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Ever vigilant

Thanks to Christy at On Focus Photo for sharing this picture of what she calls “the local bald eagle” keeping watch at Seacrest at sunset tonight:


Final full weekend for the Water Taxi, and what’s next

September 28, 2007 8:00 pm
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(photo from one of those foggy mornings earlier this week) As mentioned in the latest edition of the WSB West Seattle Weekend Lineup, this is the final full weekend of the Water Taxi, till next year. We told you 2 weeks ago about the plan to stretch its season out a month — after Sunday, the WT goes to a Monday-Friday commute-hours schedule, plus Seahawks game service on 10/14 and 10/21. (Full schedule details here.) November 2nd will be its last day for ’07. So then what? Chris Arkills in King County Councilmember Dow Constantine‘s office says much depends on what happens October 8, the date just set for council members to meet as the King County Ferry District Board to review a draft plan for Ferry District services and financing, with a final vote planned in November. Expanded service, a new dock, and other potential changes, the county says, would all flow from what happens then.

More activity at ActivSpace

We recently mentioned that a new eatery has opened at ActivSpace (the big red building on Harbor Ave just north of The Bridge), RiverHouse Creperie, which we just learned here is a spinoff of a Farmers’ Market business. Now comes word, via, of another opening at ActivSpace — West Seattle-based online toy sellers Nico & Zoe now have a public showroom there. More on their site.

Side note to the Gee announcement

We won’t call it the “Gee closure” until and unless it actually happens – somehow we keep thinking about Idaho Sen. Larry Craig and his “I *intend* to resign September 30th …” (so much for that one) announcement. That aside, the Gee situation has led to some inconvenience for the wonderful folks at West Seattle Helpline — their winetasting fundraiser on October 18th was to be hosted at Gee. Don’t worry, the big bash is still on; Helpline tells WSB that a new location should be confirmed shortly. (Tickets by the way are $5 cheaper in advance; buy them online at the Helpline website.)

Your neighborhood needs you

We’ve talked about West Seattle’s neighborhoods; their largely unsung heroes are the WS neighborhood associations. With a new month starting next week, October monthly meeting time is rolling around, and two groups have e-mailed us to let you know they’re getting together soon and to invite everyone in their areas to come check them out: Wednesday (October 3) @ 6:30, the North Delridge Neighborhood Council meets @ Delridge Library; Tuesday, October 9, 6:30 pm @ WS Senior Center, it’s the second-ever meeting of the Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO). Click here to see JuNO’s flyer with full meeting details. We’re listing these and other neighborhood meeting dates, as we receive/find them (e-mail us yours!), on our brand-new Events page – check it often from the handy tab above!

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: First full weekend of fall

September 28, 2007 9:45 am
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Never mind the weather, there’s no such thing as a bad weekend … this time around, we’ve found 31 WS events for you to enjoy:Read More

Seal Sitters mourn another pup

Received late last night from Brenda Peterson of the Seal Sitters:

     After heroic efforts by Robin, Joanie, Jane, Marci and many others, the seal pup on the boat ramp these past two days was rescued by NOAA and taken off the beach by Animal Control who promptly delivered him to PAWS rehab workers to stabilize her. The plan was to take her to Wolf Hollow rehab in Friday Harbor by a plane donated by someone. But upon examination at PAWS they realized this pup had terrible systemic infections and abscesses throughout her body and would never recover. Mercifully, she was euthanized. But PAWS said we did the right thing to campaign so hard to get her removed from the beach and medical attention because her infections would have meant a long, slow death. This is the second pup in a week we’ve sat over and lost and it is very difficult for us all.

There is consolation in knowing that out of the 30-odd pups we’ve watched over on Alki, we’ve only lost about 4 that we know of  and so we’ve helped launch a whole new generation of pups this season. There was also a seal sitter this morning who wondrously witnessed the birth of a pup; and the pup we’ve been watching for the past week is still robust and healthy.

As the rains begin, there will be fewer risks to these resting pups on the beach from people, though dogs off leash are still a big concern. Thanks so much for all of you who have given your energy, time, and compassion to these fellow creatures who share our shores. Somehow I do think the seals realize that Alki Beach is full of good neighbors.

Brenda also attached a Seal Sitters flyer. We’ve uploaded it so you can take a look. Worth your time even just for the photo; click here.

New way to find out what’s coming up

Just launched: Version 1.0 of our brand-new Events page, stocked with a variety of events coming up in West Seattle (and a select few elsewhere, but of WS relevance) over the next three months. If you are involved with an event of public interest and you don’t see it there yet, please send e-mail to tell us about it. One of the events on the page already is the October fundraising dinner/auction for West Seattle’s only private high school, Seattle Lutheran HS; WSB readers sent us full details too, including a call for more auction donations:Read More