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West Seattle weekend scene: Spectacular day to sail

It wasn’t just West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – for dozens of people, it was a sail day: This was part of the Seattle Yacht Club Tri-Island Vashon Race, according to Beach Drive Blog – and Gary Jones shared photos taken from Alki. For those who didn’t have their own boats to sail, a Washington State Ferries ride would have yielded a great view too:

Chief Sealth students become boat-builders @ Maritime Festival

Off the peninsula, today’s biggest event was the culmination of the Seattle Maritime Festival – not just the tugboat races, but also a wide variety of maritime-related displays and contests at Pier 66. Among them, the “Quick and Dirty Boatbuilding” competition, with Chief Sealth International High School physics students in the fray. West Seattle resident Joe Follansbee shared the photo after covering the Maritime Festival for Fyddeye (of which he’s editor). Their task was previewed in the CSIHS Daily Bulletin:Hannah Hodges, Stephanie Patterson and John Paul Altamirano will be participating in the ‘Quick and Dirty Boat Building Contest’ at the Seattle Maritime Festival. These students have $100 and three hours to build a boat that floats and race it through a course on Elliott Bay.” (We’ll be checking to see how they did!)

Mother’s Day, one day early: West Seattle home-building event

Thanks to Vince Stricherz for sharing photos from the Habitat for Humanity Women Build event in High Point today!

Vince reports, “More than 20 women gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day by helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County. The event was sponsored by Lowe’s.”

The worksite is along SW Morgan, about a block east of 35th SW.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2010: The aftermath

First – a few spots are STILL selling – like the Furry Faces Foundation plant sale at Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) – that’s F3’s Teri, photographed earlier today with some of the merchandise. Now, the question of “what to do with unsold stuff?” – a couple options:

NORTHWEST CENTER: This nonprofit has been informally partnered with WSCGSD since even before WSB started coordinating the annual event. From Denise at NW Center:

Consider helping your local community by donating to Northwest Center. The Big Blue Truck will be collecting items at 44th & Edmunds at their donation station drop off. They will be open late on Saturday til 6:30 pm to accommodate donors. All donors will receive a $3 off coupon to Value Village. Regular hours Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Learn more about the programs your donations support at Need to schedule a pickup for next week? Visit

WESTSIDE BABY: Got kids’ clothes or other items for little ones? They’ve got a long wish list. They’re accepting dropoffs till 4 pm today – or contact them for dropoff hours Monday and beyond. We published the list on Friday here.

WEST SEATTLE TOOL LIBRARY: They’re still accepting donations at 44th/Edmunds – right by the aforementioned NW Center donation site – till 5 pm, so if you have unsold tools (or tools you’d just like to unload), as long as they are in good working order and not gas-powered, take ’em over! They’ve already scored some great additions today, we’re told, including an air compressor and sewing machine.

LOOKING FOR FREEBIES? You could certainly run along the map routes again, since more than a few folks just put out leftovers marked “free” – don’t take anything that’s NOT clearly marked “free,” of course – Cheryl, for example, left this comment earlier:

UPDATE on sale #183 (4018 SW Trenton) — Everything that is left out on my lawn is now FREE, FREE, FREE. Please come and get it. Tools, books, pictures, lamp, magazines, kid costumes, Vornado fan, Zenith 19″ TV with remote, etc. Nothing is broken, just don’t want/need any more.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE? Feel free to post a comment here or on the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Facebook page – perhaps you can match up with somebody who didn’t sell whatever it is you’re looking for.

Meantime, thanks to everybody who participated in one way or another – we know some sales did very well, others heard crickets, but by most reviews it was another beautiful day to get out and meet friends old and new, face to face.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2010: Afternoon updates

May 8, 2010 1:53 pm
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(First running report is here; second is here; Google Map of sales here; printable map here; changes listed here; scroll down for frequent updates & new pix)

1:53 PM: That’s Georgia at the register for sale #96, 5202 21st SW. Traveling around to some of the sales today, we’ve definitely seen lots of family involvement. And then there’s your extended “family”:

1:56 PM: …that term definitely applies to the fine folks at the Highland Park Improvement Club, one of today’s multi-seller sites, sale #154 at 1116 SW Holden.

2:15 PM: It’s enough to bring a tear to the eye of any parent of a teenager … all those stuffed animals you just don’t need any more. They’re part of what we found at the West Seattle High School Grad Night Team‘s sale, #34 at the school parking lot (3000 California SW).

2:27 PM: In the mood for cupcakes, lemonade, or both? Team B’s Knees, raising money for the Northwest Epilepsy Foundation, has both, sale #11, 2119 42nd SW.

2:34 PM: That’s the CoolMom sale at Cycle U (WSB sponsor), 4550 Fauntleroy, where everything is now half price.

2:40 PM: Sale #131 at 4620 SW Graham is the Lincoln Park Co-op Preschool group – lots of girls’ clothes left when we stopped by in the final hour.

3:07 PM: Over already! Stand by for an update on what to do with unsold stuff, if you’re interested in donating it … and if you had a sale, or found something cool, or both, please still feel free to send photos; we’ll continue adding coverage to the official WSCGSD website (and probably here too).

Update: SUV collides with Metro Route 21 bus in Westwood

Thanks to the caller who let us know about this scene that turned more than a few heads at a busy intersection – an SUV collided with the back of the southbound Route 21 bus at 35th and Barton. Police at the scene say nobody appeared to have been seriously hurt; a Metro supervisor told us they’ll have a media liaison call with information; in the meantime, the right southbound lane was blocked, but traffic was getting around OK. 7:44 PM: We did hear from the aforementioned liaison, who said the SUV driver was cited for an “illegal lane change,” and confirmed that no one was hurt.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2010: Midday report

(First running report of the day is here; Google Map of sales here; printable map here; changes listed here; scroll down for frequent updates & new pix)

Almost halfway through the 6th annual edition of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – already? – and we’ve seen lots of shoppers out and about; we’re making the rounds to get photos but thanks also to those who have sent pix from their sales, like John Smersh from Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor), sale #12 at 2210 California SW in the Admiral District, where they’ve got half-price lighting as well as handbags on sale, and more. A few miles south on California, an individual sale with proceeds going to a cause close to many hearts:

That’s Krista at sale #161, 7717 California SW, where proceeds are going to the Orca Network. More to come – we’re about to hit the road and check out the high-school sites, among others. 11:52 AM: A shot from a bit earlier:

Carla and Brian are at Ginomai, 42nd and Genesee, sale #78, a multi-seller site and also the place where you also will find a West Seattle Christian Church group raising money for a well-drilling trip to Guatemala. On with the photos:

12:13 PM: That’s a photo Stephen shared from sale #159 at 7729 30th SW, where he says there’s still “plenty left to buy” … that’s also the word from our Twitter pal @cheapsleeps on SW Southern near 37th, who has baby-boy clothes galore – that’s sale #165. Meantime, just got a note from a seller with a specific item of interest:

12:20 PM: Natasha says that vanity at sale #187, 8802 35th SW, is $100 “or best offer”! Which reminds us that prices have just been marked down at one of our recent stops:

12:27 PM: Chief Sealth PTSA is raising money, and donating part of the proceeds to several of the clubs at the school, and now that it’s after noon, it’s 2 for 1, as the signs say (thanks to the student volunteers for taking a moment out to be in the photo). They’re sale #128 on the map. Now on to High Point:

12:37 PM: At Bridge Park Retirement Center (WSB sponsor), the big lot sale (#139 on the map) is raising money for Relay for Life of West Seattle (a cancer-fighting fundraising event, coming up June 18-19). Lots of cool stuff.

1 PM: Old beer signs, anybody? That’s part of the unique slate of stuff at Skylark Café and Club (WSB sponsor), sale #59 at 3803 Delridge. The sale is BEHIND Skylark – so pull into the parking lot on its north side and go around back. We’re starting the afternoon report next – (update) here’s the link.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2010, morning report

(Need the map? Updated Google version here; make note of the changes for printable version here – and scroll down for newest photos/updates)

8:59 AM: Sale Day begins! – that’s the >Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) courtyard at 4410 California SW, sale #79, where you’ll find dozens of sellers and the Furry Faces Foundation plant sale – be sure to check out the Ginomai courtyard right behind it, too.

9:13 AM: Sale #51 at 3432 39th SW has declared itself “Area 51,” and Will says not only have aliens landed, they’ve got Vikings selling lemonade.

9:31 AM: Thanks to Eric for sending word from Schmitz Park Elementary School, participating in WSCGSD this year for the first time, sale #43 at 5000 SW Spokane – lots of stuff inside and out (and homemade soup while it lasts).

9:42 AM: Michelle at sale #143, 6900 California SW, might feel a little tired already – though we exhort “no earlybirds,” the shoppers in the photo above showed up at 8:30.

9:54 AM: The Kiwanis Club of West Seattle, sale #15 at 5050 SW Grayson, is at a different location this year – some great vintage stuff including the classic magazines with which Shari Sewell posed. Speaking of vintage, check this out …

10:06 AM: Sale #77 at 4160 California SW (just north of the Hotwire/Ginomai multi-seller sites) has vintage radios among other things. That’s Mike, posing with one of his sale items – which is from the ’30s.

10:26 AM: The West Seattle Tool Library scavenger teams are hitting the streets, looking for tools to buy for the soon-to-debut lending library. You are also invited to donate tools at four locations today (including the Alki Bike and Board sale, #19 on your map) – full details here.

10:40 AM: Barbara, Patrick and Carol Jean are having fun in the sun at Sale #89, 4815 1/2 Erskine Way, behind Uptown Espresso in The Junction – we ran by there while checking out the Tool Library folks practically across the street.

11:11 AM: Thanks to Klaire for sending photos from her sale at 4069 28th SW, #74 on the map – there’s barbecue stuff and art too, among other things, besides what you see in the photo. We are also posting standalone updates for every sale we photograph, or get photos sent from, at – so if you’re taking time to browse, or still deciding whether to go out! – check there too.

11:16 AM: The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is one of two groups with sales at 40th and Edmunds in The Junction – they are number #91 on the map. And in the same lot, at #90:

11:25 AM: That’s the official “WTF” table at the Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation sale, also at 40th/Edmunds. Who knows what … etc. … you’ll find? *Now we’re moving on to our second running report of the day; here’s the link.*

Also today: Stamp Out Hunger food drive – and more

(Today’s sunrise, photographed by David Rosen of SlickPix Photography)
Aside from breaking news (if there’s any), we’ll be focusing on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day most of the day here, but of course there’s plenty else going on. Here’s the direct link to the Saturday section of the West Seattle Weekend Lineup, with the list. Also please remember that this is Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive day, so leave a bag of nonperishable food by your mailbox or mail slot for your letter carrier to pick up. Have a great day!

It’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! Notes to start with

WHAT: The 6th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, coordinated/presented by WSB, 196 sales

WHEN: 9 am-3 pm today

WHERE: All over the peninsula
–Google Map here (already reflects latest changes)
–Printable map here (please make the changes listed here)

SALE PREVIEWS: Besides the listings on the map, find them:
–On the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day Facebook page
–On the WS Blog Facebook page
–On the official West Seattle CGSD website

MULTI-SALE/GROUP SITES: Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor), #79; Highland Park Improvement Club, #154; C & P Coffee, #107; Freshy’s Coffee, #29; CoolMom at Cycle U (WSB sponsor), #92; Lincoln Park P-Patch, #147; Hope Lutheran mission trip to New Orleans, #86; West Seattle Christian well-building trip to Guatemala, #78; West Seattle Relay for Life at Bridge Park (WSB sponsor), #139; Amigos de los Americas, #191; Kiwanis Club of West Seattle, #15; Boy Scout Troop 284, #54; Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, #90; International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, #91.

SCHOOL SALE SITES: Schmitz Park Elementary (sale #43). Chief Sealth High School PTSA (sale #128), West Seattle High School Grad Night (sale #34) with a 10 am-2 pm car wash along with their sale; Lincoln Park Co-Op Preschool (sale #131) at Seaview Methodist Church; Alki Co-Op Preschool (sale #38) at Alki UCC Church.

TOOL LIBRARY: Collecting and buying today for the new West Seattle Tool Library – here’s how to be part of it

FOOD: All of our fine West Seattle eateries will be happy to feed you, local or visitor, of course. Also:
–Hot dogs at the Ginomai group sale adjacent to the Hotwire Coffee sale
West Seattle Thriftway is barbecuing bratwurst starting at 11, proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Many more highlight; the best review we ever heard of Community Garage Sale Day is “we met so many people!” This is a chance to “recycle” what you don’t need AND to meet people. Have a great day and send pictures; we’ll be out and about but there’s no way we can get to more than a fraction of the 200-ish sales in six hours.

West Seattle scenes: Pink volcano; billowing cloud

May 8, 2010 1:25 am
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Two of the talented photographers who share their work with WSB from time to time have scenes to share this morning: Top, David Hutchinson caught Mount Rainier at sunset, from Jack Block Park, through the Port of Seattle cranes; next, Long Nguyen caught one of this week’s storm formations from the air over the Kent Valley:

Looks like few clouds will be in sight during West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day today – forecast says sunny, highs in the 60s.