2 door-to-door alerts: “Matching funds,” black trenchcoats

Two door-to-door alerts tonight – again, soliciting is not against the law and those who are reported may be perfectly legit, but those reporting the sightings wanted to be on the safe side and share the info – read on:

First, from Heather:

Just a heads up about some questionable door to door activity in Highland Park this evening. Two men came to our door, handed me a Seattle’s Child magazine and gave a long, winding description of 100 kids doing something in partnership with the “nursing school” at the community college and that Walgreens, Safeway, and Ezell’s chicken was matching funds for anything I could give. He pulled 2 dollars and a bus pass out of his pocket and encouraged me to give whatever I could. I informed him that I didn’t give money at the door and he grabbed the magazine and walked off down the street (passing 4-5 houses before I lost sight). They were headed south down 17th toward Thistle [map] after leaving our block.

And earlier, from Doug:

Just an FYI, 4 individuals (middle-aged men) in black trenchcoats going door to door in the Seaview neighborhood. Possibly just solicitors or those spreading “the word”. Last seen at the intersection of 45th Ave SW & SW Dawson St. [map] (10:15 am) Chevy Z71 Tahoe, Pearl in color, lic 35x-xDS Will report to the SPD non emergency line too, but thought you may want to know.

13 Replies to "2 door-to-door alerts: "Matching funds," black trenchcoats"

  • José March 24, 2010 (1:31 am)

    Yeah, let’s encourage the Scouts to throw their lot in with these folks and others who come to our doors. GREAT idea.

  • herongrrrl March 24, 2010 (2:36 am)

    That first one does sound pretty fishy, considering Seattle’s Child is a free magazine you can pick up at just about anywhere.

  • Donuts for all March 24, 2010 (7:37 am)

    Jose – your response doesn’t make sense to me. Please explain the reference to Scouts.

    Thank you

  • Kayleigh March 24, 2010 (8:31 am)

    Nothing says “Trust me” like people in black trench coats.

  • Shannon March 24, 2010 (9:05 am)

    I have probably seen these same 4 men in the white SUV over in our area. I’m over near Delridge and Genesee hill. I sat in my car one afternoon and watched a white SUV pull up with four suited older men in it. They got out, paired together and went up opposite sides of the street knocking on doors. They weren’t out too long, and it didn’t look like they knocked on every door either. Looked like only the houses they knocked on. There are several town houses and condos on our street, they didn’t go to those. They came back, seemed to confer with one another, then all piled back into the SUV. But they didn’t leave right away. They stayed parked at the curb for 20-30 minutes. Perhaps they were planning their next moves in the area? I assumed they were Mormons or JW’s… I waited till they left to get out of the car. That was a few months back at least. I also had two young men also dressed in suits come to our (darkened) door one evening late in November. They were Mormons and wanted to argue but my husband sent them on their way.
    They seemed “legit” though (as in actual LDS and not potential robbers casing the place).

  • austin March 24, 2010 (10:33 am)

    I like Ezell’s Chicken.

  • Travis March 24, 2010 (10:38 am)

    I saw a guy walking down the street the other day. He may have just been walking his dog, but you never know.
    Best to report all humans to the police non emergency line.

  • Lola March 24, 2010 (10:39 am)


    I too live in the Genesee area and I saw 4 men and 1 women this past Sat 3/20 when I was out walking the dog. They were nicely dressed and had what looked like bibles. They were going from house to house but this was during the day so I thought they were probably from the church.

    I do not like it when they come after dark so I usually just say thorugh the door who is it and if it is someone I do not know or just do not want to talk to I send them on their way.

    I know the Boy Scouts were out last weekend to collect doanations of food for the foodbanks. I had mine set out in a Black Fred Meyer food bag with a note for the Boy Scouts and they never came to take it. Will have to deliver to the food bank myself.

  • Scout Mom March 24, 2010 (11:37 am)


    The Boys were definitely out early on Saturday but do occasionally miss packages. Please call the number on the flyer you received ahead of time announcing the food drive or myself at 206.383.2352 as I am a den leader and I will be happy to come get a missed package and deliver it.


  • SarahScoot March 24, 2010 (12:13 pm)

    Travis, in these dangerous times we can’t afford to discriminate based on species. I report anything with legs to the police. I saw some squirrels that were acting awfully squirrelly!

  • Leroniusmonkfish March 24, 2010 (1:44 pm)

    I heard there was some pistol packing puppies casing the neighborhood…off-leash.

  • Tony S March 24, 2010 (3:18 pm)

    Ezell’s does rock.

  • DC March 24, 2010 (7:41 pm)

    Don’t worry, I’ll send my pistol packing puppies to take care of those squirrelly squirrels. These are dangerous times

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