West Seattle scenes: Parade lanterns; waterscape wonders

A table full of lantern-makers worked busily at Highland Park Improvement Club when we visited to see how the New Year’s Eve parade-prep project was going. The lanterns are papier-mache over balloons, to be carried during the “Not-So-Silent Night” neighborhood parade Thursday night:

Everyone’s welcome during the parade; meet at HPIC (11th/Holden) at 6:30 pm Thursday – it’ll be followed by a parking-lot performance around 7:30 and the HPIC New Year’s Eve house party indoors. (More West Seattle New Year’s Eve options here.) Meantime, nature put on its own beautiful show one more time today:

Chas Redmond shared that iPhone photo from along Beach Drive; David Rosen shared the view from West Seattle’s downtown-facing waterfront:

Looks like the clouds will hold centerstage for the next few days, though.

4 Replies to "West Seattle scenes: Parade lanterns; waterscape wonders"

  • old timer December 27, 2009 (7:10 pm)

    Slightly off-topic:
    An inflamed hemorrhoid driving past my home,
    apparently incited by the sight of all the Holiday lights, loudly
    shrieked “Christmas is Over” as he went on his unhappy way to
    wherever, and whomever would have to deal with him next.
    On the one in a million chance that he reads this,
    be advised that these are not only Christmas lights, but Holiday lights, and the Holiday season around here runs from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s day.
    Some people have no clue.

    • WSB December 27, 2009 (7:26 pm)

      Heck, at WSB HQ the last day of the holiday season isn’t till Super Bowl Sunday. Let there be lights! – TR

  • sam December 27, 2009 (8:43 pm)

    he must have never heard of the ’12 days of Christmas”- the wise mean haven’t even shown up yet !

  • christopherboffoli December 27, 2009 (9:44 pm)

    Chas Redmond: Nice work. Most of the photos produced with the camera on my iPhone resemble something from one of those creepy ghost hunter TV shows.

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