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As Steve Winwood once sang …

“while you see a chance, take it.” (1981) Seen tonight, a stone’s throw from the now-closed ex-GEE/ex-Huling dealerships:


GEE closure: The signs of shutdown

Before we headed out again to check out the closure status and seek new pix, WSB reader Andy S sent us the photo below (thank you!). He says copies of this flyer are up at all the entrances, and “the place is a ghost town”:


Bulletin: GEE closing TODAY

Shortly after we posted the pix in the post below, a PR person for GEE wrote back to confirm we weren’t seeing things:

Yes, Gee Automotive has to close its door at the end of business today, as they do not have enough staff available to keep it open until October 7. It is no surprise that many of their employees have found positions with other dealerships in the area, as they are great people.

GEE West Seattle situation update

October 5, 2007 1:33 pm
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We have sent the GEE (all capital letters is their official branding, so we will go with that from here on out) Automotive PR team a note asking if the Sunday closing is still on, or if there’s any progress toward a buyer. We’ll let you know what we hear back. Meantime, a few notes: As promised, we did check court records for the names of the four additional former Huling employees whose names were mentioned in the GEE lawsuit, separate from the three who are facing trial; records do not show charges filed at this point against those other four. Meantime, since we drive through Fauntleroy/Alaska at least four times a day, it’s easy to notice when things change, and three things caught our eye at the Gee lots this afternoon. First, some of the cars are no longer pulled all the way up to the sidewalk:


Second, a U-Haul truck happened to be out by one of the service bays (yes, we know, could be absolutely coincidental, could even be there for some service work).


Third, the “conventional media” is circling (again):


School scoop

Lots happening at WS schools. (Let us know any time about big doings at yours — public, private, parochial, whatever.) A few highlights:

SANISLO ELEMENTARY TODAY: City councilmember Jan Drago, a former teacher, is joining the Walk-To-School Month assembly this afternoon.

WEST SEATTLE HS: Look for extra-exuberant school spirit with the homecoming dance tonight, homecoming football game (vs. Rainier Beach) tomorrow night.

CHIEF SEALTH HS: This is the first year for its prestigious International Baccalaureate program; an IB information night is coming up October 18th. And CSHS is throwing itself a 50th birthday party on October 13th.

COOPER ELEMENTARY: Its EARTH Project just got a $53,000 grant, half from the state and the rest from the Northwest Environmental Education Council, the Nature Consortium, and Camp Long. A school district press release describes the EARTH Project as “a new magnet environmental focus at Cooper Elementary School. It includes the planning and planting of an on-site habitat by students as well as integration of art and technology linked to the environmental projects teachers are developing.”

MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL: Its next PTSA meeting (Wednesday, October 10th) features a high-profile guest — new Seattle Public Schools superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson.

LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY: Families are rounding up pledges for its annual walk-a-thon, coming up October 19th. (Press release here.)

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: First weekend of October

October 5, 2007 10:32 am
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You can check our new Events page any time to see what’s happening any day of the week (and thanks to everybody who’s sent us additions so far; keep ’em coming) but we’ll still bring you the West Seattle Weekend Lineup list every Friday morning too – with full weekend details (such as music acts at the major WS venues). Here’s this week’s edition; more than 30 items this time around:Read More

Will this be the one that beats back the backhoes?


Almost six months have passed since we first told you a teardown-to-mixed-use proposal was on the drawing board for the elegant old brick apartments shown above, at 3811 California (across from the also-in-limbo Charlestown Cafe), drawing laments from dozens of commenters (as well as from us). The four-story project planned for the site appeared to be proceeding full speed ahead. But maybe not – according to the following e-mail we received late last night from one of the current tenants:

I realize this is an old story for most, but for anyone interested in the fate of this beautiful building, we (the tenants) received a notice from the landlords today stating the following:

“The Landmark Preservation Board has determined that this property may meet the standards for Landmark Designation. Before this can be determined by the board, it is necessary to access the units for construction details.”

They’ll be doing a walk-through sometime tomorrow. The real significance for me is that this is the first documentation we’ve received at all from the landlords regarding the potential fate of our homes.

(On a side note, the notices were slipped into our mail slots in Omni
Construction envelopes — my first thought was they were our vacate
notices. Glad to see they weren’t!)

We will check today with the Landmarks Preservation Board to find out more about the expected inspection and what might happen next.

Wild signs of fall

Those colors on Harbor Ave keep brightening …


The migratory waterfowl are returning; here are scoters spotted off the Fauntleroy ferry dock, first swimming toward the ferry, then ducking when its engines revved…


Also from the dock (and from a distance), a loon!