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The cloud between the storms

Between bursts of rain this afternoon and evening, dramatic cloud formations graced our area in almost every direction. We missed the photo-ops but luckily WSB reader Anne did not — she e-mailed us this photo (thank you!) taken from the Admiral viewpoint:

cloudy seattle1.jpg

Targeted for teardown: 2 more

Cross-checking some of the city’s alternate methods for unearthing proposed projects (the Activity Locator is a fun time-killer), we happened onto a proposal we hadn’t noticed before. It seeks to take down two small Junction buildings including the one shown below (4515 44th, across from the big parking lot behind WaMu/liquor store/etc.), so a 4-story mixed-use building can be built in their place.


The city system indicates a design review meeting for this hasn’t been set yet; the only date of any kind listed in the online records is 5/29/07, when the fee for the “pre-application site visit” was paid, so we’re not sure how long this has been pending (it doesn’t seem to have appeared in any of the city Land Use Information Bulletins, at least not the ones we searched going back to this time last year). Meantime, a second teardown proposal, this one from inland Alki, a new yellow land-use application sign just went up on the northwest corner of 60th/Admiral:


The teardown-to-townhome proposal for this parcel dates back to March, but the application to subdivide the lot was just filed a few weeks ago, hence the yellow sign.

West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Heading down again

arcooctoberseventh.jpgLooks like nobody in West Seattle really had the heart to break the 3-buck barrier. Most stations’ prices are heading back down again; the title of “lowest posted price for regular unleaded” belongs to Delridge Arco (photo right) at $2.79. That’s no surprise, but this is: The highest posted price for regular unleaded is at 35th/Barton Exxon, at $2.97. The Lundberg Survey says the national average for unleaded regular is $2.75, after sliding 4 cents in the past 2 weeks. That’s fairly close to what we’ve seen since our last update two weeks ago (Delridge Arco has actually dropped 6 cents). Still a ways to go to make it to what was the lowest point since we started watching prices, $2.60s back in August.

Wet walkers, warm hearts

October 7, 2007 3:09 pm
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Caught up with some of the Seattle CROP Walk’ers in the rain and the wind a little while ago just south of Alki Point. Hundreds of people from churches all over the area are braving the 3-mile Alki-area route today to raise money and awareness to fight hunger, locally (benefiting agencies include the West Seattle and White Center Food Banks) and worldwide.


Huling vs. GEE: The rent/eviction lawsuit

It was barely a footnote (see comments here) to last week’s coverage of the GEE vs. Huling lawsuit, but geehulingicon.jpgHuling has indeed sued GEE for “unlawful detainer” (eviction) centered on the alleged nonpayment of rent as of the start of September. Since we offered you the chance to read the GEE vs. Huling lawsuit in full, now that we have the paperwork for the Huling vs. GEE lawsuit, we’re posting a link to that one too: 39-page PDF, get it here. Most of this document consists of the GEE lease for the Huling properties, plus the 3-day notice dated September 27th to pay rent or get evicted. (If you’re just joining us, GEE had announced plans to close today, but instead shut down Friday.) Our notes from the first readthrough:Read More

Scouting report

Know a girl — daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, neighbor, student, friend — who girlscoutlogo.jpgmight be interested in becoming a Girl Scout? In the next week-plus, West Seattle girls have three chances to check out what Girl Scouts are all about these days: 6:30-7:30 pm Wednesday @ the Delridge Library, 6:30-7:30 pm Thursday @ the West Seattle (Admiral District) Library, and a week from tomorrow (Monday 10/15) — also 6:30-7:30 pm — @ the High Point Library.

Reader Recommendation Requests: 2 to start the day

Two requests for your recommendations. Reminder, all previous RRRs (with responses galore in the comments) are archived in their own category here.

CLEANING: Reader K is looking for a “good and reasonably priced West Seattle dry cleaner. Preferably one who cleans on site.”

SEWING: Reader daPuffin is looking for “referrals for a seamstress/tailor in West Seattle who can re-line a leather coat.”

All suggestions welcome; leave yours as a comment. If you have a RRR of your own, e-mail the request to us.