Taco truck sighting in West Seattle


Thanks to Lillie for the tip that this taco truck has turned up at the Orchard/Sylvan road fork west of Delridge (map), across from the northwest corner of Home Depot. We previously hadn’t noticed any taco trucks closer than White Center/Burien, as discussed in this WSB post (and ensuing comments) a year ago.

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  • JT March 18, 2008 (10:41 am)

    Has anyone tried it yet?

  • deb March 18, 2008 (10:42 am)

    I heard that the falafel truck, hellava, was in West Seattle for lunch one day a week. Has anyone spotted it. It’s bright yellow, with a ram head logo. I’ve heard it’s delicious and I’ve been dying to try it. Can’t seem to find the good falafel in Seattle. Please fill us in if you see it.

  • add March 18, 2008 (10:49 am)

    I was going to mention this sighting to WSB as well. Another question – does anyone know what the monument/clearing area is all about, behind where the taco truck is? I noticed it the other day, looks like white marble warriors. May have something to do with a cultural center (I think Vietnamese? that is now housed in the red building next to the taco truck. Looks cool whatever it is!

  • kirida March 18, 2008 (10:50 am)

    Now I know where my husband and I are going for date night!

  • add March 18, 2008 (10:51 am)

    I noticed the truck, too and meant to alert WSB! While we’re at it, does anyone know anything about the monument/park area in a clearing in the wooded area behind the taco truck? I think it might be associated with what I think is a Vietnamese Cultural Center in the red building next to the truck – the monument looks like white marble warriors.

  • WSB March 18, 2008 (10:59 am)

    Deb – the falafel truck is at Youngstown Arts Center 11 am-1 pm on Mondays. We have been trying to get out there the past couple Mondays to get pix for a blurb about it (and try the food!) and something else has always intervened; maybe next week. Add – That’s another thing on our “closer look someday” list. The monument is definitely associated with the Vietnamese culture center that’s there by the roadside. We saw it beautifully decorated around Lunar New Year.

  • gwen c. March 18, 2008 (11:29 am)

    mmm taco truck.
    i <3 tacos.

    there’s a good taco bus up by my pad. i keep thinking what sort of killing it could make over here.

    their carnitas better be good, though.

  • JenV March 18, 2008 (11:29 am)

    the “white marble warriors” is part of the Vietnamese Culteral Center- across from Home Depot and behind the Tug Tavern.

  • JenV March 18, 2008 (11:31 am)

    ARE part of. geez. somewhere an English major is crying.

  • JoB March 18, 2008 (11:43 am)

    It’s not monday.. i will let you know later about the taco truck:)

  • Paul March 18, 2008 (11:43 am)

    Ummmm, can’t wait to try it! The White Center truck is yummie. Oh, and I know where lunch will be on Monday!

  • Trick March 18, 2008 (11:54 am)

    We need more of these.

    I heart the taco trucks too!

  • Todd in Westwood/S.Delridge March 18, 2008 (11:55 am)

    Mmmmmm, mobile food poisoning. I eat ALOT of crappy food, but I wont eat out of one of those. Even I have standards. :)

  • m March 18, 2008 (12:11 pm)

    My husband has already tried out this taco truck- he loved it and will definitely go back.

  • flipjack March 18, 2008 (12:20 pm)

    MMM Tongue and Tripe Tacos!

  • deb March 18, 2008 (12:20 pm)

    thanks for the info on the falafel. now i just have to play hookie from work one monday and give it a try!

  • Bob Loblaw March 18, 2008 (1:15 pm)

    Oldie but a goodie taco truck finder that is now a bit outdated:

  • RS March 18, 2008 (1:30 pm)

    Too bad for Todd, more tacos for me! I *love* the taco truck in White Center and have never gotten sick from eating there. Mobile food stands are held to food safety standards just like regular restaurants.

  • MAS March 18, 2008 (1:34 pm)

    Todd in Westwood/S. Delridge – Nothing inherently unsanitary about taco trucks. This one was in inspected on 2/28 this year with a perfect score:


    If you think that’s easy, just look up your favorite place and see how they do. A perfect score in a mom and pop place is somewhat unusual.

    I _have_ been poisoned by a taco stand across the street from the mission at San Juan Capistrano, but that was a wooden structure, not a truck.

  • Aim March 18, 2008 (1:50 pm)

    We keep meaning to try it – we have noticed it for about 3 weeks now on the way home from work. Someone report back on how it is. Especially the carnitas. You can tell good Mexican food by the carnitas taco, every time.

    Good to know about the falafel too. Ali Baba on Capitol Hill is excellent, but too far sometimes.

  • Pelicans March 18, 2008 (2:17 pm)

    While stationed on ships in varous cities, these trucks would come around at lunch and we’d all flock there, preferring them to ship’s gallley food.

    Two of the standard announcements made over the ship’s loudspeakers would be: “Now, the mobile canteen is on the scene,” and “Now, the roach coach has made its approach.” The food, mostly custom-made burritos, was always great!

  • karen anne March 18, 2008 (2:24 pm)

    I haven’t heard the term “roach coach” since I left Chicago. Those trucks had some of the best food in town. I love the Taco Truck in White Center – always good ! and VERY clean, Todd.

  • westseattleite March 18, 2008 (2:45 pm)

    Zaina’s, on Cherry Street between 1st and 2nd Ave. also has great falafels.

  • Paul March 18, 2008 (2:54 pm)

    agreed with MAS. Having spent almost 18 years in food and beverage, I can tell you that most places are not at 100%. That is very rare. And I have 2 friends in the industry, and the stories they tell me on a regular basis… Next time you eat at a fast food place, just look closely at the kitchen. Or better yet, the floor. If the floor is dirty, then the kitchen is a wreck. KFC on 35th comes to mind. I refuse to walk in that place, the redo was not done to the kitchen and its GROSS, not to mention the fact that the staff stands at the back door with it propped open smoking. And I am not knocking smokers, I was a smoker, but ew……

  • Jiggers March 18, 2008 (2:55 pm)

    Opassum meat in my tacos yum yum…

  • MAS March 18, 2008 (3:26 pm)

    Good point Paul. For comparison to the perfect score for the taco truck, here are couple of years from the KFC on 35th and Avalon:


    My favorites:

    “Toxic substances improperly identified, stored and used”


    “Non-food contact surfaces not maintained, clean, sanitized”

  • JT March 18, 2008 (3:28 pm)

    MAS, I’ve used that link a lot. Many of the places people rave about have scary scores and I won’t go near them. Thanks for posting the reminder.

  • RS March 18, 2008 (4:53 pm)

    I think this is a equally upsetting finding:

    “Insects, rodents, animals present; entrance uncontrolled”

    Not from the KFC but rather a much nicer place that I go to often. Yikes!

  • Jiggers March 18, 2008 (5:00 pm)

    I have to say that watching restaraunt employees smoke outside, I’m almost certain they never wash their hands after they puff one. Talk about gross and unsanitizng.

  • I AM A LOSER March 18, 2008 (5:03 pm)

    Don’t go out and eat if you don’t like the dirtyness. Your car is probably a lot dirtier than their kitchens. A messy car tells me a lot about an individual.

  • liws March 18, 2008 (5:43 pm)

    Keep that truck were it belongs, on the other side of the city limits in rat city please.

  • Bob Loblaw March 18, 2008 (5:44 pm)

    Hey WSB: how about a get-together at the taco truck?! Monday or Tuesday and I’m there!

  • WSB March 18, 2008 (5:46 pm)

    Ha, I love it. Meetup at the taco truck! Tuesday I’m available, any other taco fans?

  • RS March 18, 2008 (6:08 pm)

    Nice, liws. Elitist much?

  • Paul March 18, 2008 (6:47 pm)

    Oh, that would be fun, Mondays are not good for me, besides the other truck is here on mondays…what about a tuesday gathering????
    and to liws, that is just not nice.

  • JoB March 18, 2008 (7:06 pm)

    I tried the taco truck by Home depot today.. and i can see why they got their 100% rating.

    the menu was limited but the food was very good… and i got great service from really friendly people… it’s definately worth a stop.

  • Bonnie March 18, 2008 (8:53 pm)

    LOL I AM A LOSER! My car is a gross mess. Thanks to my kids. But obviously I’m a slob if my car is.

  • WSB March 18, 2008 (9:00 pm)

    Bonnie, don’t feel bad, that makes me a horrible slob too. Too much to do otherwise than to spend a lot of time keeping the car squeaky-neat and clean.

  • JumboJim March 18, 2008 (9:42 pm)

    I don’t know about any falafel truck but I felloffa turnip truck once…

  • Melody March 19, 2008 (7:58 pm)

    In response to MAS comment about KFC, I just stopped in there last week to try the new wrap and as I drove up to the drive up screen to order a recording came on that said, “the drive up closes at 10 pm we are now closed try us tomorrow”!! Mind you it is 12:30 in the afternoon, then a males voice comes on and says drive up is closed come into the lobby. I walked into the lobby the white guy behind the counter has no front teeth, ugly tats all over his arms (and I love tats) he could barely speak english because he thought he was a gangster, kept scratching his nasty hair that was under a dirty hat. I slowly turned and looked around the lobby every table was dirty and the floors were filthy. I walked to the door and never looked back. I told my husband I was pretty sure I would have gotten hepatitis C if I had eaten anything from that place. Disgusting to say the least. Too bad they just did the whole remodel thing but it is trashed on the inside.

  • Joan March 19, 2008 (8:42 pm)

    First visit to ERDT truck tonight after work. A friend and I had their bbq pork burritos.


    Piping hot off the grill, lightly toasted on the outside, fresh chopped veggies, delicious fresh salsa verde on the side… A few ounces less than the huge Guaymas bbq pork version but *much* less greasy and better, fresher flavors all around.

    We’ll visit again next week and try more from the menu, and while I’m thinking they’ll have pull off some trick to beat those exquisite ham and cheeze quesadillas at Cafe Rozella, we’ll go back as long as they’re parked on Sylvan, just for those tasty burritos. :D

  • Paul March 19, 2008 (9:14 pm)

    and the interesting thing about that KFC, the few times I ate there (I wonder if I should have a hep c check now that I think about it) I would get the survey on my receipt, and I always filled it out with a request for a call back, never got one. That is one place I would welcome a new development…..

  • Jerald March 19, 2008 (11:25 pm)

    There are a couple of taco trucks in White Center, I think. One by the library, another over by the old Safeway, maybe one near the back of the old roller rink. Which one(s) do you recommend?

  • KK May 1, 2008 (3:40 pm)

    Screw you Todd from Westwood! I haven’t tried the Taco truck by Home Depot, I heard it’s not that great, but let me tell you, try the Taco Bus on 112th in White Center by Thai Thai, McMurphy’s Pub, and Papa Johns, It’s the best place and the biggest servings!

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