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Alki animals

First — Bob Bollen sent us this pic of true dogpaddling off Alki today:


Also from the inbox — word that one of the Alki baby seals got tv time today.

New York by-and-by

Some parts of Alki edge closer to something resembling the area’s original name: While we were on Alki Ave this morning watching the 3-Day walkers, we noticed the under-construction condos @ 1350 Alki promoting their “New York-style direct entry elevators.” And from the “soon to be history” file, take another look at a doomed classic brick building; nobody commented when we posted a couple weeks ago about the teardown-to-townhomes plan for the Shoremont Apartments @ 57th & Alki – will it really go without a fuss?


3-Day walkers in West Seattle: Seen and heard

The goal is the same — momentum toward a breast-cancer cure — but the Race for the Cure and the 3-Day Walk are very different, even to watch. The former is an intense, relatively brief crowd event; the latter, we learned along Lincoln Park and Beach Drive and Alki Ave this morning, is no giant throng with the hundreds of walkers passing at once, but instead a steady stream, sometimes one by one:


Emotions run high — watching the 3-Dayers while shadowing them for a few miles from the other side of the street brought us to tears at times, perhaps intensified by the fact we both lost our moms to cancer — but that includes joyful emotions; the 3-Day clearly is boisterous and celebratory, as were the people who could be found all along the route this morning, cheering the walkers from the sidewalk (or honking from the street):


Along Alki Ave’s Condo Row, signs and pink ribbons cropped up on balconies:


And all along the shore, the walkers streamed on by:


By 10 am, while the fastest/earliest walkers were out of West Seattle and headed for this afternoon’s ceremonies at Seattle Center, the last group members were still walking along Beach Drive, just past the whimsically decorated rest stop set up at Me-Kwa-Mooks:


Before a few final pictures … a reminder why this matters.


They labored, and their store was born

September 9, 2007 10:29 am
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 |   West Seattle businesses

Less than a week after we spotted their store-in-progress during a Labor Day afternoon walk along Cali, the folks at On The Way Maternity e-mailed us to say they’re now open:

Thanks to all that gave us such a warm welcome at this year’s street fair. Also, we would like to thank our wonderful neighbors at C&P Coffee House, which is one block south of us, for all of their help. We carry designer maternity wear, nursing wear, Medela breast pumps/accessories, maternity pillows, feeding accessories, Phil and Teds strollers, and many more items.

The store will be open 7 days a week
10 am-6 pm

5446 Cali Ave. 938-2229 (938-BABY)

3-Day walkers: Their walk through WS begins

September 9, 2007 8:14 am
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The breast-cancer-fighting 3-Day Walk participants continue streaming northbound alongside Lincoln Park and down Lincoln Park Way toward Beach Drive. First photo below shows an unofficial “cheering station” at Fauntleroy/LP Way, across from the 76 station, with two women greeting the walkers (one seated, left, the other standing in bright blue shirt; they had a music player blasting the inspirational theme from “Rocky”!)


Two items from Alki

P-I ON PRODUCE: Eric’s produce stand by the Homestead is featured in this P-I article.

STATUE OF LIBERTY GROUP GETS TO START RECEIVING $: With days to go till the Tuesday unveiling and Thursday public meeting (7 pm @ the Bathhouse), Paul Carr announced in e-mail:

Seattle Statue of Liberty Committee—Phase II is happy to report we finally have our sponsoring 501(c)(3) organization, Urban Sparks. Urban Sparks began here in Seattle when they saw the need for community groups to have a Fiscal Sponsor. They have sponsored several other local groups doing local parks projects.

We can now begin, in earnest, to complete the Alki Statue of Liberty Project by accepting donations. Our thanks particularly to Pam Kliment of the Seattle Parks Department, who suggested this organization to us recently.

Paul says they’ll have more information up on their website later this week. Meantime, if anyone spots Lady Liberty making the big move before for Tuesday night — we would love to get another photo like this one.