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Farewell to funeral-home founder & West Seattle legend

Howden-Kennedy Funeral Home founder Dick Kennedy has been laid to rest, less than a week after passing away at Providence Mount St. Vincent, so close to his well-known business at Fauntleroy/Alaska. The P-I just posted an article about his memorial service; here’s Mr. Kennedy’s obituary on the Howden-Kennedy site.

West Seattle gets mooned

Thank you so much to the WSB-land photographers who have just sent us photos of tonight’s amazing full moon, the biggest of the year. Seacrest seems to be the hotspot — first, that’s where Dawson took this shot:


Next, three photos by Christopher Boffoli, starting with another Seacrest view of downtown and Elliott Bay:


This one, Christopher notes, carries the actual color temperature of the moon as seen from The Junction around quarter past six tonight:


Bonus photo — moonless, but gorgeous view of Rainier, Salty’s, and the Water Taxi:


New seal updates: Hurt pup rescued, dead seal found

From West Seattle photojournalist Matt Durham:

Today at approximately 9:45 a.m., a seal pup was rescued next to the Don Armeni Boat Launch. The seal pup was suffering from an injured fin and was not mobile. Two parks department employees, along with a seal rescue group (did not acquire its name), corralled the pup into a large dog crate and transported the seal to a facility where it will receive medical attention.

At this point there is no information linking this seal pup’s injury to the fisherman [from last weekend’s reports] or his net. This cannot be ruled out though. …

Yesterday morning (Wednesday), while I was running, the parks department was at the Don Armeni Boat Launch waiting to assist the removal of an adult seal carcass from the landing. That is four seal casualties in less than two weeks.

One of those seal deaths was reported only at WSB.

Sinkhole, made whole

From Amanda, who provided the original WSB report on the water-pipe “sinkhole” that slowed things down on Avalon overnight and into the morning, as well as a morning update — here’s her final photo from above, showing the finishing touches:


Amanda says the water finally came back on too, after about 16 hours. (Utilities crews had to turn it off to stop the gusher that created the hole in the first place.)

Quick reminders: Happening tonight

October 25, 2007 5:02 pm
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OPEN HOUSE: West Seattle’s only non-public high school, Seattle Lutheran HS, invites interested families to find out more about SLHS, 6:30-8 tonight, more info here.

DENNY/SEALTH, THE NEXT MEETING: Another community meeting tonight at 6:30, Chief Sealth HS library, as part of the planning process for the Denny/Sealth combined-campus project; more info here.

FIGHTING CRIME: The recent concerns at Westcrest Park are among a variety of topics expected to come up at the White Center/South Delridge Community Safety meeting tonight at 6 o’clock, St. James Place (9421 18th SW).

Short Stop sign is now a little less “adult”

Remember our August discussion about the Morgan Junction Short Stop sign adding “adult DVDs”? Until “West Seattle Dishes to Die For,” it was the talkiest WSB post ever. Now, a new chapter in this sign’s story — crash damage that even took off part of the word “adult.” Evan Baumgardner sent the photo (thank you!); the folks at the store told Evan this happened when a delivery truck hit the sign.


Avalon sinkhole repair work almost done

October 25, 2007 1:04 pm
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Just drove through – traffic is moving in both directions, without flaggers, once more — though a crew is still at the scene finishing up some work. Thanks again to the folks who live in the area who added updates to previous posts!

Admiral acceleration agitation

We have discussed this in fits and spurts from time to time but in recent days, two separate e-mails have come in, questioning the rationale for the 30 mph speed limit along the Admiral slope north of The Bridge. Our answer to both has been “it’s a low speed limit because of the houses on the east side of Admiral” but perhaps someone in WSB-land can address the situation more specifically. In the latest e-mail, WSB reader Kelly writes:

[My question] relates to the 30mph speed limit on Admiral Way to and from the bridge. Currently, we have a contractor working on a remodel of our bathroom and he received a $200 ticket on his way to our house the other day. I’m aware that this stretch of road is a notorious speed trap, but I’m wondering if anyone knows why the speed limit is only 30 mph? Was it previously higher?

It just doesn’t make sense to me. There are no cross-streets, cross-walks or any dangerous obstacles that I’m aware of. 30 mph seems absolutely ridiculous. It’s next to impossible to even keep a car at that speed limit going down the hill without riding the brakes the entire way (if you have an automatic).

Does anybody know of a legitimate reason for the 30 mph speed limit (besides being a cash-cow for the city)?

All opinions, facts, and memories welcome in comments.

The last of the true taverns

Seattle Weekly spotlights some of the city’s last true taverns in this article from the latest edition and this online slideshow, including West Seattle’s own Poggie and Tug. (The article’s author, Mike Seely, lives in WS.)

West Seattle morning moonset

Gorgeous nearly full moon in the western sky this morning. 1000 year headache (one of the dozens of sites on our Other Blogs in WS page) has two excellent pix.

Avoid Avalon

The hole shown in the post below is definitely a sinkhole – just drove by, traffic at that spot on the Avalon slope is down to one lane, because of repair work (as of 6:20, it wasn’t even filled yet), with flaggers on both sides of about a two-block stretch directing traffic. Here’s the flashing-light proof:


All this is happening just west-southwest of here. 7:20 AM ADDENDUM: Amanda, who sent us the original report very early this morning, just told WSB she and others in the area have been without water since about the time we posted that first report. So this definitely involves water pipes.

Reader report: Avalon sinkhole?

Just in from Amanda on Avalon:


Amanda sent that photo along with this:

I live in an apartment on Avalon and around 11:35 pm a sink hole or something appeared in the street. Water was rushing down the street from the hole. I saw a huge puff of smoke appear but didn’t think much of it, just thought it was a car exhaust but then I saw all the water. The cops came and then some sort of utility truck is here now. Should be fun for the morning commute if they don’t get it fixed tonight.

This is on Avalon about halfway between 35th and Harbor Ave. We’ll check on it in a few hours.