Update: New information about Fauntleroy/Dawson murder

As reported here over the weekend, a woman was found dead Friday night in her apartment building at Fauntleroy and Dawson (map); police classified her death as a homicide Saturday afternoon, and the next day, confirmed a 21-year-old relative had been arrested in connection with the killing. Police have not said much more about the circumstances of the case, but documents we just obtained from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office reveal much more information. The suspect, identified as Deon Fillmore, is a grandson of the victim, Lavon Barrette (the documents say she is 70, not 71 as previously reported). He had been staying in the apartment along with two of Ms. Barrette’s sons – his father, and his uncle (who found her body Friday night), and the documents say she had been trying to get him to move out. Police found Fillmore in the Central District on Saturday; he is reported to have denied involvement, but the documents say his alibi hasn’t checked out and the evidence against him so far includes a match between a bruise on his grandmother’s face and the “sole tread pattern on (his) shoes.” The documents say her other injuries included strangulation. Fillmore remains in the King County Jail, with bail set at $1 million.

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  • WSGeek February 17, 2009 (3:43 pm)

    Thanks for the update. This is so sad- especially for the sons/father/uncle. I live near the building and spoke to the Homicide Detective who said Dion has some mental health issues and has been staying there uninvited.

  • Glocson February 17, 2009 (4:31 pm)

    Very very sad. Great reporting WSB. It’s so sad she lived that long and had to go out that way.

  • jeannie February 17, 2009 (6:46 pm)

    “Mental health issues” suggests a touch of neurosis, perhaps depression, etc. This murderer (assuming he is the guilty party) did something vicious and horrible to his grandmother. His “mental health issues” are no excuse for this unbridled cruelty. Imagine the terror the poor elderly woman felt.

  • Kate McA February 17, 2009 (8:14 pm)

    Oh, this story just gets more and more upsetting with every new bit of information. It makes me think of my own grandparents being treated that way, and it just makes me heartsick that this poor woman had to go through such fear before her death.

  • beatrice February 17, 2009 (8:26 pm)

    I think that WSGeek is right – it’s Dion (sp). I know him and he’s not a bad kid – obviously has a mental problem which hopefully he will get help for IN JAIL.

  • WTF February 17, 2009 (9:50 pm)

    The bruise on his grandmother’s face and the sole pattern of his shoes match!?!? Good god people. Spare me. I’m tired of hearing excuses from drugs, to mental issues, to mommy didn’t hold me. Murder is murder. And, when were these men; presumably the father & uncle, going to get some sacks and help this women get the kid out? I’m guessing she took all three of them in and sadly that gesture of kindness cost her, her life.

  • WSB February 17, 2009 (11:04 pm)

    Dion is how the name is spelled in the jail register (where I first spotted it Saturday but did not go with it till the probable cause paperwork came out today), but Deon was on the documents released by prosecutors today … not the first time I have seen differences between the jail reg and the official docs and it’s always hard to tell which is the authoritative source … TR

  • Kayleigh February 18, 2009 (6:12 am)

    Ok, you can kill your grandmother and still not be a “bad kid.” Really? Good kids don’t commit homicidal violence in my world.


    My condolences to her friends and family…this is so very sad.

  • beatrice February 18, 2009 (8:32 pm)

    I guess what I meant was that he didn’t have this behavior before – “he wasn’t a bad kid BEFORE” -you would not have guessed this is what he would have turned out like. I think I was probably thinking about my own ability to judge character. I would never say he was a good kid – I think it came out wrong.

  • Mustafa February 18, 2009 (10:17 pm)

    Maybe somebody else did it? I hope they have more information than his sole matches a bruise on her face. Did he stomp on her? That’s pretty mentally messed up, if he did. But if he did, could you say it was Nike or Reebok or Sketchers? Sounds like not CSI science to me.

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