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West Seattle Crime Watch: 3-part update

Going to get this all out in one long 3-part report: First, details on an incident last night that several people e-mailed us about today. Second, news from tonight’s West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting. Third, the police reports we reviewed at the Southwest Precinct yesterday afternoon but never got around to posting before all sorts of other news (missing girl found, etc.) started breaking. All ahead:Read More

West Seattle scenes: Tuesday night edition


Two from WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham: Above, a seal pup just south of Luna/Anchor Park (remember to keep your distance so that the mom will be more inclined to come back for baby); below, a cuddling couple at sunset at Lincoln Park. (Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,


Fauntleroy Food Fest goes green

March 18, 2008 10:48 pm
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Big crowd tonight at the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s annual Fauntleroy Food Fest. And as had been discussed while we were at last week’s FCA meeting – this was carried off as a virtually waste-free event – if it wasn’t edible or drinkable, it was recyclable or reusable. Reminder, the next big Fauntleroy event is one week from tomorrow — the community open house with updates on the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse situation (as reported here), 6:30-8 pm March 26th, The Hall @ Fauntleroy.

Bulletin: Charlestown Cafe WILL repair and reopen

ccfiresmall.jpgSix weeks after the Charlestown Cafe fire – six weeks with plenty of uncertainty – the news is just in from restaurant owner Larry Mellum:

I wanted to pass along to you the good news that we are moving forward with our repairs from the fire we had on Feb. 4th. Our Landlord has agreed to get our Hood System fixed and upgraded to meet necessary codes so we are “officially” on the mend. I would expect it to take at least four weeks to get the doors back opened. I want to thank everyone who contacted us regarding the fire, wished us well and inquired if they could help us in any way!! This is an amazing community of which we are honored to be a part of. We will keep you updated with our progress and with any luck we will see everyone in a month.

In the meantime, if you didn’t already know this, Larry also owns Pike Place Chowder, with two downtown locations – Pike Place and Pacific Place – so you can get a chowder fix if you’re downtown, till Charlestown reopens.

Hizzoner to declare war on potholes

From a city news release issued late today:

Mayor Greg Nickels will declare open season on potholes at a press conference tomorrow morning, kicking off a campaign by the city’s Pothole Rangers to fill a record number of the axle-bending offenders over the next week.

The mayor will issue a pothole hunting license to all drivers and bikers to flush out the worst potholes in the city and report them to 684-ROAD. He will then join the Rangers as they fill the first pothole in their record-setting attempt.

The press conference is going to be in — no, not West Seattle, our kindred spirit across the bay, Ballard. Which of course means we must hereby show you the best “Almost Live” clip ever:

Satterlee House development dispute: Testimony almost over

March 18, 2008 6:53 pm
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Now in its third (partial) week before city Hearing Examiner Sue Tanner, testimony in the Satterlee House (above) case is almost over, with no more than 2 additional witnesses expected tomorrow afternoon. It wasn’t supposed to continue into this week; property owner William Conner, who is appealing a city Landmarks Board decision about what he can do with the house’s huge lawn, isn’t even sitting in on the proceedings any more as of today:Read More

Neighborhood meeting set for Admiral teardown-to-townhomes


This 4-plex at 1716 California (map) is proposed for teardown-to-townhomes (four duplexes on the drawing board). That fact itself is not where the controversy lies here — it involves both the height of the proposed buildings and the fact that the property includes former city land with an open-space requirement, and the neighborhood is concerned about whether the development will live up to that requirement. A meeting with neighbors is planned for Thursday night, but even the purpose and scope of that meeting are in dispute:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch updates: Arrest details; another break-in

Just got details from the Southwest Precinct on three of the arrests reported late Friday: Three people were arrested in connection with a break-in Friday in the 5400 block of 31st SW – because less than an hour later, police say, they were in Seatac trying to cash a check stolen during the burglary. Detectives say there’s a good chance these suspects are linked to additional burglaries, for reasons including the fact the loot found in their vehicle included more than the items reported stolen in the break-in on 31st. Meantime, just after getting the call with those details, we got a reader report about an apparently unrelated burglary yesterday:Read More

Concerned about crime? Here’s the place to be tonight

The Southwest Precinct team always has a major show of force at the West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meetings — with crime updates, crimefighting tips, and more — plus the WSCSP leaders have plenty of updates on community concerns. We’ll have a report, of course, but that’s no substitute for being there yourself and asking questions about what you and your neighbors specifically want to know – it’s a casual meeting and there’s always plenty of chances to have your say. 7 pm tonight, Southwest Precinct meeting room (map) — with special guests tonight from the Parking Enforcement division!

Taco truck sighting in West Seattle


Thanks to Lillie for the tip that this taco truck has turned up at the Orchard/Sylvan road fork west of Delridge (map), across from the northwest corner of Home Depot. We previously hadn’t noticed any taco trucks closer than White Center/Burien, as discussed in this WSB post (and ensuing comments) a year ago.

Crime Watch: Keep an eye out for stolen Cafe Rozella signs

This just out of the WSB inbox from Cafe Rozella owner Ricardo Guarnero:

We had two sandwich-board signs stolen last night. One was on Roxbury and Delridge, the other one was on Delridge next to Center Tool Rental. They both say Cafe Rozella and have a cup logo and an arrow on them. One was 4 feet high and the other was 5 feet high. I know that this is small potatoes compared to what other crime victims encounter but for a small business like ours it really hurts. I’m hoping some punks just dumped them by the side of the road and hope that somebody sees them.

Cafe Rozella’s address/phone info is at the bottom of its home page. (It’s on the southeast edge of West Seattle, shortly before Delridge meets Roxbury.)

West Seattle paving plans: City update

Noting that the Alki Ave paving wasn’t completed by last Friday as per the original city announcement (previous coverage here), we checked with SDOT to ask about both the new schedule and any other near-future West Seattle paving plans. Here’s what SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner replied:

The Alki paving was delayed due to the weather and an equipment breakdown last week. The new completion date is March 24, weather permitting.

The plan is to also pave the following two segments this year, depending on how far the available money stretches:

-SW Genesee St from 51st Ave SW to 47th Ave SW

-16th Ave SW from SW Findlay St to SW Brandon St

Looks like my fellow Fauntle-rut Way drivers and I are out of luck for now – but keep reporting individual potholes to 206/684-ROAD, or online by using the form here.