2 West Seattle restaurants join Tap Project – more welcome

Later this month, restaurants around the country will be asking patrons to help raise money for UNICEF to get safe drinking water to children in developing nations, by inviting donations of at least $1 per glass of tap water patrons would usually receive free. It’s called the Tap Project; in West Seattle, Beato and Ama Ama already are signed up to participate, and organizers say there’s time for more to get on board. (This map shows all Seattle restaurants that have signed up so far.) Restaurants interested in participating can start here; the donation drive will happen during World Water Week, March 16-22 (which by the way will end with a separate fundraiser on Alki, the Walk for Water).

6 Replies to "2 West Seattle restaurants join Tap Project - more welcome"

  • ABC123 March 7, 2008 (1:37 pm)

    Not paying for water. No way.

  • bananas4vino March 7, 2008 (1:56 pm)

    ABC123…I guess you are lucky then to live in a country that has clean drinking water

  • ABC123 March 7, 2008 (4:01 pm)

    Still not paying for water. Never.

  • add March 7, 2008 (4:29 pm)

    Not even as a donation?

  • ALKD March 8, 2008 (6:02 pm)

    I think this is a great idea, and it only lasts a week. If you can’t donate so much as a dollar when you’re taking the luxury of being able to afford a restaurant meal, then don’t ask for a water. No need to get all uppity about it.

    I hope all of our restaurants in West Seattle participate in the cause. I will be more likely to dine out that week.

    And ABC, you do pay for water. If you own, rent, or lease a residence, you pay a water bill. The water that comes out of your tap is what you are paying for. Better stop using it lest you have to continue paying for it. But seriously, lighten up.

  • ABC123 March 10, 2008 (1:40 pm)

    Perfect – so I’m paying for my water at home then I will NOT pay at a restaurant. No donations for me.

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