Morgan Community Association: Updates on parks, Zeeks, more

More to come, but first some toplines, starting with: Two park updates from the Morgan Community Association meeting that’s under way right now at The Kenney: First, the new Morgan Junction park is unofficially open; it’s not going to be dedicated until the Morgan Junction Festival on June 13th, and its name hasn’t been chosen yet, but the fences are down (photo above added 9:19 pm) and the park is open for use. Second, a trail is complete in Solstice Park (the former Lincoln Park annex), some invasive-clearing work has been complete (and more is ahead), more than half a dozen new trees will go in this fall, and “site furniture” is going in within the next month, including benches behind the tennis court and a picnic table, according to Parks Department planner Susanne Friedman, who is briefing MoCA tonight. The park discussion is just part of a busy MoCA agenda – more to come.

ADDED 8:16 PM: Also at the meeting, SDOT’s Jessica Murphy is updating the Fauntleroy repaving/restriping project; she says the contract (with Merlino) was just executed today, and the start date for the work is mid-May – no word yet exactly where along the Alaska-to-Holly route the crews will start. Murphy also says Puget Sound Energy will be doing some gas main work in the Morgan Junction area in late May — we’ll check tomorrow to find out more on that. We also are getting a Zeeks Pizza update – Dan Black from Zeeks says they’re still on track for a MAY FIRST opening in the new California/Fauntleroy location (11 am!). (More details in a Thursday followup.) The building owners are here – they say the Feedback Lounge owners (north of Zeeks) couldn’t be at this meeting but hope to be open BEFORE Zeeks; checking their MySpace site, they’re saying they will announce their grand opening date this Saturday.

2 Replies to "Morgan Community Association: Updates on parks, Zeeks, more"

  • Meghan April 16, 2009 (7:40 am)

    Wow! Between Zeek’s, Feedback Lounge, the new Bevridge Place Pub, and the new park, that block of California north of Fauntleroy is going to be the most improved block in West Seattle! Now if only the owners of the convenience store/dry cleaners would clean that place up (at least repaint and remove some of those awful banners and ads). I went in there for the first time recently just to buy a paper and was shocked that the store is actually not bad – decent selection and pretty clean inside. I’d always avoided it like the plague because of the dirty, tacky appearance outside. I really hope they use the new park next door as an excuse to give the place a “face lift”. I’m sure it would improve their business significantly.

  • Shelly April 16, 2009 (10:06 pm)

    I walked by the park this afternoon… beautiful! Unfortunately there was a homeless man sleeping on one of the new benches with all of his belongings next to him. I hope it doesn’t become a place to “hang out” for individuals who don’t have a place to sleep!!!!

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