Harbor Ave block wall: Not what you may have thought


If you’ve driven by that new block wall along Harbor Avenue east of Salty’s and suspected it had something to do with the restaurant – it doesn’t. After a couple of reader e-mails asking about it, we doublechecked with Salty’s, which said no, it’s an unrelated industrial project. That sent us looking into the property records, which are a little convoluted for this parcel (#7666705250, owned by Anmarco), with multiple addresses, but finally we traced it to 2130 Harbor, which carries notes of a city DPD investigation: According to this page on the DPD website, the work was proceeding without permits, and the city posted a “stop-work order” — here’s the exact language:

Constructing a 400’+ long approx. 8′ tall retaining wall and grading in a designated shoreline environment requires permits. STOP WORK ORDER posted 3/5/08 by building inspector.

The DPD website shows two case numbers open for this investigation, here and here. Anmarco’s land in the area has quite a bit of history; this article goes back 11 years.

5 Replies to "Harbor Ave block wall: Not what you may have thought"

  • Todd in Westwood/S.Delridge March 28, 2008 (11:39 am)

    Graffiti wall soon. :(

  • Indaknow March 28, 2008 (12:18 pm)

    It looks like a bunker…is WS threating to secede again? ; )

  • Huindekmi March 28, 2008 (12:20 pm)

    Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall!

  • Mike Dady March 28, 2008 (12:46 pm)

    Did they think they were just gonna’ sneak it in and no one would notice? It’s not a wonder they were issued a Stop Work Order.

    To bad they didn’t choose to use some of the more interesting seashell, fish and pattern type concrete ecology blocks that are available.

  • miws March 28, 2008 (7:34 pm)

    I wonder what ever became of that Greg Nickels County Council Dude they mentioned? ;)



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