Alki “Car-Free Day” tomorrow: Last reminder; coverage plan


Just so you can’t say we didn’t give you the heads-up (more than a dozen of them, actually, going all the way back to first word six weeks ago): Tomorrow’s the day that the third of the city’s three “Car-Free Days” this summer will shut down Alki SW (and a bit of Harbor) to most traffic from Harbor/California Way to Alki/63rd (see map above, and click it to see the doorhanger from which it was taken), noon-6 pm. No-parking signs have been up since Thursday; 10 am tomorrow, two hours before the actual road closures, the no-parking rules take effect, from Maryland (map) to 63rd. We will be posting updates – with photos as well as info – from the area by then, watching to see whether anyone gets towed; then, as noon gets closer (as we did on the 4th of July) reporting on the street closures; and once noon arrives, we’ll post updates on the activities that are under way (here’s our preview) and how many people are actually down on Alki to participate (will it be the “ghost town” some predicted? in less than 15 hours, we’ll find out). More questions? Here’s our post from yesterday with the final official city advisory; here’s the city’s own information page about the event. Once things start kicking in around 10 am, if you have anything to report, please e-mail us, or text or tweet (see the Contact page for all the different options). P.S. We walked the Alki business district this afternoon looking for any evidence any businesses are closing tomorrow because they think it’ll be quiet (as had been hinted when this was first announced); found NO evidence – let us know, though, if you’ve heard of any, otherwise we’ll be checking on that again tomorrow too.

5 Replies to "Alki "Car-Free Day" tomorrow: Last reminder; coverage plan"

  • Rhonda Porter September 6, 2008 (9:47 pm)

    There are no parking signs along Beach Drive by Mee Kwa Mooks too…I don’t beleive this is a part of the no car days?

  • WSB September 6, 2008 (10:24 pm)

    I saw those the other day – not sure what it’s about; so many SDOT projects under way now in a race to get done before fall rains kick in!

  • mellaw6565 September 6, 2008 (11:55 pm)

    So are buses running down there or not?

  • WSB September 7, 2008 (3:00 am)

    Yes, as noted several times in previous coverage, the Water Taxi shuttle is running as usual – a lane will be coned off for it. The city said the 56 also will use that lane; there is a “slight reroute” according to the Metro website, here’s the alert:

  • herongrrrl September 7, 2008 (5:42 am)

    The Beach Drive signs aren’t part of Car-Free Sunday; they are for next week, when that section of Beach Drive will (finally!!) be repaved.

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