34th District Democrats’ leader drops State House bid

Last night, we mentioned the 34th District Democrats are supporting West Seattle’s State Rep. Joe McDermott for the appointment to succeed ex-State Sen. Erik Poulsen, and we mentioned there’s a big slate of candidates who would in turn be pursuing McDermott’s House job. This afternoon, one major name is off that slate: 34th DD chair Ivan Weiss. He explains why in this statement on the 34th DD website, in which he throws his support to Sharon Nelson, chief of staff to West Seattle’s King County Councilmember Dow Constantine. She (like Weiss) is from the less urban part of the 34th District, Vashon Island.

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  • Democracy for Democrats October 17, 2007 (11:38 am)

    Ivan Weiss is a blowhard. His dropping out had nothing, NOTHING, to do with Sharon Nelson working the district and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that so many members of the 34th District are sick and tired of his bombastic, bullying ways. While he has reminded party members that we have community obligations, and deserves credit for reaching out to and including White Center and other poor, diverse parts of the district, it is at a great cost. Many long-time members have left the organization because of this tactics, which include shouting down people from the podium.

    Sharon Nelson is indeed qualified, but is also yet another Representative hand-picked by Dow Constantine. Enough with the king makers in the 34th, which go back to the early 90s and Mike Heavey. Wonder why Heavey gave the oath to Joe McDermott? It’s because Heavey tipped off Dow Constantine, who tipped off Joe McDermott).

    Enough. There are several other REALLY good candidates, including Toni Lysen, who filled a one-session appointment in 2001. That year, the Kingmakers made sure that whomever was victorious would only serve one session and then give away their seat to Rep. Eileen Cody, who was drawn into the 34th. Toni was forced out, even though she did a GREAT job in the Legslature.

    Sure, Sharon works for Dow Constantine. But Toni worked for Congressman Jim McDermott for about 15 years, and handled social security and medicare issues, among others. But if the whole thing sounds incestuous, it is.

    Democracy does not exist in the 34th, or much of the Seattle Democratic Party Districts. PCOs have a chance to change that pattern by picking someone who hasn’t been annointed by the Chair or the other elected officials.

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