Disaster Preparedness Month, night 23: “Shelter in Place”

April 23, 2010 11:50 pm
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As we have traveled through Disaster Preparedness Month with almost-nightly information since April 1st, we’ve talked a lot about getting ready. What about when – if – something actually happens? That’s the focus of the advice on this city webpage. Some of the advice on that page has to do with earthquakes, which we’ve addressed already this month, but there’s also a one-sheet with information on Sheltering In Placewhich is the advice if there is some kind of chemical spill/hazmat/toxic fume problem in the area. To be able to follow that advice, you’ll want to have a roll of plastic sheeting available – something else to add to your preparedness list, for next time you visit a hardware store. But first – have you already taken the 3 steps advised in the city’s “3 to Get Ready” campaign, including making sure 3 other people know about them? Here’s the starting point; 2 more weeks in the campaign, and don’t forget to register for the prize pack! For West Seattle-specific information, the West Seattle Be Prepared website is the place to go, along with its companion Facebook group. And if you do NOTHING else this month toward personal preparedness – at least know where your West Seattle Emergency Communication Hub is, and be certain your family/friends know too.

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