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Headlines from Delridge/Southwest District Councils’ joint meeting

April 15, 2009 10:45 pm
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At Youngstown Arts Center tonight, the Southwest District Council and Delridge District Council got together for one of their periodic joint meetings; these groups include representatives of various organizations in the two city-defined “districts” that comprise West Seattle. Highlights ahead:Read More

Attention, pet lovers: West Seattle HS “Snooty Walk” is back!


That’s Bianca and her prize-winning chicken from last year’s Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk presented by West Seattle High School students; tonight, Collrane Frivold sends word that another Snooty Walk is in the works – it apparently doesn’t have a website this time around, so Collrane is helping get the word out:

This year my class is putting on the third annual Snooty Walk on April 25 (starting at 2 pm at Hiawatha). This is a fun event created to connect the whole West Seattle community and the love of pets in this neighborhood. My class wants the whole community to be a part of this, so I was hoping you could post it on the blog so that it will be more known to the West Seattle community. … You just have to show up and buy tickets to enter your pet. It cost $10 to enter your pet, and we’re also going to be making pet videos and you can buy a package for a pet video and a ticket for $20.

The 12 events we are doing this year are best trick, best costume, best dancer, speediest pet, drooliest, smallest pet, cutest couple, fattest pet, obstacle course, most obedient pet, oddest pet noise, and most unique pet. Six of these events will be running at one, then we will switch and run the other six. Then the grand finale snooty walk will be at 3:30. This is when the pets and their owners strut their stuff and do whatever they think of as snooty. … Basically this event is just to do something fun for the community, and express the love for pets in this community.

Collrane says judges will include King County Council Chair (and Executive candidate, and WSHS alum) Dow Constantine and Husky Deli owner Jack Miller. Photos from last year’s Snooty Walk are online here.

Morgan Community Association: Updates on parks, Zeeks, more

More to come, but first some toplines, starting with: Two park updates from the Morgan Community Association meeting that’s under way right now at The Kenney: First, the new Morgan Junction park is unofficially open; it’s not going to be dedicated until the Morgan Junction Festival on June 13th, and its name hasn’t been chosen yet, but the fences are down (photo above added 9:19 pm) and the park is open for use. Second, a trail is complete in Solstice Park (the former Lincoln Park annex), some invasive-clearing work has been complete (and more is ahead), more than half a dozen new trees will go in this fall, and “site furniture” is going in within the next month, including benches behind the tennis court and a picnic table, according to Parks Department planner Susanne Friedman, who is briefing MoCA tonight. The park discussion is just part of a busy MoCA agenda – more to come.

ADDED 8:16 PM: Also at the meeting, SDOT’s Jessica Murphy is updating the Fauntleroy repaving/restriping project; she says the contract (with Merlino) was just executed today, and the start date for the work is mid-May – no word yet exactly where along the Alaska-to-Holly route the crews will start. Murphy also says Puget Sound Energy will be doing some gas main work in the Morgan Junction area in late May — we’ll check tomorrow to find out more on that. We also are getting a Zeeks Pizza update – Dan Black from Zeeks says they’re still on track for a MAY FIRST opening in the new California/Fauntleroy location (11 am!). (More details in a Thursday followup.) The building owners are here – they say the Feedback Lounge owners (north of Zeeks) couldn’t be at this meeting but hope to be open BEFORE Zeeks; checking their MySpace site, they’re saying they will announce their grand opening date this Saturday.

West Seattle Crime Watch: four 5 more reports to share

Four Five (with a late addition) more reports to share with you tonight, starting with a burglary this afternoon — read on:Read More

West Seattle scenes: Training they hope they’ll never need to use

WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli is back from the disaster-training exercise at the Joint Training Facility on the southeast edge of West Seattle — the one with Seattle Fire Department crews and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department (which contributed the helicopter) working together, as mentioned in advance yesterday just in case the chopper alarmed anyone.

ADDED 7:55 PM: Here’s Christopher’s video:

Another West Seattle “shop dog”: Meet Adie

It’s Tax Day; we’ve had a lot of crime reports (and more in the works); so let’s take a moment for a quick respite: After we started profiling West Seattle’s “shop cats” (meet Swifty here, Presta and Schrader here, and Seth here), we got a few notes about local “shop dogs.” First, there was Cooper; now, meet Adie, the mascot for C & P Coffee, where proprietor Cameron says, “We love all our pals who come to visit, although the official line is service dogs only. Adie comes to work with us every day, but she still won’t drink coffee.” More “mascots” to come!

Officers on campus: Team introduced for Denny, 4 others

April 15, 2009 2:28 pm
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(photo courtesy Mayor Nickels’ office)
As part of the city’s Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, five public middle schools, including Denny in West Seattle, will have officers on campus. The four officers on the citywide team were introduced at Seattle Public Schools HQ today; here’s the official announcement.

Tax Day 2009: Where you can get postmarked till midnight

April 15, 2009 2:11 pm
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Only one place in the area that we can find: USPS’s Riverton Station, 15250 32nd Ave. So., a few blocks east of the northeast end of Sea-Tac Airport (Google Street View above; map here).

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: Stonehedge Tree Experts

(The Stonehedge Tree Experts team: From left, Matt Kuebler, Jim LeBlanc, Lincoln Erbeck and owner Mark Harman)
Today we welcome a new sponsor – Stonehedge Tree Experts. Stonehedge is West Seattle’s oldest tree-care company. Its owner Mark Harman says his business is built on repeat customers who appreciate the care and attention to detail that his crew brings to each and every job. He says the comments he gets about his crew usually include the words “careful,” “efficient,” and “clean.” Mark says he thinks that this care and attention are why he’s been able to build so many long-term relationships with customers. Mark is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and Plant Amnesty. He has three ISA Certified Arborists on the crew who are members of the Pacific Northwest chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. Mark is a West Seattle native – his family lived in Fauntleroy when he was born and that’s where he grew up; he currently resides in Gatewood. He’s also a member of the Fauntleroy Community Association. You can reach Stonehedge Tree Experts at 937-7428 or at their website,

Thanks to Stonehedge Tree Experts for choosing to grow their business while supporting 24/7 community news/information/discussion by sponsoring WSB; our full sponsor lineup, and info on how to become part of it, is on our Advertise! page.

Seattle International Film Festival coming to West Seattle

April 15, 2009 10:54 am
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admiral.jpgThanks to Minoru for the tip on this late last night, which we shared via Facebook at the time, and have now confirmed this morning: The Seattle International Film Festival will include a week of showings at the historic Admiral Theater here in West Seattle, June 5-June 11. The Admiral’s entertainment director, Dinah Brein-McClellan, tells WSB, “I’ve been working on an association with them for a long time and we’re really happy about it.” The Admiral has been diversifying its film offerings for a while, as a participating venue in the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival last year, and by showcasing independent movies with events like the one coming up this Saturday night: Walter Dalton, one of the featured stars of the hit independent film “Wendy and Lucy,” will attend its 7 pm screening at the Admiral and conducting an audience Q/A afterward. The SIFF movie lineup is scheduled to be announced in early May; here’s the news release that includes today’s announcement of the Admiral joining the venue lineup (and festival guests at other venues including Spike Lee and Francis Ford Coppola).

Followup: Guilty plea in Admiral neighborhood burglary case

(November 2008 photo by WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli)
Five months after police swarmed that North Admiral neighborhood when neighbors noticed a break-in (original WSB coverage here), the case is almost closed on the only adult suspect arrested that day, 18-year-old Skyelar Hailey. As we noted in a followup when he got out of jail 10 days later, he has a lengthy record, which, according to court documents, includes convictions for harassment, theft, vehicle prowling, reckless burning, and trespass. In the November break-in case, Hailey has pleaded guilty to criminal trespass, with prosecutors recommending a month in jail “converted to 240 community-service hours” in addition to a 12-month sentence suspended if 2 years of probation go well; he is scheduled to be sentenced a week from Friday. Court documents say he and the two other suspects were seen running from the house, after a neighbor noticed someone was inside at a time when the homeowner was away, but he wasn’t caught with any loot. (Hailey also has been in jail once since the November arrest, according to county records showing a day behind bars in late February; the charge, filed in Seattle Municipal Court, was described as violating a domestic-violence protection order.) Information is harder to find on the other two suspects’ status, since they were juveniles, but what little information is publicly accessible online indicates that both of them have been prosecuted.

Happening tonight: “Gutenberg!”; MoCA; district councils

(Evan Woltz as Bud in “Gutenberg! The Musical!” – photo by Matt Durham,
It’s opening night tonight at ArtsWest in The Junction for “Gutenberg! The Musical!” ArtsWest describes it as “a loving spoof in which two aspiring playwrights perform a backers’ audition for their new project: A big, splashy musical about printing press inventor Johann Gutenberg … With an unending supply of enthusiasm, Bud and Doug sing all the songs and play all the parts in their “historical” epic, with the hope that one of the producers in attendance will give them a Broadway contract – fulfilling their sky-high, if simple-minded, dreams.” “Gutenberg!” runs through May 15; showtimes and ticket sales are accessible online here.

ALSO TONIGHT: You could call it an all-star lineup at the Morgan Community Association meeting, 7 pm at The Kenney, from City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, to SDOT’s Jessica Murphy with the latest on the Fauntleroy Way repaving/restriping, plus a RapidRide update, officer elections, and more. Also tonight, the two “district councils” whose territory together covers the entire peninsula will sit down together – the Delridge and Southwest District Councils meet at 7 pm at Youngstown Arts Center. (Both of these meetings are open to the public.)

Admiral Neighborhood Association report #2: Clark, park …

Also from Tuesday night’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting (see report #1, about a new concert series, here) – what City Councilmember Sally Clark had to say, on what she revealed was her first visit to an ANA meeting, plus a few other notes – read on:Read More