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More of these on the way to The Junction


WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham sent that photo — showing spectators looking up at the crane that’s on the 41st/42nd/Alaska megaproject — just before we turned up details of the new proposal kitty-corner to this site. As promised atop the original post below, we’re ending the night summarizing what we’ve learned (pending attempts on Friday to find out more from project participants):

*An “early design guidance” Southwest Design Review Board meeting is set for April 10 for two projects proposed to span roughly half the Alaska-to-Edmunds block in The Junction, from California to 42nd

*The west-side project, with the parcel stretching from 4700 California (Super Supplements) southward to 4710 California (Rubato), is described as 12,000 square feet of ground-level retail with 5 floors of apartments and 2 underground levels of parking

*The east-side project, stretching from the current Rocksport/Neighborhood Services Center frontage south to the site where Harbor Properties is building Mural, is described as 21,500 sf of ground-level retail with 6 floors of apartments and 2 underground levels of parking

*Both filings list Weber Thompson (architects) and Conner Homes (builders)

*The Design Review Board meeting on April 10 will be at 6:30 pm, location not yet listed online (meetings are usually at Denny Middle School or the Southwest Precinct)

*City records show previous proposals here in 2002

*The current owner bought the 1925-built west-side site for $1.4 million in 2000, the 1922-built east-side site for $2.1 million that same year

*Side note: Nothing in The Junction business core is on the list of official city landmarks, though the city Department of Neighborhoods has signaled some interest in certain sites like the Campbell Building (Cupcake Royale/Swee Swee, etc.), the Hamm Building (Easy Street et al), and the the former Kress building (Matador/JaK’s) – you can search the DON survey archives for any property (WS or not) here

2 West Seattle restaurants join Tap Project – more welcome

Later this month, restaurants around the country will be asking patrons to help raise money for UNICEF to get safe drinking water to children in developing nations, by inviting donations of at least $1 per glass of tap water patrons would usually receive free. It’s called the Tap Project; in West Seattle, Beato and Ama Ama already are signed up to participate, and organizers say there’s time for more to get on board. (This map shows all Seattle restaurants that have signed up so far.) Restaurants interested in participating can start here; the donation drive will happen during World Water Week, March 16-22 (which by the way will end with a separate fundraiser on Alki, the Walk for Water).

Give me an R, an E, a G, an I … SWAC registration time!

March 6, 2008 10:09 pm
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cheerfootball.jpgOver the past few months, we’ve brought you advance notice of registration season for several West Seattle-based youth-sports groups, and now it’s time for one more: The Southwest Athletic Club (SWAC) will host early-registration sessions at Westwood Village for football and cheering this Saturday and three other Saturdays this month and next. Here’s what they want you to know:

Registration will be held on four Saturdays (March 8th and 15th, and April 5th and 12th) from 11 am to 1 pm at Big 5 Sporting Goods in Westwood Village.

The Southwest Athletic Club (SWAC) is a West Seattle-based nonprofit organization with the purpose of teaching youth teamwork, discipline and self-esteem through participation in youth football and cheer activities. They serve youth between the ages of 7 and 14, providing a safe structured and positive environment that stresses dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship, which teaches as much about life as it does football and cheer. Practices start on August 1st with weekly games starting the third weekend of August. Practices and home games are held at the Southwest Athletic Complex at 2600 SW Thistle.

Lee Newgent, the SWAC Board President, is proud of last season and looks forward to next season: “We congratulate last year’s participants on a very successful year, and we look forward to seeing them next fall.” Regarding new players, he added: “We also look forward to seeing any young people and their families who are considering participation in football and cheer at Big 5. Coaches will be on hand to meet the children and answer any questions parents may have.”

The registration fee for cheer is $100 and football is $200. Early registrants will receive a SWAC water bottle.

More information about SWAC can be found at

Major new apartment/retail construction proposed in The Junction

(this post is a work in progress, as we continue to research details available online on this major Junction project that’s just gone public; we’ll put it all together into a more coherent update once we think we’ve found everything there is to find online tonight)

Twice a week, the city sends out its Land Use Information Bulletin, Mondays and Thursdays. Today’s came fairly early. It did not include a rather newsworthy project that made its debut later in the day on the Design Review Upcoming city page (maybe just a coincidence, but we notice this sort of thing every so often — major new proposal appears on the city website hours AFTER the latest biweekly bulletin goes out). Anyway, enough backstory. This one, scheduled for an Early Design Guidance meeting of the Southwest Design Review Board on April 10, is listed for 4706 California SW, which is the address currently held by Funky Jane’s. It’s described as a building with 12,000 square feet of ground-level retail and 5 floors of apartments above , two floors of parking beneath – so that would be a dramatic change for the block (though Mural will be rising high almost directly behind it). County records show the parcel stretches all the way north to Alaska (Super Supplements corner) and south to 4710 California (Rubato). The same owners, “4700 California LLC,” also own the neighboring parcel (Rocksport etc.). According to a project number on the Design Review Upcoming page, a proposal for that site will be discussed at the April 10 hearing too; this page for the project at that address, 4203 Alaska, mentions a building with 21,500 sf of retail and 6 floors of apartments over that. We are still researching right now to find out more online, since it’s after business hours and we won’t be able to get ahold of any of the listed contacts before tomorrow. Contacts listed on the official city project page include Weber Thompson (architects) and Conner Homes. This obviously has been in the works a while, as the history on the “fees and receipts” tab of this page goes back to August.

Two nights till “spring forward” – don’t forget the batteries

A reminder from your friendly neighborhood Fire Department: When you set your clocks ahead Saturday night (Sunday morning), change your smoke-detector batteries too; and if you need a detector, you might be able to get one free.

Food that goes with wine? West Seattle Cellars wants you


West Seattle Cellars owners are continuing to work on finishing the neighboring space they once hoped would become a wine bar. It’s been a while since our last update, and signs of construction are more noticeable outside the building, so we dropped by today to check on how it’s going. Turns out that work will be done next month; Tom and Jan are showing the available space to anyone interested in opening a “compatible food store” – but only by appointment, no drop-ins (and no other wine vendors) – they’re setting appointments by phone at 937-2868.

Got a house you’d like to see saved?

From the WSB inbox, sent by Kelsey Diller:

I am writing to ask your help to save homes in West Seattle from being torn down. I was inspired to start a company, Orbit Homes LLC after watching my neighbor’s home get scheduled for demolition. After compiling a competent team of specialists I am now looking for a charming home located in West Seattle that is 18 ft. high or less and no more than 27 ft. wide to fit on a property I bought to move a house onto. If you know of any homes that may be within this size range please call me at 206 554-1622 and become a part of saving the environment and preserving West Seattle’s flavor.

West Seattle Crime Watch alert: Bogus bills at businesses


That’s a cameraphone photo of bogus bills snapped by a WSB team member who says they don’t look much better in person — badly defined imagery on back, for example — fake $50s that have turned up so far at Funky Jane’s Consignment and Many Moons Trading Company in The Junction (3-4 pm this past Monday), according to those businesses’ owners. We’re awaiting suspect description to share, but wanted to get the word out first to anyone who hadn’t heard.

New Coast Guard info on the low-bridge-restrictions proposal

March 6, 2008 11:26 am
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(photo by WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli)

As reported here earlier this week, West Seattle-residing City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen‘s campaign for rush-hour restrictions on the opening of the “low bridge” is making some headway. We told you yesterday that the Coast Guard’s regional bridge commander was quoted in a newspaper story as saying the proposal was about to be published for public comment and that we had a call out to him for further elaboration. He called back this morning and indeed had more details than were included in that newspaper article:Read More

Traffic alert: NB I-5 emergency roadwork north of WS Bridge exit

March 6, 2008 11:17 am
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Just in from WSDOT: “Crews must close two right lanes on northbound I-5 approaching I-90 to perform temporary emergency repairs on an expansion joint. Crews will weld the steel expansion joint cover in place.” This could take at least an hour or so and is apparently under way now; more work is planned later tonight (and those same two lanes will be closed 10 pm-4 am as a result), but bottom line, if you have to head to I-5 right now, wait if you can, or find a way to get onto I-5 from mid-downtown.

Time to start thinking about (theatrical) summer camp

March 6, 2008 9:24 am
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Last year, they did “Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr.” (above, ArtsWest photo by WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham) – this year, “Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr.” – and signups for ArtsWest summer camp start this morning. Here’s the full scoop from AW (WSB sponsor):Read More

Update on Nucor permits for crane changes

March 6, 2008 8:42 am
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Two months ago, we covered a hearing in West Seattle about permits the Nucor mill (Delridge/Andover) requested to modify a crane so it can add operating hours. (The red arrow in the photo above points to where that will happen.) For anybody keeping track, the official decisions are starting to roll in – just got a note from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency that it’s issued a permit required for this; you can read the associated fine print by following four links here.

Wildcats lose, but move on to the consolation bracket

AdamOnAlki reported it in the comments late last night:

74-43 in favor of Squalicum. Great season, boys. You surprised and impressed us all!

And as David went on to add, the West Seattle High School boys’ first trip to the state basketball tournament in more than 30 years isn’t quite over yet:

(Today) they play Auburn (22-3) … They have the potential to finish in 5th place, if they can win 3 straight games. It’ll be tough but it’s not over.

Today’s WSHS-Auburn game is at 2 pm at KeyArena.