Calling all Delridgers! (Delridge-ians? Delridge-ites?)

Whatever term you want to use, this invitation’s for you: TEAM Delridge, latest push for neighborhood efforts in the King County Food and Fitness Initiative, invites you to a get-together at 6:30 pm March 23rd. Food for thought, from the official invitation:

Does any or all of the following apply to you:
___ I live in the Delridge neighborhood.
___ I learn in the Delridge neighborhood.
___ I work in the Delridge neighborhood.
___ I play in the Delridge neighborhood.
___ I care about the Delridge neighborhood.

Do you have ideas or thoughts on the accessibility of healthy food for your family or others’ families living, working, learning and playing in Delridge?

We’ve heard a thousand times before that Delridge needs a grocery store. Is that true? Would a farmers’ market be best? You tell us!

Join other community members just like yourself who are striving to eat healthier, practicing collective action and moving more!

Topics for discussion and prioritization:

What kinds of businesses, organizations, and programs will make a more vibrant Delridge?
What are our largest community concerns, and how can they be addressed?

For more information on the exciting initiative or to RSVP for the community meeting, please contact Phillippia Goldsmith at (206) 923-0917 x 116 or via e-mail at

3 Replies to "Calling all Delridgers! (Delridge-ians? Delridge-ites?)"

  • lashanna March 5, 2009 (11:35 am)

    awesome… 18 days and counting!

  • O.R. March 6, 2009 (6:40 am)

    This is very exciting! Delridge as it stands is only a street with rows of town homes, not a community. A community would have shops, grocery stores, farmer’s market, restaurants, perhaps a movie theater.

  • BORN&RAISED WEST SEATTLEITE March 6, 2009 (4:37 pm)

    Delridge Way has come a long way from the creepy street it use to be. A grocery store would be great as long as it didn’t turn out as nasty as the old Food Giant was!!

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