GEE closure: The signs of shutdown

Before we headed out again to check out the closure status and seek new pix, WSB reader Andy S sent us the photo below (thank you!). He says copies of this flyer are up at all the entrances, and “the place is a ghost town”:


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  • Bob October 5, 2007 (6:35 pm)

    Just saw the Kiro 7 News coverage and they interviewed Ryan Gee and – surprise – it was via cell phone. No doubt he was way, far away from WS on this day. Pretty classy move. And they wonder why potential customers in the area had a negative impression of the place – Gee never tried to change perceptions.

  • Forest October 5, 2007 (8:52 pm)

    I do not doubt that they’ve closed for the time being, but I have to wonder why the “official” announcement on the doors is not printed on a letterhead or logo-adorned piece of paper instead of a plain white sheet. I mean, you’d imagine they’d have prepared something more business looking seeing how the closure had been in the works (or in the public threats if you will) for a week or so.

    The sign looks like it was printed out and slapped on the doors in 5 minutes at most. Very odd…

  • chas redmond October 6, 2007 (5:12 pm)

    In irony of ironies – Gee is welcomed as a new member in the current edition of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s newsletter. In that same newsletter, Gee has a third-of-a-page color ad showing the address and front door of all three of their dealerships (er, “former” dealerships?).

  • whostoblame? October 7, 2007 (7:49 am)

    About that irony…

    The Gee’s claim they did all they could to overcome the scandal? How often does the Chamber of Commerce send out a newsletter? More than once every nine months?

    If they send a newsletter out monthly does it mean the Gee’s took 9 months to join the Chamber? It again points to a series of facts the Gee’s really didn’t do all they could to get the word out and become part of the community.

    Just look at the signage on the old Huling stores. Even if they had to get approvals from their manufacturers and the city they could have completely removed the old Huling signs. Instead they chose to do a spotty job with some banners that were not big enough to cover the old signs. They just left the old horrors to peek from behind, a daily reminder to all who drove by. No matter what Huling knew when it seems the Gee’s really didn’t give it a go, so is the failure a fault of who then? Time and some evidence will tell.

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