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Another garden party tonight: 34th District Democrats

Thanks to Bill Schrier, the 34th District Democrats‘ webmaster, for photos from tonight’s big annual fundraiser at West Seattle Nursery, the Garden Party – just two nights after the group made headlines by hosting a largely nonconfrontational health-insurance-reform forum featuring a congressmember and an overflow crowd. Tonight’s crowd — all fun, as you can see by the photo above (most exuberant, in the blue shirt, is Chris Porter, who chaired the party-planning effort). Media personality New York Vinnie (who lives in Gatewood) served as auctioneer:

If you’re wondering about the bright colors – there was a Brazilian theme tonight – including music from Grupo Amoroso. Plus candidates and elected officials in attendance – center and right, here’s State Sen. Joe McDermott and State Rep. Eileen Cody, with State Rep. Sharon Nelson‘s legislative assistant Joe Fitzgibbon at left:

In addition to the group’s expenses, the money it raises from events and dues goes toward everything from charity donations to campaign contributors for the candidates it endorses.

Traffic alert: End of westbound West Seattle Bridge closed by crash

If you’re heading toward West Seattle soon – or know someone who is – note that a crash has led police to close off the West Seattle Bridge, westbound, near the Fauntleroy end – traffic is being diverted off at the Admiral exit. No details so far on how serious the crash is.

Also tonight: High Point P-Patch party; House Blend at The Mount

August 14, 2009 9:55 pm
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That dragon “guards” the new MacArthur Lane Community Garden/P-Patch in High Point, where volunteers have recently finished assembling its beds and decorating its framework, culminating in a neighborhood party tonight:

Julie Bryan told us the plots will be assigned soon – as will P-Patch plots at High Point Commons Park (scheduled for the 20th), a long-awaited event. Here’s a closer look at the dragon:

The park’s outer fence is festive too:

(ADDED 10:35 PMJoni’s sharing many more photos via Whrrl – she’s been working on the project all along, and her photos include the ribbon-cutting celebration and check presentation that happened tonight after our brief visit:)

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Meantime, a couple miles north, early-evening sunshine graced the second of four Summer Concerts at The Mount (WSB sponsor) at Providence Mount St. Vincent:

Maia Santell and House Blend headlined – these are free concerts, but if you bring a few dollars, you can buy food/bevs – we took a closer look at the dinner options this time around – check out this Philly sandwich:

A special feature tonight, Jeanne H. Nordquist was doing caricatures.

Next Friday night’s Concert at The Mount: Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana, 6 pm. (And the night before that, it’s another Admiral Neighborhood Association-presented Summer Concerts at Hiawatha presentation, the Brian Waite Band, 6:30 pm Thursday.)

No Crime Prevention Council meeting this month – go to the picnic!

August 14, 2009 8:45 pm
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That’s the message tonight from West Seattle Crime Prevention Council president Dot Beard – she asked if we would remind you that the group is NOT meeting this month (they meet on third Tuesdays, so that would have been coming up next week), but they urge everyone to attend tomorrow’s Picnic at the Precinct at the Southwest Precinct (map), 1-4 pm. Next WSCPC meeting will be September 15th, and King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg is scheduled to speak.

First update: Sunset memorial for Phoenecia at Alki’s owner

We’ll have a full report later with highlights of memories shared tonight, “open-mike” style, before guests shared “something special” to celebrate the life of Phoenecia at Alki restaurateur Hussein Khazaal, who died suddenly last Saturday. But if you couldn’t be there, we wanted to show you the crowd first – we estimate around 250 people. Some sat, some stood, some were out of our camera’s view, up on the sidewalk. Some memories were tearful, but many brought laughter. More later.

Happening now: Delridge Produce Co-op’s 1st Mobile Market

August 14, 2009 6:28 pm
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That’s the team you’ll find at the Delridge Produce Cooperative “Mobile Market” set up outside Watts Electric, east side of Delridge south of Henderson (map), till 7:30 tonight (with different locations along Delridge the next three days, repeating the series of four stops this week and the next three). They’re actually not selling, but rather giving away fresh fruits and vegetables:

Tiny’s donated most of what you see in that photo – except for some vegetables, including chiles, dropped off by someone that DPC president Galena White (right side of the top photo) said read here this morning that they accept produce dropoffs too. This is a pilot project to show how people might respond to a co-op selling fresh produce in Delridge, which has no grocery store of its own, let alone some place to regularly buy fresh, healthy food. So when you pick up your free produce, you’ll be asked to fill out a super-fast four-question survey.

Court-case reminder: Most online photos are NOT up for grabs

(Photo by WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli)
When we published that photo from WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli last November, as part of coverage of Beato’s closure, little did we know it would wind up in court – where he just won a victory on behalf of intellectual-property rights. We strongly believe in those rights and protections here at WSB — for example, when we are asked for permission to use a photo, if it’s not a photo that was taken by one of us co-publishers, we tell the requester that we do not have the rights to the photo, and we forward the request to the person who provided us with it, whether amateur or pro. Same goes for written work – if we link to someone else’s story, unless there are unusual circumstances (and involving permission), we don’t pull a chunk of the story; we provide the link because we believe you should go read it on the writer’s own site. And we have a notice at the bottom of our pages pointing out that photos cannot be used without permission. Sometimes, though, either we, or someone who has contributed photography, discovers a picture used without permission, as happened with the one you see above. Read on for the full story of what happened and how the small-claims court case turned out:Read More

Election 2009: Need voting help? Special Saturday hours

August 14, 2009 2:15 pm
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By 8 pm Tuesday, your ballot needs to be either in the mail (make sure it’ll get postmarked August 18th or earlier) or in a drop box (here’s the list – there’s one in North Delridge and one in White Center). If you’re having trouble, haven’t received your ballot, etc., you can get help in person tomorrow, 10 am-5 pm at King County Elections HQ in Renton. Read on for the official announcement, which also includes details on Accessible Voting Centers:Read More

Crop Circle (to be) spotted in West Seattle

… but it’s not likely to be suspected of extraterrestrial or supernatural links. West Seattle Crop Circle is a new group that Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle is organizing in West Seattle to follow up on the success of the Edible Garden Fair and Edible Garden Tour – and the growing popularity of edible gardening. The first meeting is a little more than a week away – read on for the full announcement from Susanne at CHoSS:Read More

West Seattle Art Walk: Creativity-drenched, on a rainy night

Last night at Twilight Artist Collective in The Junction, during the August edition of the monthly West Seattle Art Walk, art literally happened inside and out – despite the thunder-and-lightning cloudbursts in the hour before WSAW kicked off. What you see above was created on the sidewalk outside Twilight – a surprise, its proprietors told us, by “traveling artist” friends Christopher and Erica, who dropped by. (Those are crabapples in the center of the piece.) Inside, DJ Joel was at the turntables for the promised dance party:

Among the creations on display was Mark Gunderson‘s work, which appears to be looking back at the viewer:

While Twilight’s home turf, The Junction, remains the epicenter of the ever-growing Art Walk, it’s now passed 50 venues, and the map reaches far and wide to all corners of the peninsula, like Fauntleroy:

Near the south end of the WSAW map, that’s Janet Price with Southwest-inspired art at The Kenney; near the north end, here’s Gail Howard at Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) in the Admiral District:

Even if you missed the Art Walk last night, most of the featured displays will remain up in the participating businesses throughout the month of August – check the official West Seattle Art Walk website for the full list of venues and for previews of spotlighted artists. Save the date for September’s Art Walk – second Thursday, as always – that’ll be September 10th.

Yet more “Big Bonanza” details – including a high-noon showdown

Followup to Thursday’s update on The Junction’s “Big Bonanza” end-of-summer multi-merchant sale a week from tomorrow: In addition to individual businesses’ planned deals (many of which are listed here) – look for a red-and-white checked tablecloth signaling who’s participating – you’re invited to the West Seattle Junction Association‘s tent at California/Alaska to pick up “festive bandanas and sheriff stickers,” enter a $100 Junction gift-card giveaway, and, at high noon that day, to get a “squirter” to join in a water-fight showdown. (That’s just one of 2 big events in The Junction in the next six weeks – September 20, streets close for the 2nd annual West Seattle Junction Car Show, which we’re co-sponsoring again this year – if you want to enter a car, registration details are here.)

Pet-food donation drive added to “Cover Dog Search” Sunday

August 14, 2009 10:00 am
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The West Seattle Food Bank needs pet food, and CityDog Magazine is going to collect donations — unopened dog or cat food — during its “Cover Dog Search” event at West Seattle Thriftway, noon-3 pm this Sunday. As for the “Cover Dog Search” itself – last time CityDog photographed prospects at Thriftway, one of them turned out to be the winner — Cohen! (That’s his CDM cover at left.) Find out more about how to participate by going here; another reminder, Thriftway is raising money for the Seattle Humane Society with its 11 am-4 pm barbecue tomorrow, and Sunday also will feature the Humane Society’s MaxMobile bringing adoptable pets there, 11 am-3 pm (the MaxMobile calendar shows it’s in West Seattle on Saturday, too, in The Junction at Next to Nature, 2-5 pm).

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: 2 block parties, “Pirates,” more

Two block parties you can visit tomorrow afternoon (and the weather looks promising) – The marquee event will be on SW Webster, just west of Delridge, along the south side of the Southwest Precinct, which is hosting Picnic at the Precinct, your chance not only to hang out with local police and enjoy free food ‘n’ fun, but also to meet neighbors representing more than 20 community groups from around West Seattle. Then if you venture southwest to Arbor Heights, they’re throwing a block party too:


That’s one of our photos from last year’s Arbor Heights Block Party, on the grounds of Arbor Heights Church and the neighboring site where a playground is planned; noon-4 pm tomorrow, it’s happening again, you can enjoy more free food n’ fun. Then tomorrow night, stake out your spot early for the second-to-last (ALREADY?) West Seattle Junction Outdoor Movies on the Wall presentation of 2009, the original “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie:

Saturday’s also the Duwamish Community Garage Sale and C & P Coffee‘s Arts/Crafts Fair (both inviting participation). But it’s not ALL about Saturday – tonight, for example, Summer Outdoor Concerts at The Mount (WSB sponsor) continue with Maia Santell and House Blend 6 pm, which is also when the 34th District Democrats gather for their annual Garden Party at West Seattle Nursery … all in all, 50-plus events ahead in this edition of the West Seattle Weekend Lineup:
Read More

Delridge Produce Cooperative’s “Mobile Market” debuts today

August 14, 2009 6:18 am
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After more than six months of planning, preparation and awareness-raising, this afternoon the Delridge Produce Cooperative launches its biggest project yet: The “Mobile Market.” DPC’s leader, Galena White, explains both the co-op and the Mobile Market, as well as how you can get involved:

Delridge Produce Cooperative is a group of residents in the Delridge Neighborhood who wish to establish a cooperatively-run, non-profit produce stand on Delridge Way SW to furnish the residents with healthy food in what is now a healthy-food desert. To make the community more aware of the issues, we have engaged the Delridge Neighborhood Development Association as our fiscal agents and obtained a grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to host a demonstration project this summer.

At our ‘Mobile Market’ stalls, we’ll be handing out fruits and vegetables to Delridge residents for FREE this weekend, and next weekend we’ll also have free tote bags and tons of information (in 13 different locally-spoken languages) about other free and low-cost local programs to promote health and community:

August 14th, 2009 – September 7th, 2009
All events are on Delridge Way SW
Fridays: 9050 (map), Watts Electric, 3:30 pm-7:30 pm
Saturdays: 6535 (map), Care-A-Lot Learning Center, 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Sundays: Delridge P-Patch (next to Cottage Grove Park on Brandon; map), 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Mondays: 4408 (map), Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 3:30 pm-7:30 pm

We hope that this project will increase community awareness of food sustainability and security, and that there will be a resulting growth of support for organizations like Delridge Produce Cooperative. Neighbors will be able to take part in a survey about what they want in a neighborhood produce stand, and will be able to sign up to be among the first members of the co-op. Once the ‘Mobile Market’ project is finished, we at DPC will begin the work of designing a business model, deciding whether we will be a non-profit, and finding ways to actually fund our startup. EVERYONE is a part of Delridge Produce Cooperative, and we hope that many will join us in creating a new place for healthy food on Delridge.

We still have plenty of need for donations or volunteers for the ‘Mobile Market’, so (here’s) our email address ( or phone number [(206) 271-1880] for those who want to get involved! Volunteer slots are available in three- or six-hour shifts starting and finishing one hour before and after the regularly scheduled hours of operation. If anyone has got any extra garden produce, they can drop it off at the ‘Mobile Market’, and we’ll give it away for free!

Election 2009 closeup coverage: Council candidate Jordan Royer

August 14, 2009 4:35 am
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checkbox.jpgWith days to go till the official Election Day on Tuesday, but 87 percent of Seattle ballots not returned yet, it’s clear many voters are still making up their minds, so we’re continuing our series of stories looking at City Council candidates, with a few questions beyond the ones you’ve heard them answer at forums. You’ll see the ones we’ve already published in our Politics archive; right now, from the race for Position 8, which Richard McIver is leaving, we look at Jordan Royer:

By Kathy Mulady
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Jordan Royer says he wants to give families and small-business owners a voice on the Seattle City Council.

“There aren’t many people on the city council who have kids in public schools. The people who are paying the bills don’t have a seat at the table,” he said.

Royer, a 43-year-old North Seattle resident, is vice president at the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association. He has two daughters in public schools in Seattle.

Royer said his main emphasis will be on bringing common sense to government.

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