Targeted for teardown: 2 more

Cross-checking some of the city’s alternate methods for unearthing proposed projects (the Activity Locator is a fun time-killer), we happened onto a proposal we hadn’t noticed before. It seeks to take down two small Junction buildings including the one shown below (4515 44th, across from the big parking lot behind WaMu/liquor store/etc.), so a 4-story mixed-use building can be built in their place.


The city system indicates a design review meeting for this hasn’t been set yet; the only date of any kind listed in the online records is 5/29/07, when the fee for the “pre-application site visit” was paid, so we’re not sure how long this has been pending (it doesn’t seem to have appeared in any of the city Land Use Information Bulletins, at least not the ones we searched going back to this time last year). Meantime, a second teardown proposal, this one from inland Alki, a new yellow land-use application sign just went up on the northwest corner of 60th/Admiral:


The teardown-to-townhome proposal for this parcel dates back to March, but the application to subdivide the lot was just filed a few weeks ago, hence the yellow sign.

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  • Erik October 7, 2007 (9:28 pm)

    Received the land use notice about the Admiral/60th one last week. At least our side of Admiral has an injunction against multi-unit housing.

  • Erik October 7, 2007 (10:11 pm)

    Also, the street sign you see in the pic is new. They used to only have signs on one side of Admiral, now they’re on both. And with larger writing for us olde folks.

  • Jan October 7, 2007 (10:25 pm)

    Erik…I love the new street signs…I can actually know where i am before I get there… :)

  • WSB October 7, 2007 (11:03 pm)

    They’ve been going up all over the city … we actually noticed them first in WS several months back, even e-mailed the city about them, and never got around to writing an item about them before the city had its big splash event featuring “we’re replacing the street signs and oh by the way we’re selling the old ones.” They are definitely an improvement.

  • GenHillOne October 8, 2007 (6:13 am)

    I remember a link to buy those old street signs. I thought it was on WSB (I get all the good stuff here!) but it must have been on the news. I went to see which ones were available at the time and most of them were only $10-$15. I just did a quick search on the city site and didn’t find them, but will look further. We thought it would be fun to have one from our grandparents’ street.

  • GenHillOne October 8, 2007 (6:16 am)

    Well, I found it right away this time – signs for sale:

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