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Reader Recommendation Request: Restaurant for Thanksgiving

There are several important things happening in, and pertaining to, West Seattle tomorrow. You can find them right now on the WSB Events page; we were going to put together a preview post for tonight, but we think we have a better way to conclude the “holiday” night — asking you to help a fellow WSB reader with this recommendation request:

The people we normally spend Thanksgiving with are not having a gathering this year, so we’re on our own and are looking for a restaurant. Does anyone have any recommendation for a nice place for a couple to have Thanksgiving dinner that doesn’t cost a small fortune? Our favorite restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving. I checked with Salty’s online and their buffet is almost $50 a person – I’m thinking I’d like to spend a little less than that for dinner. It doesn’t have to be a buffet, and not even necessarily “typical” Thanksgiving food. Doesn’t have to be in West Seattle, but within half an hour or so would be fine. Any thoughts?

Post your recommendation(s) in the comments; previous WSB Reader Recommendation Requests and responses are archived here.

West Seattle wind woes are over, stream of great photos isn’t

We feel quite lucky to be able to share excellent photographs with you from this photogenically stormy day. Our newest three are from longtime West Seattle photojournalist Matt Durham (his new collaboration with WSB is noted here) — two more from the spray-riffic Constellation Park zone, and then a third reminding us why today was a “holiday” in the first place — Matt’s captions are beneath each photo:


Cold spray from white-capped waves greeted adventure-goers at Constellation Park just south of Alki Point. Waves slammed into the sea wall during an afternoon middle tide.


This motorcyclist has a cold ride home after soaking his clothes in the spray of today’s wind-driven waves along Constellation Park.


Two flags were set for our veterans at Forest Lawn Cemetery (map) today. In years past, volunteers used to line every veteran’s headstone with an American Flag in a gesture of thanks and appreciation.

(Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,

A hard day’s work

When you think about the Seattle Fire Department fireboats – the first image that comes to mind may be those beautiful pastoral summertime shots of the boats spraying lovely arcs of water at the Maritime Festival or similar occasions. And then, there’s this:


Yes, that’s the fireboat Leschi, photographed by Eric Bell off Constellation Park today — here’s another of Eric’s shots, from a moment when it wasn’t quite so swamped:


P.S. Eric has not only a website with more of his photography, he also has a show at Alki Mail and Dispatch right now (“Images of the Palouse“).

Wet ‘n’ wild at Alki Point

November 12, 2007 3:01 pm
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Just in from Adam on Alki – taken at the popular wave-viewing spot along Beach Drive south of Alki Point (north end of Constellation Park):


Thanks to Adam for sending us photos; we’d love to see yours, any time! 3:05 PM UPDATE: The National Weather Service just canceled the High Wind Warning for our area – looks like the worst of the storm hit everywhere BUT the Seattle urban area – we got lucky this time.

Not exactly Storm Panic ’07, so far


A camera-wielding WSB’er headed out to look for signs of storm trouble — and returned with the photo you see above. If there’s anything more dramatic happening around WS, we haven’t seen or heard about it yet. We went down to Beach Drive south of Alki Point, where the tv reporters have been trying their hardest this midday to look windblown, but it wasn’t much different from the conditions we captured on video yesterday afternoon. Nonetheless, we won’t get complacent yet, as the National Weather Service’s High Wind Warning remains up till 4 pm. Here are a couple links we mentioned earlier, repeated by popular demand: City update on power outages here; current Alki Point windspeed here. 2:15 PM ADDENDUM: Traffic notes – there’s a Seahawks Monday Night Football game tonight, so beware if you have to drive through downtown/Sodo (at least the traffic is reduced with many people being off work/school today); also, traffic at the Fauntleroy ferry terminal might be heavier today because the Bremerton-Seattle run is down to one boat.

Gee/Huling, the next chapters

November 12, 2007 11:28 am
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The vehicles are off the lots, and now the next chapters in the Gee/Huling saga will unfold this week: Tomorrow is the preview day for the auction that Gee plans this Wednesday/Thursday, to sell parts and other equipment from the now shut-down dealerships along Fauntleroy, which Gee has said it will finish vacating by the end of this month. (You can preview the auction items online at this website.) Meanwhile, the trial is under way for Paul Rimbey, one of the suspects from the criminal case that is at the heart of events that have led to all this; nothing is happening today because courts are closed for the holiday, but this article says the victim is expected to testify this week. The other two former Huling employees charged in the case, Adrian Dillard and Ted Coxwell, are due back in court later this month. And it’ll be a while yet before any trial in the Gee lawsuit against the Hulings; most recently, the Hulings filed a motion saying the dispute should have to go to arbitration, mostly because of terms in the original dealership-sale agreement; the Gees filed a response saying they disagree.

Storm watch, second update: Now it’s a High Wind Warning

Thanks to Lou for pointing out the upgrade in the Weather Service alert: Our area is now under a High Wind Warning till 4 pm today. For anyone interested in the hyper-geeky detailed meteorological information, here’s the link for the Weather Service’s latest Forecast Discussion, usually updated four times daily (mid-morning, mid-afternoon, mid-evening, early morning).

Storm watch: First Monday update

Hope you are able to stay home and stay safe on this Veterans’ Day just in case the wind does indeed kick up as the forecast suggests: High Wind Watch up from 10 am-4 pm in the metro area (latest forecast here), right now projecting south wind 30-40 miles per hour during that time with possible gusts to 60. There’s been a power outage already, according to the city’s updated list (link here): described as fewer than 100 customers, North-South boundaries are Edmunds to Brandon, East-West is Beach Drive to 49th, start time 5 am. Let us know what’s happening where you are as the day goes on – photos welcome too. 8:45 AM ADDENDUM: Greg sends this link for current wind speed at Alki Point (usually the gustiest in WS). 10:10 AM UPDATE: The power outage link above no longer lists any West Seattle outages; an extensive Burien outage from earlier is described as “100% restored.” Timely reminder — this Thursday night, the city has a SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) class at Alki Community Center, 7 pm, with lots more info to help you get ready for power outages, earthquakes, you name it (read more here).

2 more seasonal signs: Lavish lights at Salty’s, CSHS poinsettias

November 12, 2007 5:04 am
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Driving on Harbor Ave last night, we almost thought we’d flashed ahead a few weeks (and back a few miles) to the legendary Menashe display on Beach Drive … Salty’s on Alki has a big bright outdoor light show:


Another seasonal sign: First word of a poinsettia fundraiser! The Chief Sealth High School Band is selling poinsettias to, as Tim Winston explains, “pay for some extras that aren’t in the school budget – uniforms, marching equipment, music, a bit of travel, and loaner instruments.” Here’s full ordering information:Read More