We think it looks better this way

Some general exterior and interior sprucing-up is going on at Morgan Junction’s big beige public-housing building, Cal-Mor Circle, and this weekend it looks rather Christo-like:


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  • The House May 20, 2007 (4:07 pm)

    Yeah, I saw it this afternoon as well. It’s funny, it reminded me of my childhood days in Florida. That’s what houses used to look like when they were professionally fumigated.

  • CandrewB May 20, 2007 (5:33 pm)

    My wife and I both said the same thing this morning. If they wrapped the whole thing in lemon-yellow poly and left it, it would look better than anything else they could do to that monstrosity.

  • Huindekmi May 20, 2007 (6:43 pm)

    It looks like a gigantic Twinkee(tm)

  • Cruiser May 21, 2007 (6:41 am)

    Was delighted to step out onto my deck and see it like this….like the sun had landed in West Seattle:)….that’e one building they can knock for condos i’ll even help!

  • MG May 21, 2007 (8:21 am)

    You know, I might be in the minority here, but I think the building could look pretty cool – if done correctly. If they’re not going to knock it down, then sprucing it up is the next best thing.

  • Rhonda Porter May 21, 2007 (10:54 am)

    The building is definatly a throw back…to something!

  • SchoonerExact May 21, 2007 (12:28 pm)

    It looks like a giant mug of beer! Or maybe I just have a one track mind.

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