big turnout at the Sept. 15 meeting.

9 Replies to "West Seattle Golf Course driving range: Next meeting set for 9/15"

  • Robert August 24, 2010 (2:49 pm)

    Just an off the wall idea – but has the parks department considered some kind of virtual reality driving range rather than a real one?

    • WSB August 24, 2010 (3:00 pm)

      Send in the idea! The contact info is on the project page to which we have linked “West Seattle Golf Course driving range” in this story … TR

  • marty August 24, 2010 (4:30 pm)

    I’m a golfer and a virtual reality range just won’t cut it. I’m sure a vast majority of golfers will agree.

  • j August 24, 2010 (5:15 pm)

    Marty is right on! Can’t wait to hit a bucket in my own neighborhood! Now if we could only get Groucho’s to come back…

  • Jeff August 24, 2010 (5:16 pm)

    I’d love to have a range closer than Jefferson. It already gets really crowded on any kind of decent day. Seriously people, this is like the one single part of the parks department that actually creates income.

  • Greg August 24, 2010 (11:29 pm)

    Third the love for the range — just wish it was easier to figure out from the links where it’d go without reading the 86 page master plan.

  • Dunno August 25, 2010 (6:51 am)

    The only bad thing about this driving range is that it will be faced to the south, where 95% of our bad weather comes from. Otherwise, lets get it built.

  • Fairmount Golfer August 25, 2010 (10:14 am)

    I want a driving range but not as it is currently proposed and sited. There are several alternatives to mitigate the huge impact of 90 foot tall poles above grade hugging the sidewalk on 35th. Honestly people, the visual is an eyesore as it is currently planned. No more view from Rotary Park, no view as you drive on 35th, you will see the poles and nets from the Junction! Originally they were going to excavate to mitigate the pole height. Don’t wait until it’s built to complain, inform Parks of your concerns today.

  • Jimmie September 9, 2010 (11:04 pm)

    I agree, the poles and nets will be a huge eyesore. I’m all for a driving range, but they need to rethink this a little bit…

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