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1st step in West Seattle Junction parking study: Today’s tour

February 28, 2009 11:59 pm
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That’s Dante Taylor from SDOT, project manager for the city’s West Seattle Junction parking study, announced almost exactly a year ago (here’s our 2/21/08 story) but not really launched in earnest till a walking tour this afternoon. The open invitation was accepted by fewer than a dozen people:

Taylor and a fellow SDOT manager, Mary Catherine Snyder, say what was seen and said today will help their department prioritize which blocks of The Junction will be studied most closely before any proposals for possible changes (new restrictions? pay stations? or?) can be made – read on for more details of today’s tour, and what happens next:Read More

Request for help: Anyone see a Beach Drive bicycle accident?

Jane is looking for anyone with information that can help her friend, who’s just come home from the hospital:

Yesterday afternoon (Friday 2/27), my friend had a bike accident … on Beach Drive. He flipped over his handlebars, hit pavement, cracked his helmet, and, fortunately (given what could’ve resulted), is escaping with a broken collarbone and a concussion that has given him a headache but will eventually go away. Because of the concussion he doesn’t really remember what happened before or during (or for that matter, immediately after) the accident. In the process of calling through my friend’s cell phone contacts, paramedics called my house and spoke to my husband, and it seems someone must have called 911 for my friend, and paramedics or ER docs told both him and my husband that witnesses said he was biking fast but hit a patch of gravel or something on the road. At any rate, on the off-chance any readers on here witnessed the accident or called it in (a thanks from him, by the way!), he is wondering what exactly happened, what you saw, etc. He wants to better piece together what took place.

There was a 3 pm call for medical help in the 4100 block of Beach Drive (map) on Friday afternoon and Jane says that was likely the one. If you have any information on the bicycle accident, please e-mail:

Homeless shelter staying at West Seattle church 1 more week

nazarene.jpgFellow neighborhood-news site My Ballard has been covering the controversy since a neighborhood there was told that a church-owned building would become the new site of the homeless shelter that’s spent the past year at West Seattle’s Church of the Nazarene (2008 photo at left; here’s our update from a week ago; here’s our story from 3/08). A short time ago, My Ballard published breaking news of a new development – the shelter’s overseers at SHARE are holding off on the potential Ballard move for at least 4 weeks, while saying they’re being allowed to stay in West Seattle another week. (As for what would happen during the interim three weeks, My Ballard is working to find out.)

Update: 2 hurt in crash at Delridge and Henderson

FIRST 3:22 PM REPORT WITH IPHONE PHOTO: A car’s flipped at Delridge and Henderson. Traffic is closed to northbound traffic.

(photo added 4:29 pm – the other car involved in the crash is the one at left with front-end damage)
3:42 PM UPDATE: The scene should be cleared soon. The crash happened feet away from Stan’s Mt. View Towing on the southeast corner of the intersection – one truck quickly towed the white car that suffered front-end damage in the crash, and another has already righted the overturned burgundy-colored car. Two people were being treated for what did not appear to be life-threatening injuries, and one ambulance arrived for each one. A witness told us that the burgundy car apparently ran the light, and went airborne after hitting the white car. More visuals shortly.

ADDED 4:35 PM: Here’s the unedited video of the flipped car being turned back over. It happened in two stages: Seconds into this clip, the tow truck pulled it onto its side; then after a bit more repositioning and tinkering, toward the end of the clip, the job was finished:

Happening now: Two sales – Pigeon Point glass, Rat City Rummage

Thanks to Sally for the tip that the Lagarto Glass studio in Pigeon Point (1904 SW Dawson; map) is having a sale today to clear out the garage studio and switch to work-at-home mode. Get there as soon as you can – they’re just going till it’s gone. Meantime, we’ve also stopped by the first-ever Rat City Rummage at the old White Center skating rink – good turnout of sellers and shoppers:

This one’s going till 6 tonight and you can see a few more pix as well as an artist/seller interview at our partner site White Center Now.

ADDED 9:52 PM: Thanks to Highland Park’s Dina Johnson for sharing this page full of photos of other artists and craftspeople who were on hand at Rat City Rummage.

Keeping kids moving: Girls on the Run; West Seattle Little League

Two updates today on programs to get kids moving – the first one is new to West Seattle, according to Rebecca Evans, who e-mailed us to announce:

Starting in mid-March, Hiawatha Community Center will be a program site for Girls on the Run!

This exciting, non-competitive program combines training for a 3.1 mile walking/running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the program are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development for girls. The program is for 3rd through 5th grade girls of ALL fitness levels. The only requirement is to believe in GIRL POWER!

Where: Hiawatha Community Center – 2700 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Dates: March 17th – June 7th, 2009 (New Balance Girls on the Run 5k)
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 3:15-4:45pm
Cost: Fees based on a sliding scale. Click here to view the sliding scale.

Registration deadline is this Friday; you can register online (go here), or by postal mail – here’s the form; send it to GOTRPS, 8757 15th Ave NW, Seattle 98117. You can also find Girls on the Run on Facebook.

Meantime, we also have just received word of West Seattle Little League tryouts/drafts tomorrow:





Update: Harbor Island tugboat fire ruled accidental

February 28, 2009 8:49 am
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While checking on the 48th SW fire (see below), we also got an update on the Harbor Island tugboat fire we covered last night: An “accidental electrical fire,” say investigators; damage to the Corbin Foss – whose size they have corrected to 140 feet – totals half a million dollars.

Update: 2 people hurt in early morning fire near Lowman Beach

(photo added 8:44 am)
A man and woman were taken to the hospital from the scene of a duplex fire that happened around 4:30 am in the 6700 block of 48th SW (map). No word yet on its cause; Fire Department spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen says firefighters had it out within about 20 minutes of the first report. As of 8:30 am, investigators are still on the scene; the front of the duplex is heavily damaged. Vander Houwen says the two who went to the hospital got out through a window. No update on their condition so far.

ADDED 10:53 AM: One other photo from this morning, looking southwest toward Lowman Beach, to show even more clearly where this is – barely a block uphill from that waterfront park (which itself is just north of Lincoln Park):

SATURDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: LD reports in comments:

The couple have been released from the hospital and are doing ok. They are receiving help from friends and the American Red Cross and doing as best they can under the circumstances.

9:24 PM UPDATE: SFD says the fire was accidental – caused by “combustible material too close to a baseboard heater” – with damage totaling $150,000.

Happening today: Rummage sale, book sale, Junction parking …

February 28, 2009 6:03 am
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More highlights from the current edition of the West Seattle Weekend Lineup (jump here to the full Saturday list):

RAT CITY RUMMAGE: In White Center, the first-ever Rat City Rummage takes over the old skating rink, 10 am-6 pm, and we’re told vendor spaces are sold out, should be lots to browse and buy.

SANISLO USED-BOOK SALE: The 4th graders at Sanislo Elementary are having a Used Book Sale, 10 am-3 pm, to raise money to go to camp on Vashon. Never been to the school? Here’s a map.

JUNCTION PARKING REVIEW WALKING TOUR: Even if you didn’t RSVP, you’ll still be welcome to join in. Noon-2 pm, meet at Cupcake Royale (California/Alaska). Archived coverage of the parking review is here; by the way, the results of the Fremont parking review are being installed as we speak.

Two visual souvenirs of West Seattle’s fabulous Friday

Ever wish you had the perfect video to send to friends/family out of state who haven’t been here on a sunny day and can’t understand why you love West Seattle so much? We suggest this could be THE clip to share. WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli went out for a drive, with his camera riding high in the back, and that video is the result. (See if you recognize ALL the streets!)

Meantime — it was still a lovely day as the clouds rolled in later; Dan in Sunrise Heights sent this photo from the ferry Kitsap:

Tomorrow’s forecast: Cloudy. At least we have the memories!

West Seattle high-school sports: Saints to state!

Just in from Seattle Lutheran High School‘s Bil Hood:

The Seattle Lutheran High School Saints Are Going to State

Both the boys and girls basketball teams secured an invitation to the State Basketball Tournament with wins at Chief Leschi Friday night.

The boys beat a tough Mount Vernon Christian team and the girls won a nailbiter over Tacoma Baptist.

Both teams are now back-to-back state qualifiers with trips to Spokane last year. They will play again Saturday afternoon at Chief Leschi for seeding. Watch the SLHS website for information about next weekend’s state tournament.

We’ll update you here too. Sports and other school updates ALWAYS welcome – – thanks!

A literary night at Twilight in The Junction: XVIII zine launch

February 27, 2009 10:23 pm
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It’s the size of a greeting card … full of writing and art, 36 pages worth: A new zine, born into the literary world, resolutely on paper instead of in pixels. Jonathan VeraKat, who presided tonight at the Twilight Artist Collective party in The Junction launching his zine, says each issue will focus on a single topic. The first one — “ghetto,” including answers to the question “Is there a ghetto in Seattle, and if so, where?” (seven answers – 4 no, 3 variations on yes). Jonathan explained to us how the topic was arrived at, as well as – why a zine?

If you want to get a copy, or have a question or idea for Jonathan (who’s based on Capitol Hill), the first edition of XVIII ends with his e-mail address:

Update: Fire aboard tugboat Corbin Foss off Harbor Island

ORIGINAL 7:23 PM REPORT: If you’re on the east side of West Seattle and have heard a lot of sirens – there’s a big “ship fire, 50′, on shore/pier” call on Harbor Island, 1700 block of 13th SW (map). Apparently at or near Todd Shipyard. Whatever’s on fire, it was attached to a barge, according to scanner traffic. More as we get it. 7:48 PM UPDATE: We’re along Harbor Ave to see if we can get a vantage point. Can still see smoke rising from the Todd vicinity, but it’s on the other side of the docks that are visible from here. Monitoring the scanner as well, and it’s clear that many firefighters are being used in what is still an intense firefight. No official word that we’ve gotten yet on exactly what (or what kind of) boat caught fire. 8:01 PM UPDATE: The fire’s just been reported under control; also from the scanner, one person who was on the boat is undergoing medical evaluation. Can’t see smoke any more from this side of the water (we’re now looking from Seacrest). 8:14 PM UPDATE: Just got the first official update from Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen: The fire is aboard a 120-foot tugboat, and one person does have a “minor injury.” This is officially a “two-alarm fire”; no word yet on how it started. 9:25 PM UPDATE: Vander Houwen says the fire is now out. She says the tug is the Corbin Foss. She says 75 firefighters have been working at the scene, as well as the fire investigators who are waiting to be able to get onto the tug to figure out how the fire started. Here’s a link to a photo of the Corbin Foss in 2003, towing the USS Midway.

From the WSB Forums: Best food delivery in West Seattle?

More suggestions needed! And not just pizza. Who’s your fave? Have a say, and see who’s been mentioned so far, by going to this WSB Forums post.

Friday afternoon notes from all around West Seattle

SEATTLE STYLE SALON: After a move from North Delridge up to 7350 35th SW (map), Seattle Style Salon has just opened in the former Carosello Coffee (among other names; it closed a year and a half ago) space in Olympic Heights. Owner Denise showed off her salon’s unique furnishings (photo left) when we dropped by the other day, and also noted that she’s hiring more staff (here’s her CL listing).

COFFEE AT THE HEIGHTS UPDATE: Across the street from Seattle Style Salon, work on this new coffee shop continues, slower than its owners originally hoped (as unfortunately seems to be the case for so many hard-working entrepreneurs). Co-owner Paul tells us the flooring’s going in this weekend, and the counters will follow, so they’re getting closer.

WESTSIDE DERMATOLOGY RE-WELCOMES AMY NELSON: This week, Westside Dermatology rejoined us as a sponsor, and wanted to share the news that certified physician assistant Amy Nelson (photo right) is coming back on Monday, after a few months of maternity leave following the arrival of her twins, Dylan (6 lbs, 13 ounces) and Sasha (6 pounds even), who join 2-year-old big brother Elijah.

CHURCH’S NEW WEBSITE: Pastor Erik Kindem from Peace Lutheran in Gatewood shares the news that his church’s previous website has been upgraded to this brand-new look.

Update: More details on this year’s “car-free” day on Alki Ave


(WSB photo from “Car-Free Day” on Alki last year, 9/7/08)
63rd SW will once again be the starting point for a car-free day on Alki Ave SW. That’s one of the new details we’re learned today, one month after our first report that Sunday, May 31st is the date this year that the city will close much of West Seattle’s main waterfront thoroughfare street to (most) cars. Mayoral spokesperson Alex Fryer also confirms that 9 am-6 pm is the scheduled shutdown time for Alki that day, from 63rd to California Way SW, and that timeframe includes the West Seattle High School PTSA 5K (scroll down this page). The event series includes five other dates in five other neighborhoods, but it’s not being called Car-Free Days this year; it’s “Celebrate Seattle Summer Streets,” and the official webpage with the full list of locations/dates can now be seen here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen “care package…from Grandma”

We’re moving this up for wider attention after Molly K posted it as a comment on this mail-theft story from Monday:

We had a care package from my mom stolen from our front porch (28th & Myrtle in Sunrise Heights [map]) on Friday, February 20. We knew it had been stolen because a neighbor in Sylvan Heights found a letter and check from my Grandma in their trash and sent it back to her . My husband and I walked the trail between our house and Sylvan Heights and found traces of our package – a couple pacifiers, a book, a card and check addressed to my son from Grandma, and the empty box with my mom’s return address. The jerks ripped it open and threw the stuff they didn’t want into the blackberry bushes. Apparently they kept the baby clothes, the quilt my mother made, and the needlepoint Christmas stocking my 90-year-old grandmother made for my son because we have yet to find those. We also found the remains of another person’s package and took that stuff back to her.

If anyone was along that trail last Friday (the one that starts at 28th and ends at Sylvan Way) and found any baby stuff, or if you live in Sylvan Heights and had inexplicable baby items in your trash Friday afternoon, please let us know.

Final chapter in Huling/Gee court fight: Now, “private arbitration”

Thanks to the anonymous postal-mailer who suggested it was long past time for a followup on the Huling/Gee lawsuit. If you’re new to the area or your memory’s murky, long story short: The deal to sell West Seattle’s longtime Huling Brothers car dealerships to Spokane-based Gee Automotive was announced in January 2007 — shortly afterward, a criminal case erupted involving former Huling employees. Gee closed the dealerships less than nine months later and sued Huling, originally seeking $7 million, saying they knew and should have disclosed what was happening. Huling countersued, to evict Gee, but a deal was reached relatively quickly, and Gee cleared out as agreed at the end of November 2007. The suit against Huling proceeded, however, and WAS tentatively set for trial next month — but, as of right now, it is no longer scheduled for further court proceedings, because of a decision earlier this month to send it to private arbitration (see the court document here) to address the Gee claims and Huling “counterclaim.” Arbitration is what Huling had originally wanted, but the courts previously said no go (as reported here in November 2007) because of a certain part of the claim, seeking “equitable relief”; that part was dismissed on “summary judgment” this past November, which cleared the way for arbitration. We called Huling lawyer Randall Beighle to ask for details of when arbitration might happen and how it would be done; he said he couldn’t elaborate, but said they considered the summary judgment a “victory.”

Metro/Sound Transit rider reminder: SODO changes start Monday

February 27, 2009 11:09 am
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This reminder just in from Metro Transit – changes are about to kick in on Metro and Sound Transit routes related to two projects, the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening work, and the 1st Avenue So. repairs/rebuilding. Read on for the full news release (and, added after it @ 12:35 pm, an East Marginal Way advisory from the city):Read More

What’s that noise? Loud labor protest south of The Junction

Thanks to the multiple tipsters who e-mailed ( about this: All that noise in the 5000 block of California SW is from a labor protest south of The Junction; Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters members say they have a beef with a scaffolding company, which they say they’ve been targeting at worksites all around the region. We’ll be checking for more information on the background, but meantime, if you heard or saw this and wondered what it’s all about, that’s the scoop. Thanks to Karen for the photo you see above; we’re there now to check on the situation and will have video shortly. 11:31 AM UPDATE: Swapped video for the original photo (you can hear how loud the protest is; Seattle Police also have been keeping watch). We also have a message out to Berg Scaffolding, seeking comment on the union’s claims.

Junction Plaza Park campaign: “Take the pledge”

A week ago, we told you about the new campaign to enlist community support in pledging volunteer time to help Junction Plaza Park qualify for a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant. An update now from West Seattle Junction Association‘s Susan Melrose:

As you may know, the effort to build Junction Plaza Park have been underway for several years. But this is the year we make it happen! We are in a good position to complete fundraising for the park this year. A brief update – we ‘value engineered’ the cost down to $350k, have already raised $55k mostly thanks to the Seattle Parks Foundation, and have a solid plan for securing large donors and grants. We are currently asking for $100k from the Neighborhood Matching Funds Grant.

Now community volunteer hours are needed to build support for the park and help win our grant from the Neighborhood Matching Funds. Friends of Junction Plaza Park is hosting its first meeting on Tuesday, March 3 from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Nelson Room at the Senior Center.

If you’d like to help build community support, please see the attached information and volunteer opportunities. And most importantly… Take the pledge by April 6th! It’s easy for individuals to pledge a handful of hours and the results are satisfying. Businesses and organizations can take the pledge too.

The pledge form is on the second page of this JP Park fact sheet. You can e-mail it to

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: Ready to wander?

February 27, 2009 8:50 am
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wswllicon3.pngThis time around, the West Seattle Weekend Lineup includes several notable events outside West Seattle boundaries that we thought you’d like to know about anyway — including “Remember This” tonight at Seattle Center, the first-ever Rat City Rummage and a beer/ice-cream tasting event in White Center and a wine festival in Des Moines – but we have lots of West Seattle happenings too, including a family “game show” night and the Highland Park Elementary all-ages school dance tonight, the Sanislo Elementary used-book sale tomorrow, your first chance to get directly involved in the city’s review of whether The Junction needs pay stations or other on-street parking changes. In all, more than 40 events are listed ahead in this edition of the West Seattle Weekend Lineup (sponsored by Skylark Cafe and Club):Read More

From the “no news is good news” department

Metro issued a news release this morning saying they’ve been patrolling roads throughout the county all night checking for ice/snow and haven’t found any, so buses should all be running on schedule.