West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 break-in reports

Three reports to share tonight (here’s how to reach us, with a Crime Watch report or anything else). First, from Suzanne:

Just wanted to let everyone know that a burglary happened at our house yesterday between 11 am and 1 pm on the 3700 block of 42nd Ave SW [map]. Stolen items included jewelry, laptop computer, camera, and various other electronics. The police officer responding to our call said that there have been an increase in burglaries in our area and that everyone should be vigilant. Please be on the lookout as we’d hate to see this continue in our and surrounding neighborhoods.

From Sonja:

I wanted you to know of a break-in the 6300 block of 38th Ave SW [map] early this evening. It’s my friend’s home and she called me about 4:45p to cancel our plans because her back glass door was shattered and her TV was gone. She thought it strange though since her laptop and other electronics were untouched.

And from Morgan, via Facebook:

I would like to let everyone know that my family’s home was robbed yesterday (december 28th,) We’re in the Arbor Heights area. We believe that the people came through our dog door in our back yard. If you have a dog door I would advise that you keep it locked unless you’re home. They took mainly electronics and jewelry.

Morgan says her neighbors spotted a “small gray car” in her home’s driveway at one point. Meantime, Seattle Police have some specific burglary-prevention tips online here.

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  • businessowner December 29, 2009 (10:09 pm)

    Just wondering what general area of Arbor Heights, we live in the east part of Arbor Heights and just want to keep an eye out.

    • WSB December 29, 2009 (10:40 pm)

      I’m sorry that info didn’t come with the report – but since I was putting up a couple others I didn’t want to hold this one back for more specifics – have an inquiry out to see if there’s at least a ballpark intersection – TR

  • Blockwatcher December 29, 2009 (10:56 pm)

    I just ran off a guy in a 4 door gray or blue late model Corolla. He was prowling houses on 46th and Dakota. He was standing on the corner in the rain at 10 pm writing things down on a notepad. I asked him what he was doing he said, “can’t a guy for a walk in the rain”. I got in my car and started following him around. He walked up and down the block (Dakota between 45th and 47th), then got in his car and literally peeled out heading eastbound on Dakota. Mediumm height and build. Caucasian. Mustache. Dark hair. Royal blue and black/dark blue sleeves ski parka. Round metal rimmed glasses. I called this into the SPD.

  • Lola December 30, 2009 (12:30 am)

    Thanks Blockwatcher will keep my eyes peeled looking for this creep. I can’t believe how brazen these theifs are getting.

  • samson December 30, 2009 (7:10 am)

    What the Hell? (pardon me)!! Morgan, Which area in Arbor Heights? so we could know… I have been walking around the neighborhood everyday 1 -3 miles with my big rotty. My neighbors do appreicate my dog’s barking so they know who’s coming and going. Thiefs – WATCH OUT!!!! My rotty gets you!

  • vigilante nulu December 30, 2009 (8:06 am)

    Blockwatcher –
    What do you mean by, “he was prowling houses?”
    Was he doing anything illegal?

    Lola –
    How do you know this guy is a “creep?”

  • luckymom30 December 30, 2009 (9:52 am)

    I too am in Arbor Heights, and Morgan if you are who I think you are we live very close by and that is pretty scary to learn you were rob. This is all getting way too close to home. Thanks for the reminder about dog doors.

  • tincanrocket December 30, 2009 (10:15 am)

    I work from home during the day and am home most nights – at least someone is in my house. we are keeping an extra eye out on our area. My brother is SPD and I am in lobbying for extra police patrols in the early evenings in my area while it is dark and people are still at work. Burglars beware – picking my house is a HUGE mistake and would make for a funny youtube at your expense.

  • Dave Brown December 30, 2009 (10:59 am)

    We were recently robbed by school age kids using the same MO: back door smashed, electronics and jewelry. They always seem to hit during the day, when they know people are at work.

  • WSDad December 30, 2009 (11:07 am)

    Vigalante Nulu-People standing around in the rain facing houses and writing info on a notepad does not constitute”just a guy going for a walk”Also, he responded quite defensively to a simple question of an understandably suspicious neighbor.And if he was just a regular chap going for a stroll,why did he drive to a residential neighborhood?If he had nothing to hide,why did he take off quickly after being questioned.I’ve been burglared in WS twice in one month,had the front door bashed to pieces,and ran off people stealing from my backyard.Before this happened it was just rare hype that happens to other people.Now I’m much more observant and discretionary-I don’t jump at just anyone’s strange movements or body language.

  • miws December 30, 2009 (12:03 pm)

    nulu, do you live here in West Seattle? I figure most regular WSB participants do.


    If so, why don’t you move to a community that is not served by an online neighborhood news and information source, and does not have neighbors watching out for each other, and the community as a whole, and doesn’t share unusual, and/or suspicious behavior via the news/info source.


    Oh wait, that wouldn’t be much of a community, would it?



  • Yeah Me December 30, 2009 (12:33 pm)

    I am curious about the dog door entry…where was the dog? I have a dog door, but only a fool would come through it to meet my dog face to face. What kind of dog did the person have?

  • Blockwatcher December 30, 2009 (3:45 pm)

    Nulu…nothing illegal, just very weird to say the least. He drove to this corner of West Seattle to take a walk in the rain? Yet he only walked up and down two blocks and was staring into each house (albeit from the sidewalk…although I was now following him in my car so he may have thought better than to walk up to a window) making notes on his notepad??? I keep trying to find another explanation but can’t come up with one unless I go with plain old crazy.

  • sam December 30, 2009 (5:25 pm)

    regardless of whether or not the activities were illegal, he should be able to provide some sort of reasonable answer if he’s completely innocent. like, ‘I’m interested in getting some new plants for my yard and I’m collecting ideas, the sun exposure here and some of the other plants here interest me’

    ‘I like the way this retaining wall is built, I’m sketching some details’

    but driving TO a neighborhood to walk in the rain and then leave, does sound suspicious and something that should be reported.

  • vigilante? nulu December 30, 2009 (11:22 pm)

    West Seattle is my home and family.
    I never thought that when I go for a drive in the rain, park and write a haiku while strolling in the rain, making observations of the neighborhood…I get confronted and “run off”.
    I get home, log on and see my description…my description so complete and studied, that if it were a photo, WSB would not publish it (see my old harp).
    Be observant, make friendly contact, call 911 if concerned, fine.
    But follow me in your car and confront me?
    Friends and neighborhood watchers,
    what have we come to?

  • Patrick December 31, 2009 (8:21 am)

    This morning around 508 am on 104th and 20th AVE SW, I was walking to the bus stop when out of the blue a man of Hispanic origin wearing a 76ers jacket, black pants, and Nike shoes, came walking vigorously out of the privet road caring a subwoofer. I’m no idiot and know that this had to been someone braking into a car and had just stolen this from someone. I said quaintly “What’s going on man” he busted into a full out sprint. I didn’t report this to the police because I will just wait for them to make there daily rounds and then let them know, but just for reference I’m letting you all to watch out! He is probably about 5-6 – 5-7, and has a short mustache. His build was a little deceiving because of his jacket but I am guessing that he is maybe medium build. I am extremely vigilant especially because white center is right up the road from my house so I have no other choice. I can tell you the best deterrent to have to keep bad people out of your home and robbing it is a dog. I myself have a pitbull and dare a robber to try to come in. So thank you all for keeping watch people because the cops can only watch so much of the neighborhood at one time!

  • looking for logic December 31, 2009 (1:06 pm)

    If someone is just walking the block I can pay attention to them, I can photograph them, I can visually ID them, I can write down license #’s, if they can walk around taking notes, so can I.


  • dissapointed January 1, 2010 (12:53 am)

    wow. at 29th & graham my neighbor was robbed all money jewelry everything that could be sold. plain day light by two muslim women that lived 2 doors down. my family and i saw it and reported it. the cops did nothing. my other neighbor next door got her car broken into by some kids. she saw them and didnt even stop. she called out to them and they only hurried to get her stereo out while she dial 911…cops never showed up.
    i got a basketball stolen by 2 black teens that live at the end of the block. i had just stepped in and left the ball inside our porch for a minut to get some water.
    again a couple weeks ago i get my mountain bike stolen from the front porch. inside our porch. its found about six blocks away. the one and only officer that has shown up and actually got something done. my house has been shot at by teens in a silver car. cops took forever to show up. and only to do one round and leave. they came back a second time and shot at the baby’s room and broke the window. this time cops never came.

    why does SPD just blow things off?
    i reported 6 teens that had ddone “drive bys” at cars and houses in the whitecenter and they had bragged about it. cops did nothing. 3 days later those kids are finally arrested when they show up to west seattle high and jump a student there and leave him on the ground blood running down his mouth..
    what is west seattle comming to?? is it no longer safe to walk your block?? having to watch out for anyone.. come on now! we are a community! we should have pride in ourselves! unite together and make our streets safe for our families again.

  • f1maven January 1, 2010 (8:33 am)

    @Blockwatcher Sounds like you followed the guy pretty closely. During all this sleuthing, were you able to jot down the car’s license plate?

  • jmo January 1, 2010 (1:43 pm)

    My parent’s house on Findlay was broken into sometime between Sunday and today, Friday. They’re on vacation, returning today (welcome home, Mom and Dad!) The thieves cut electric and phone to the house. I can’t immediately tell if they stole anything but they did lightly ransack the home. Looking for prescrip drugs or money? I’m grateful my family was not home at the time. A big thank you to all the vigilant West Seattleites. It sucks to not feel safe in your own neighborhood and the best thing we can do is watch out for each other.

  • Blockwatcher January 4, 2010 (2:39 pm)

    Sorry about that. Next time just say I’m writing haiku’s and/or volunteer something to suggest you’re friend not foe. It’s quite out of the norm to be doing what you were doing. If I see you again, I’ll make sure to say hi and you’re welcome on our block anytime! Thank you for responding!

  • Mom of jmo January 5, 2010 (5:04 pm)

    My daughter posted our burglary while we were away before we returned. 2 Laptops were stolen and my jewelry box. I am thankful that the thiefs did not destroy the house. I want to make a proposition to the thiefs! You by now have figured out that the jewelry you stole from me has no real value….just to me for the memories some of the pieces hold. There is a large porpoise bracelet…a little unusual, huh?? If you would return the jewelry box and contents to me I will pay you $1000., no questions asked. I would just like to have my things returned. So you figure out how to do it!! Hopefully you read this blog or have a friend who does!! Oh, and by the way..you stole my husbands electric toothbrush. Don’t use it!!! I would regret anyone catching his disease!! And also, we have 2 large, very mean dogs when someone enters the yard. Lucky for you they were boarded. We are not going to board them again but rather leave them outside when we are gone (don’t worry readers they have warm cover and beds). Thiefs, please don’t make the mistake of returning!!

  • Morgan's Mom January 14, 2010 (11:24 pm)

    This is Morgan’s Mom – I must say that my neighbor’s and I keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in our neighborhood so in regards to the odd conversation about the haiku writing rain stroller, I might not drive around following you but I would have certainly asked you what you were doing and as the guy said a simple “Writing a poem in the rain” would have probably put him at ease. I say keep on watching out for each other. The guy who broke into our house was very brave…parked in our driveway…knocked on the door…came through the dog door with two dogs outside and one in. Wish they were pitbulls now, but alas they aren’t. Now (thank you creep) they have to stay inside all day with the dog door locked. Also like the lady said above…none of my jewelry was worth much…my deceiced mom’s mostly, thanks. Oh, and ALL my Christmas pictures on the disk in the camera! Hmph! Okay…done venting – all living breathing things are fine and still feel safe. I still believe that people are mostly good.

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