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Holiday Weekend Watch: Forecast iffy

May 21, 2008 8:10 pm
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Guess it won’t be TOO horrible if this forecast holds and Memorial Day is something like today (photo above shows an afternoon sunbreak along Lincoln Park’s north shore). At least Colman Pool will be open (we were so desperate today to get a glimpse, despite the plywood over the plexiglass on the west and south sides, we took our young assistant up on his offer to sneak a photographic peek through the drainage openings at the bottom of the brick wall):


Colman Pool’s opening day is Saturday (schedule here).

Got some time to spare Saturday? “Grocery audit” recruiting

May 21, 2008 7:29 pm
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It’s in the Delridge/White Center area. Read more here to see if you can help. (That link, by the way, goes to a post on a new blog set up by Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association executive director Derek Birnie to share info on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities in the greater Delridge area; you can browse it any time at

Crash-damaged salon already open again, with driver’s help

May 21, 2008 5:48 pm
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So says this post on the blog kept by neighboring Chill, which also mentions the pickup driver helped with the cleanup.

Story behind a new number on the Lincoln Park vigil sign


That’s the sign in Ron Richardson‘s yard along Fauntleroy across from Lincoln Park, which he updates with thedickisonpic.jpg death and injury toll in the Iraq war. We’ve told you about it before; our most recent post, and comments on it, led to coverage in the citywide media. Richardson introduced himself to us at our table at the recent Sustainable West Seattle Festival in The Junction, and told us he’d added a new number to his sign, in honor of an area resident killed in the war in 2005, Christopher Dickison (photo right). Here’s his story of how that happened — timely as Memorial Day approaches:

The most important response [to the sign], by far, came three weeks ago when a woman and several of her family knocked at my door. The woman, Leanna Dickison, wanted to thank me for having the sign. She told me that her son, Christopher Wayne Dickison, was fatality number 1754. Christopher’s twin sister Rhonda Herrera was part of the group. Chris’ mother had made a blanket as a gift for me. I thanked her and suggested she take the blanket to the VA Hospital and present it to one of the Iraq vets at the VA.

I have since visited Leanna and learned more about Christopher. The family lives in White Center. Christopher was a graduate of Evergreen High. He joined the military in 2002. He was in Iraq for a year when his tour of duty was extended. It was during this extension that Chris was killed. I looked up Chris’s name on the internet and found articles and memory pages by those who knew him as a friend, a relative and as a comrade in arms. This reminded me that the internet can be a rallying place for folks to share their respect and love.

I have attached a current photo of the sign, a photo of Chris and a list of some of the websites that memorialize Chris. I have added the number 1754 on the sign and it will stay there. Each time I change the other numbers I will remember Chris and his family. They are our neighbors and part of our community. As folks spot my sign I hope they remember Chris and all of the others killed and wounded in Iraq. I also think about this war and why we are fighting it. I hope your readers think upon this as well.

Here are the links that Ron provided: a page featuring citywide media coverage from Christopher’s death in 2005, a guestbook that he has signed and you can too, and a video tribute posted online.

Side note: Richardson also is involved with another issue right now — voter-owned elections — and told us he’ll be speaking about that at tonight’s Delridge District Council meeting (7 pm, Southwest Precinct).

Attention, small businesses: BizJam returning to West Seattle

If you hadn’t already heard: Registration is open for the second annual BizJam Seattle conference for “indie” businesses, presented by Biznik (motto: “business networking that doesn’t suck”) – and again this year, it’s happening in West Seattle, at Youngstown Arts Center. This time around, it’ll span two days – Day 1, July 9, will focus on what small businesses need to know about “social media.” Read more about BizJam here (disclosure, we’re speaking at BizJam; in the year since the last BizJam, we’ve become an “indie” business ourselves). Speaking of social media, you can find us on Twitter as westseattleblog and on Facebook as WS Blog — we also just set up a West Seattle Blog group there.

And if the price of gas hasn’t reduced your driving …

summeroff.jpg… the city is trying to do it with a new campaign called “Give Your Car the Summer Off.” (Official news release here.) One of the related webpages says the city will identify certain streets that can be closed to cars for a while at different times during the summer. Any street(s) in West Seattle where you think that would work?

Gas Price Watch: First West Seattle sighting of $4 regular

May 21, 2008 12:57 pm
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Several stations are at $3.99/regular right now, but we were just in Admiral and spotted $4.03 regular at Barnecut’s Shell.

Longfellow Creek Garden update, and a request for help


That’s a recent photo of Longfellow Creek Garden, the small organic garden/farm that is taking shape in North Delridge (first reported here last month). Zach Zink wrote us a while back inviting people to come help with getting LCG in shape, and got quite a response. Now he’s asking for help with a new challenge for this nonprofit operation: “We are in need of a certified plumber to install a few pieces of equipment so we can have an irrigation faucet at the Garden. Our budget is pretty low this year, and getting water installed is going to run us between 500 and 700 dollars. Saving on labor would help us out to the tune of 200 dollars!” If you can help or know someone who might be able to, e-mail Zach at

Late-morning link break: Seacrest seagull; Bohemian details

SEACREST SEAGULL, ER, LOL-GULL: Yes, we know, there are a million places to generate your own goofy captions for photos. However, an actual blogger from our Other Blogs list has a thread going that might appeal to those with a twisted sense of humor, as she’s inviting captions for a photo of Seacrest’s famous one-footed seagull. We contributed one already.

MORE ON WHAT THE BOHEMIAN’S GOING TO BE LIKE: We’ve told you about The Bohemian, going into the former Leslie’s Country Store space next to Spiro’s in the 3400 block of California. Its previous one-page website is now expanded into a site with full details on what they’re planning to do. (Mini-update on the future Prost West Seattle next door – it’s applied for a liquor license, and one reader got e-mail from the owner saying they hope to open in August.)

Community Safety Partnership report #2: “Casing”; burglaries

Good turnout last night for the monthly West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting at the Southwest Precinct — including folks who took advantage of the opportunity to directly ask local police leadership about issues in their neighborhood (one attendee was looking for followup on a burglary at his house; the Community Police Team is putting him in touch with detectives). We already reported one update from the meeting last night; here’s what else was discussed, including the briefing on “casing”:Read More

Happening today: City job fair, DDC, short school day

CITY JOB FAIR: 10 am-6 pm at the Joint Training Facility on Myers Way; map and more info in this post from last week.

DELRIDGE DISTRICT COUNCIL: This is the monthly meeting of reps from neighborhood groups and other organizations in the eastern West Seattle area the city considers the “Delridge District.” Public always welcome. 7 pm, Southwest Precinct meeting room.

SHORT SCHOOL DAY: We wouldn’t usually mention this but someone went to the trouble of texting us about it late last night, so why not. Early-dismissal day today for Seattle Public Schools.

More events for today and beyond are on the WSB Events list page.

Seen on the bay today, open for touring tomorrow

May 20, 2008 11:54 pm
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Thanks to Susan Stern Grossman from Singingpixel Photography for that photo of the USS Rushmore as it passed West Seattle shores today, headed to Terminal 30 for a history-commemorating event you can read more about here. The Rushmore is one of two Navy ships that will be open for tours 9 am-2 pm tomorrow.

2 links of note: HPAC jail-site page; salon-crash neighbor

LINK #1: Highland Park Action Committee‘s website now has the promised page compiling information in the group’s fight against the two proposed city-jail sites in southeast WS.

LINK #2: As a side note to this morning’s truck crash at Jan’s Salon south of Morgan Junction (WSB coverage here and here), salon neighbor Chill has posted a note to clients on its blog.

Community Safety Partnership report #1: Shootings update

May 20, 2008 10:40 pm
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First of at least two reports from tonight’s West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting — Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Paulsen had a little information about the mother and son shot in their Delridge duplex last week. He said both are doing OK; no one in custody right now but a possible “person of interest” was detained, then released pending further investigation. He also said the shooting was not random – the mother was definitely targeted, not sure about the 10-year-old son. Other news from tonight’s meeting included the promised briefing on “casing” (no revelations but good reminders) and plans for WSCSP’s first Officer Appreciation Day at the precinct. More on all that in the morning.

Seahawks starter swoops into College Night at SSCC

May 20, 2008 9:34 pm
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Above left, that’s Seattle Seahawks cornerback Kelly Jennings, focusing on the educational field rather than the playing field tonight at South Seattle Community College, appearing on behalf of City University, which is partnering with SSCC in a new 4-year-degree program (reported here last month). This was part of College Night at Brockey Center on the school’s campus in northeastern West Seattle:


During the event, visitors wandered between booths and tables set up on behalf of other educational institutions as well as SSCC programs like its culinary-arts offerings, spotlighted in a cooking demo:


College Night is an annual SSCC event organized to provide information on transferring to four-year programs or further exploring some of the school’s vocational programs. (One more note on Jennings’ appearance – info provided in advance notes that he holds two degrees in Finance and Business Management from the University of Miami.)

Charlestown Cafe: Why you’re not seeing lots of activity

Quick followup to our update the other day mentioning the permit’s been granted for repairs to the fire-damaged Charlestown Cafe: We heard back from co-owner Larry Mellum, who explains you’re not seeing signs of work onsite because “The hood is being fabricated offsite … We will know a little more by the end of the week but at this juncture it looks like we COULD be opening around the 10th of June. It is early so don’t hold me to that but it is looking that way!!”

Carving out a niche: Sculpted at streetside


Thanks to Greg for sending word of the wood sculpture that he says has just emerged from beneath a tarp at 44th/Brandon. Here’s a wider shot:


Crime Watch reader reports: Backyard theft; break-in try

From two people who want you to know what happened to them – read on:Read More

New parks-levy push: West Seattle meeting just announced

May 20, 2008 4:24 pm
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We’ve mentioned the citizens’ committee set up by the City Council as it considers whether to push for a new parks levy later this year. Just got word this afternoon from the office of West Seattle-residing Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, who chairs the council’s Parks Committee, that a West Seattle meeting has just been added so you can share your opinion with the citizens’ advisory committee (which includes three West SeattleitesSharonn Meeks, Pete Spalding, and Bruce Bentley): 7 pm June 2, Alki Community Center. Full details:Read More

Looking for work? Six new West Seattle jobs posted

May 20, 2008 3:54 pm
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If you missed the recent announcement of our West Seattle Jobs Offered section – in the past 24 hours alone, six new jobs have been posted. Posting is free for employers, so long as the job is physically in West Seattle and the post is clear about which business (with contact info) is hiring. (Please let us know when a job is filled, so we can mark the post CLOSED.)

Salon crash update: Saved by a quirk of fate


Followup on this morning’s crash at Jan’s Salon south of Morgan Junction (earlier WSB coverage here): We dropped by to talk with Jan earlier this afternoon; she is still trying to sort things out and expects to be closed at least a few days (photo above shows some of the damage, through the shop window). She was not insured – she said she was “between insurers.” She also said it was a quirk of fate that she wasn’t in the salon when this happened – she originally had a 9 am appointment scheduled today, but the client canceled, otherwise she would have been in the salon at the time of the crash. (The truck, shown in the photos from our earlier coverage, was towed after a couple hours; we wound up two cars behind the tow truck as it rattled past our corner, heading southeast.) Jan says she’s been in business at this location (California & Frontenac) for 14 years.

Satterlee House followup: Agent says repairs in the works

May 20, 2008 1:21 pm
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If you’ve been following the saga of the Satterlee House – the city-landmark-designated “Painted Lady” of Beach Drive (4800 block) – you know its current owner, William Conner, is challenging a city ruling against his proposal to build three 3,000-square-foot-average homes on its long front lawn (most recent WSB report here). In testimony before the city Hearing Examiner, who affirmed the city Landmarks Board ruling that Conner had appealed (WSB coverage of the decision here), it was disclosed that the house has significantly settled and that the problem likely had contributed to the failure of at least one purchase offer over the years. One of the witnesses at the hearing (as reported here) was the Satterlee House’s longtime listing agent, AC Braddock, who e-mailed WSB to say that Conner has committed to repairing the settling, and she believes that might “help someone to decide to buy the entire property as an estate. Having the house lifted and made more level should give a prospective owner more confidence in the viability of the home and seriously consider making the investment required to update the home and grounds as an estate home.” Braddock adds that she plans to schedule some open houses before and after the repair work.

Happening tonight: Crimefighting community meeting

May 20, 2008 12:19 pm
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We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: If you are concerned about crime and safety in your neighborhood — the kind of response that we get for our crime/safety coverage indicates that thousands of people in West Seattle are — there is one monthly meeting you shouldn’t miss: Send a family member, send a neighbor, just make sure you’re represented, to hear the latest information for yourself. It’s happening tonight: West Seattle Community Safety Partnership, 7 pm, Southwest Precinct public meeting room (Delridge/Webster, just east of the south side of Home Depot). Local police leadership (including Community Police Team members) is always there, not only to present updates, but also to answer your questions and address your concerns. And it’s not just about crime – the Seattle Neighborhood Group provides a staff member to this group (which has a new slate of volunteer leaders) to share information about fighting any blight in your neighborhood, including so-called “nuisance properties.” We always cover this meeting to report highlights here, but that’s no substitute for getting some of this practical how-to information – and getting questions answered – in person. On the agenda tonight — “casing” — maybe that’ll help us all sort out some of those door-to-door dilemmas. See you there.