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Disaster Preparedness Month, night 26: Packing prescriptions

After our Monday night Disaster Preparedness Month mention, a comment from “Onceachef” pointed out that if you need prescription medication to stay healthy, you need to make sure you have a supply ready to go if you have to evacuate. The federal government has plans to get drugs into disaster-affected zones – read about them here – but the whole point of personal preparedness is the expectation that authorities will not be mobilized to help immediately, so you have to be able to take care of yourself for at least several days. The general advice is that you keep the stockpile in your preparedness kit, and rotate it, rather than just packing it and forgetting about it. What if you need insulin, which is supposed to be kept refrigerated? Here’s a federal infosheet on that. … Got a preparedness question we haven’t addressed, as we get to the final few days of Disaster Preparedness Month? Leave a comment, e-mail us, or take your question, any time, to the West Seattle Be Prepared group on Facebook – where others interested in the topic will help you find the answer!

More video, photos: Confucius Institute opening, report #2

(Our first report on the Confucius Institute celebration, with more video/photos, is here)

First-grader Delaney Blanford‘s English and Mandarin greeting embodied what the Confucius Institute Education Center opening ceremony at Denny International Middle School was all about: Giving more students in our state the chance to learn Mandarin. She was preceded by Beacon Hill International School classmate Nat Beaumon (that’s Confucius Institute HQ director Madame Xu Lin and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn in the background):

Their participation as student emcees fits right in with the mission of the Seattle Public Schools international schools – with Chief Sealth International High School the latest to win that designation, and prominently participating in today’s ceremony; the center and its language programs will be based for now on the Denny campus, but will move to the Sealth/Denny campus a few blocks east on SW Thistle this fall. That’s why a parade/procession traversed those blocks as today’s ceremony ended:

At the end of our video, that’s Denny principal Jeff Clark, resplendent in the bright-blue suit he often wears when his Denny Dolphins are in the spotlight. At the start of the video, the Lion Dancers (doubling as break dancers) were from Franklin High School, the marching musicians from Denny and Sealth (both directed by Marcus Pimpleton). Clark and Chief Sealth principal John Boyd both spoke at their future new campus – the Denny principal, exchanging gifts with the Confucius Institute’s leader Madame Xu Lin:

Boyd will be hosting the center starting this fall, since his students move into their renovated school this September, while the new Denny won’t be occupied till 2011.

He also walked in the parade/procession, with West Seattle’s school board rep Steve Sundquist (photo right) also accompanying Madame Xu Lin:

The distinguished visitor from China had a short time earlier unveiled a plaque, with Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson:

And she heard students sing the Chinese folk song “Mo Li Hua“:

The student emcees joined them:

But what this ultimately comes down to, is back in the classroom – where the visiting delegation began their short stay in West Seattle, watching students practice writing Chinese – in this case, the word for “harmony”:

Along with Madame Xu Lin, four other representatives from the headquarters of the Confucius Institute – a nonprofit affiliated with the Chinese government (explained further on this University of Washington website) – attended the ceremonies, as did representatives from the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco. They got a whirlwind hard-hat tour of the Denny/Sealth site before they left (here’s our report on the one we took with Sealth students a few weeks ago).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Seen this stolen Civic hatchback?

Out of the WSB inbox, from Holly:

Just sending in a quick note to alert the community of a car theft. My white 1990 Honda Civic DX hatchback (plate #774-MVS) was stolen from in front of my home sometime between 9:00 last night and 9:00 this morning. We live in the Highland Park neighborhood on 18th Ave SW between Thistle and Cloverdale [map]. Any information regarding my beloved “Lily White” would be much appreciated.

Change at the top for Parks: Superintendent Tim Gallagher resigns

According to a memo shared with us by a reliable source, Seattle Parks Superintendent Tim Gallagher has just turned in his letter of resignation. By all accounts, the department is facing a budget crisis – as we reported here a month ago – and may be hit the hardest of any department, according to what City Council President Richard Conlin told the Southwest District Council in West Seattle earlier this month. Read ahead for the memo that includes Gallagher’s resignation letter (ADDED TUESDAY MORNING, reaction from West Seattle-residing Parks Board chair Jackie Ramels):Read More

South Seattle Community College “Friends of the College” dinner

April 26, 2010 5:37 pm
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From South Seattle Community College (WSB sponsor):

The public is invited to attend a celebration to honor student achievement at South Seattle Community College’s annual Friends of the College Dinner, Thursday, May 6 from 5-8 pm.

Each year the South Seattle Community College Foundation awards scholarships to more than 100 students in academic and professional technical programs. The annual Friends of the College Dinner honors those students for their success, while recognizing the generous donors who make these scholarships possible.

This event is a very special evening for students and donors to come together and share what South is really about – community. It also offers the opportunity for members of the public to learn directly from students and donors about the many ways available to support students.

A limited number of tickets remain available.

The dinner is at Brockey Center on campus; tickets are $30/person. Call Heather at (206) 764-5809.

High Point stabbing updates: Victim home, suspect to be evicted

(Friday afternoon photo by Christopher Boffoli)
ORIGINAL 2:41 PM REPORT: Prosecutors have until Wednesday to file charges against the 22-year-old man arrested in connection with the stabbing of a 40-year-old woman along a High Point street Friday afternoon, but in the meantime, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has just provided us with the document that indicates probable cause, and tells the story not only of the brutality of the attack, but also of the three heroes who helped and led police to the suspect. 3:25 PM UPDATE: After that document, following the jump, we also have added a letter that High Point residents are receiving, which includes information about a Thursday community meeting, the victim’s current condition, and eviction proceedings for the suspect’s household – read on to see it all:Read More

KEXP reveals details of West Seattle “Hood to Hood” celebration

As noted previously, West Seattle won KEXP’s “Hood to Hood” fundraising challenge – and the celebration is set for May 21st. Today, the radio station has revealed details of who’s playing where and when that day/night as part of the peninsula-wide party – full list here. (Thanks to Lauren for sharing the link!)

1st report: Confucius Institute celebration at Denny Int’l MS

Denny International Middle School in Westwood is abuzz with excitement right now – in two languages – Mandarin and English. Dignitaries from China are part of a high-powered delegation visiting the school right now to celebrate the launch of the Confucius Institute language program – to be based here at Denny until the new Denny/Sealth campus is open a few blocks east. The visit began with a classroom tour (photo above) and is now moving on to a big assembly, with students from Denny, Chief Sealth International High School, and Beacon Hill International Elementary, as well as dignitaries galore (including state schools Superintendent Randy Dorn). This will conclude with processions, including a lion dance, from Denny to the new Denny-Sealth campus in a little more than an hour, and as we mentioned earlier today, that means SW Thistle will be briefly closed in the area. “A very historic day for the state, city, and Seattle Public Schools,” as Karen Kodama, SPS international education administrator, has just proclaimed this to be. More to come! ADDED 3:16 PM: We’ve got lots of photos and video to put in a second report, but while we work on that, here are the Denny and Sealth musicians playing short version of both the China and USA national anthems at the new Sealth/Denny campus as the event ended:

ADDED 4:54 PM: And here are two of Christopher Boffoli‘s photos: First, from the start of the procession down SW Thistle from Denny to the new Sealth/Denny campus – lion dancer/break dancers from Franklin HS, followed by Denny/Sealth musicians – video of the parade will be in our second report:

From the auditorium event, Madame Xu Lin, who leads the Confucius Institute from its headquarters in China, with Superintendent Dorn:

She told the Denny audience this is the first middle-school-based Confucius Institute she has visited on the occasion of its grand opening.

Viaduct, bridge, budget: Get involved this week with 3 big issues

Not a lot to preview for tonight – the regular Monday highlights are all on the WSB West Seattle Events calendar – but here’s an advance reminder of some biggies later this week:

TUESDAY – ALASKAN WAY VIADUCT OPEN HOUSE: The south-end Alaskan Way Viaduct work starts later this year, and nearby projects such as the city’s Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project are about to kick into higher gear. What does this mean for how you get around? The people with the answers will all be in the Madison Middle School Commons 6-8 pm Tuesday, waiting for your questions.

TUESDAY – SOUTH PARK BRIDGE CLOSURE MEETING: The bridge continues on the county-announced track to permanent closure June 30th. So what’s being done to help drivers and South Park businesses survive until a new one is built – if it’s built at all (financing is still no sure bet)? The draft closure plan will be unveiled and explained tomorrow night at the Machinist Union Hall in South Park (map), 6 pm. More info here.

WEDNESDAY – CITY BUDGET PUBLIC HEARING: This isn’t in West Seattle, but so far, it’s the closest scheduled hearing on the city budget, and many people already are rumbling about drastic effects of potential cuts – like the dire warnings we reported recently about what Parks may face. So if you have a strong opinion about ANYTHING in the city budget – what shouldn’t be cut, what should – advocates on a wide variety of issues are all but begging you to show up for this hearing, sponsored by the mayor and City Council, at the New Holly Gathering Hall on Beacon Hill (map). 5:30 pm – signups start at 5.

11 candidates announced for Seattle Police Chief

April 26, 2010 11:49 am
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The mayor’s office announced this morning that three women and eight men are in the running for Seattle Police Chief, including 3 candidates from SPD – here’s the list:

Judy Bradshaw, Chief of Police — Des Moines (IA) Police Department
Rick Braziel, Chief of Police — Sacramento (CA) Police Department
Adam Burden II, Former Assistant Chief of Police — Miami (FL) Police Department
Ronald Davis, Chief of Police — East Palo Alto (CA) Police Department
John Diaz, Interim Chief of Police — Seattle (WA) Police Department
Rick Gregory, Chief Administrative Officer/Acting Public Safety Director — New Castle County (DE)
Clark Kimerer, Assistant Chief of Police — Seattle (WA) Police Department
Anne Kirkpatrick, Chief of Police — Spokane (WA) Police Department
Jim Pugel, Assistant Chief of Police — Seattle (WA) Police Department
John Romero, Chief of Police — Lawrence (MA) Police Department
Lisa Womack, Former Chief of Police Elgin (IL) Police Department

Here’s the full announcement. Southwest Precinct Captain Joe Kessler is among those on the search committee; video of its meetings, including the most recent one last Wednesday, are archived here.

Traffic alert: Confucius Institute celebration this afternoon

April 26, 2010 8:45 am
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We just got full details of a big event this afternoon that not only is significant for West Seattle students and educators, but also will briefly affect traffic on a busy street, so here’s the heads-up: As part of a celebration of the new Confucius Institute language program based at Denny International Middle School – until the new Denny/Sealth campus is open – there will be two processions from the current Denny to the under-construction Denny/Sealth in the 1:45-2 pm vicinity, and SW Thistle will be closed (map) while that’s happening. The first procession is a lion dance around 1:50 pm; the second will include marching-band members and an international delegation of dignitaries. It’s a short route from Denny to the new campus, but Thistle is often busy between 35th and Delridge, so this is your advance alert. (P.S. For more on the Confucius Institute in West Seattle, here’s the letter Denny principal Jeff Clark is sending home with students.)

Sanctuary at Admiral wins classification change, of sorts

April 26, 2010 7:50 am
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Almost eight months after The Sanctuary at Admiral applied to officially change the designation of how its church-turned-events-venue building (42nd/Lander) can be used, the city has granted the request, according to this morning’s Land Use Information Bulletin. The new designation is “theater and spectator-sports facility,” but as explained in our story when the application was made public last September, that’s not what it sounds like – it’s just the classification they had to seek for the sort of events they host (weddings, parties, etc.). Now that the decision’s in, there’s a deadline of May 10th for appeals, as explained on the official notice. The Sanctuary became an official city landmark last year.