West Seattle Crime Watch updates: Arrest details; another break-in

Just got details from the Southwest Precinct on three of the arrests reported late Friday: Three people were arrested in connection with a break-in Friday in the 5400 block of 31st SW – because less than an hour later, police say, they were in Seatac trying to cash a check stolen during the burglary. Detectives say there’s a good chance these suspects are linked to additional burglaries, for reasons including the fact the loot found in their vehicle included more than the items reported stolen in the break-in on 31st. Meantime, just after getting the call with those details, we got a reader report about an apparently unrelated burglary yesterday:

This is from Ken: (fixed from previous “Justin” which was the name on the e-mail account that was being used)

Hey, just wanted to tell you about my apartment on Delridge that was broken into and robbed on Monday between 7:30 am and 4:45 pm. we live in the Westridge complex (7901 Delridge). The took 2 rings and a watch from my wife, that was from my deceased mother. They also took a Canon camera, a Canon camcorder, a Nintendo DS, my WII, a WII that I just purchased for my brother in Chicago. In addition they took my new iMac 24-Inch computer; the computer is a little unique in the fact that it has 4 gigs of ram and a 1 terabyte hard drive which is custom ordered and you can’t get it off the shelf in a store.

They kicked in the back door and ransacked the whole place, ran out the back and hopped a broken fence that I have been fighting with the complex to fix since January.

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  • Christopher Boffoli March 18, 2008 (4:10 pm)

    Justin: Very sorry to hear about your break-in. If you haven’t already, you should contact Apple about the theft of your iMac. They cannot do anything to track it, but they can register the serial number as stolen so the machine will get flagged if it is ever brought in for service to any Apple Store or authorized repair center. The serial number for your machine can be found on the original sales receipt, the online or e-mail sales confirmation, and the side-panel of the box it came in. A 24″ iMac is tricky to hide. Best of luck to you in recovering your belongings.

  • David March 18, 2008 (7:03 pm)

    Just another FYI, my wife and I live very close to the Hughes School also the current temp school for South Lake High. Two weeks ago I had my car broken into, funny thing is I was in my house and saw the whole thing happen and chased after them for 8 blocks in bare feet, unfortunatly they got away. I called the police and an office came by to take a report. The officer mentioned they have been having some problems in the area. Just got my car back from the body shop four days ago and on Saturday my car, my wifes car and my truck were all keyed. I have spoken to the prinipal at the school and made them aware of what happend in the neighborhood. Please don’t be afraid to talk to your neighbors and make sure they are aware of the crime that is taking place. I have been talking to my neighbors and it seems like some have no clue, many don’t want to get involved and the rest have already been victims.

  • I Heart Jiggers! March 18, 2008 (7:34 pm)


  • Indaknow March 18, 2008 (8:34 pm)

    Justin and David, so sorry to hear about your experiences.

  • WSB March 18, 2008 (9:08 pm)

    David, thanks for posting – your incident is one of the police reports I took notes on at the precinct late yesterday and have not yet had a single moment to post but hope to later tonight before they’re too old. What you say is exactly what the officers from SWP reiterated at tonight’s West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting (one of the things I’ll be writing up in the next few hours) … talk to your neighbors, be watchful, report anything suspicious.

  • changingtimes March 18, 2008 (10:02 pm)

    what was up with all of the police activity in the junction??? i saw 4 police cars speeding down cali with there lights on on my way to the gym, then on the way back there seemed to be alot of patrol cars well… patroling.. in the junction area. is there someone on the loose or something??? makes me a little uneasy!! but glad that they are all out in force!

  • WSB March 18, 2008 (10:14 pm)

    probably the same ones that passed me here at the south end of Cali as I headed to the WSCSP meeting. no word there of anything major (and there were four major SWP players in the room)

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