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Delridge shootings: Block Watch and more

From the eyewitness who first told us all about Sunday morning’s shooting, second one in a short stretch of Delridge in two days:

I talked to my neighbor today and she said that an officer paid her a visit, as a follow up to Sunday’s shooting. The officer told her that apparently there is a turf war going on between gangs in White Center and West Seattle. There seems to be a house or apt. around the 5600 block of Delridge that is bringing them down here. As of yet they are not exactly sure what address or people.

The officer said that Sunday’s shooting was in retaliation for Thursday’s shooting. They encouraged her to call the police if you see groups of 2 or more around the 5600 Block late at night that appear to be doing anything like through gang signs or getting loud etc. they hope that if they can bother them enough they will move on.

Also of note there will be a block watch meeting at the Delridge library on Wednesday August 1, 2007 @ 6:30 pm. I encourage everyone in the neighborhood to attend. This is our neighborhood and we don’t have to put up with this cr*p!

WS Lost/Found Pet Watch: Sammy’s out there somewhere

The subject line on the e-mail about this lost cat was a grabber — LOST SPECIAL NEEDS CAT. Sammy’s owner writes that he’s a “special needs, indoor cat. His hind legs don’t work well, so he drags them around while he pulls himself along with his forelegs. He can move unexpectedly fast though. He was lost at 46th and Genesee in West Seattle on Monday morning. He is a medium-sized Siamese and he does not have a collar on.” Call Sammy’s people at 937-4418 or 396-8026.



WS on the radio

WS writer/broadcaster/blogger John Moe wrote to let us know his latest piece for public radio’s Weekend America has a WS angle — as he describes it, “comparing and contrasting Lindsay Lohan and West Seattleite Frances Farmer. I talk about her life in West Seattle, mention West Seattle High School, and a couple other local things.” Here’s the link.

Latest on the Delridge shootings

The P-i has finally picked up on the one we reported here yesterday, with a story looking at whether the two recent shootings might be related.

Wondering about Divina?

July 30, 2007 1:19 pm
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 |   West Seattle businesses

Several people have written us wondering what’s up with Divina, north of The Junction, since it looks rather empty from the outside. We stopped to check out the sign on the door; it promises they’ll be “back in August” with more “new, fun” stuff.

Float fun: The inside story

July 30, 2007 11:11 am
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 |   WS miscellaneous

This Hi-Yu Festival season, we’ve been privileged to correspond with some of the folks whose hard work makes a ton of West Seattle summer fun possible. Among them are Hi-Yu President Tim Winston, and Jim Edwards, who among many other things has a key role in making the Hi-Yu Parade happen, and a big role in the West Seattle Big Band, which keeps a busy schedule that included the Concert in the Park earlier this month. After our Torchlight Parade report including the photo of the Hi-Yu float getting a little help, Jim sent us some parade photos, and the tale of his 15 years driving the float …


Jim photographed the float from the Westlake Park grandstand area, just before it needed a little help. He also sent pix of his daughter, who represented West Seattle in this year’s Miss Seafair competition, and the outgoing Miss Seafair, Erin Waid, also from WS … those pix and Jim’s float-history tale, after the click.Read More

WS Gas Price Watch: Numbers gone wild

July 30, 2007 8:59 am
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 |   Gas prices | Transportation

arcojulytwentynine.jpgWe’ve mentioned before that Delridge Arco, besides usually having the lowest posted gas price in WS (though one reader warned, that can be negated by a surcharge for using plastic), has quite the challenge for those tasked with changing its price signs: They have to change four sets of numbers, one on each side of its two big signs. If one particular digit appears too often — well, see our picture to witness the results. (The backward and missing digits are supposed to be 9’s.) Arco’s $2.79 is still the lowest in WS; next up, Admiral Chevron at $2.87 as of last night, with many others following at $2.89. Speaking of numbers, interesting Times story today about what kind of profit station operators apparently are NOT making off these prices.

New WSB tweak: “Live” traffic cam images

July 30, 2007 6:03 am
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 |   Transportation | West Seattle online

Our WS “live” cams page has long featured links to city and state traffic cameras in and near WS. In time for this morning’s commute, we tweaked the page to add images from those cameras: Each time you check the page, you will see the newest images from all the cameras we link to. They won’t automatically refresh (nor do they on their source sites), but every time you “refresh” or return to the page, you will get updated images for all cameras. Let us know any other cameras (the city and state have a ton) you would like to see added.