A hard day’s work

When you think about the Seattle Fire Department fireboats – the first image that comes to mind may be those beautiful pastoral summertime shots of the boats spraying lovely arcs of water at the Maritime Festival or similar occasions. And then, there’s this:


Yes, that’s the fireboat Leschi, photographed by Eric Bell off Constellation Park today — here’s another of Eric’s shots, from a moment when it wasn’t quite so swamped:


P.S. Eric has not only a website with more of his photography, he also has a show at Alki Mail and Dispatch right now (“Images of the Palouse“).

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  • GenHillOne November 12, 2007 (5:31 pm)

    Ahhh, but is it really two different shots or did Eric work his Photoshop magic on the spray?? Kidding, Eric, but your page is fun…cool to see what the pros can do these days!

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