From tenant of burned Alki duplex, a message of thanks


(Photo by David Hutchinson)
Just posted beneath our second report on last night’s 56th/Alki duplex fire (first report here), this message from the duplex tenant:

I would like to thank the Seattle fire dept, they did an amazing job in taking care of myself and my family in this difficult time.

I would also like to remind people that the fire dept could have had an easier time if thay hadn’t needed to deal with all of the spectators. You might want to think in the future, how would I like people to behave if it were my house and my family in danger.

Sincere thanks to all the truly concerned people in my neighborhood!

We saw a small demonstration of that concern just this morning, while briefly stopping in the area for this short followup — one passerby stopped to ask a man outside the charred building if he lived there (he told her he was a friend of the tenant) and if everyone was OK. Meantime, the Seattle Fire Department tells WSB that investigators still need to talk with the duplex’s owner before they can officially determine/announce the fire’s cause. ADDED EARLY SATURDAY: Browsing YouTube, we just found video (posted by “carloberti“) from the fire that we hadn’t seen before – obviously from a cameraphone so low-quality but it shows two things from VERY early on: First, toward the start you can clearly hear authorities on a loudspeaker asking the crowd to make way (as mentioned above); shortly afterward, you see the flash as the growing fire takes out a transformer:

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  • alkigirl July 25, 2008 (11:36 pm)

    I want to add my thank you to WSB, and also my best wishes for the families impacted by this fire. I would also add that if we can be helpful to these families, please let us know. I live about five blocks away, heard all the sirens, and immediately thought of WSB. Sure enough, you had a post up that you were on the way. The WSB and community contributions to reporting on this fire demonstrate the power of community and the (well-deserved) trust and respect that has built up for WSB. THANK YOU for remaining factual, positive and helpful in reporting. And thank you for setting a tone that keeps comments appropriate, rather than the personal flames that many blogs seem to cultivate. HATS OFF TO YOU!

  • WSB July 26, 2008 (12:24 am)

    Thank you very much. This is what neighborhood-level REAL TIME news is about: Citywide media try to keep up with breaking news, but they have to try to serve the entire city – in the case of TV stations, the entire Western Washington region – last night the Alki fire didn’t even make most of those outlets’ home pages because they were also dealing with a deadly plane crash in Shelton, a school scandal somewhere else, etc. But West Seattle is our ONLY “beat.” We also are continuing to improve our tech capabilities so that we run less risk of ever being unable to live up to the expectation that we will have the news as it happens – just this week, in fact, we got our first iPhone, and that’s how we got first word of last night’s fire, a WSB’er sending us e-mail about the smoke, received via the iPhone as we left the Fauntleroy documentary premiere!

  • sw July 26, 2008 (1:13 am)

    I lived on Alki eight years ago recently moved back I don’t remember the WSB, either it didn’t exist at that time or I was too early twenties (Dukes just in) to know. Now that I am back I feel so connected here because of WSB, last night I heard the sirens and knew it would only take a couple clicks to find out what was happening. You guys are great and the community is great.. the pics and info, with anything that happens is always so immediate. As Alkigirl so beautifully stated and in many comments posted, people really want to help and mean it and if there is a way we can we will, what a great place to live!

  • gngfrgld July 27, 2008 (12:13 am)

    as a resident of this building, I join in the accolades for the fire department and the many neighbors who sincerely offered their help and support.

    to the others who are curious and a bit selfish in their desire to pry for information, please understand we are dealing with a traumatic event in which almost all of our personal lives and memories have been destroyed or ruined. we are displaced from our home and all our personal effects. it is sad and emotional and unfortunate that those who feel they need to know “everything” or want to ask the resident’s questions, sometimes err on the side of intruding in one’s person space. i am sure you will all know when the fire department releases their information. the rest has been unsubstantiated speculation.

    and as a word of caution, unless the residents are talking, not everything you read is accurate.
    the truth is bad enough and it is a horrible thing to experience.

    we are thankful that the people and pets are safe and appreciate your support.

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