Astronaut’s other alma mater: Gregory Johnson at Schmitz Park

Imagine revisiting your high school AND elementary school in the same day, greeted as a returning hero. That’s what astronaut (US Navy Ret.) Capt. Gregory Johnson has experienced today – after his speech at the West Seattle High School Foundation breakfast (here’s our coverage, with video), he went on to speak late this morning at Schmitz Park Elementary, where a jampacked lunchroom heard him reminisce about – among other things – being on the playground when the 1965 earthquake hit. Johnson was hailed as an example that “you can be ANYTHING you want” really is more than a platitude.

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  • chas redmond September 24, 2009 (5:46 pm)

    I think that’s so awesome that Gregory is coming back to his home town and bringing such an expanding view of the world with him – truly closing a circle. Tons of metaphors here, I’ll quit.

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