Violent vandals

Streets on the north side of Westwood Village (off the stretch of Trenton shown below) are having trouble with a group of at least half a dozen teenage boys running around wreaking havoc — with violent vandalism that includes throwing rocks at people, through house windows, and through car windows. Neighbors are banding together and working to put more pressure on police to catch these culprits, which they note has been tough because it’s not considered an “emergency” and gets lower-priority response. However, our tipster does say three police cars were in hot pursuit of the group tonight; here’s hoping they are caught soon, and just as important, appropriately prosecuted.


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  • The House May 24, 2007 (6:10 am)

    Thanks to WSB for sharing this! From what I’ve been told many blocks around Westwood have been “hit” by this group and we’re on the verge of stopping them. I never heard back from Seattle PD last night as to whether they are caught, so I’m urging anyone that lives in the area that might have seen or has been targeted by this group to come forward. We’ve currently got 9 instances of property damage on my block alone in the past few months.

  • Sue May 24, 2007 (8:24 am)

    What I’d like to know is, what is going on in the world that kids are raised believing that this is acceptable behavior. As a kid, my dad once scolded me because I walked across a neighbor’s lawn – saying that by doing that, I showed disrespect to their property and their hard work to grow grass, and I needed to respect people’s property, and that was a lesson I remember 35 years later. And that was simply for walking on grass. Never in a million years did I think that acts like these kids are doing would be acceptable. This is well past fun and games.

  • Joe May 24, 2007 (10:13 am)

    Is it happening at night or when school lets out? Has anyone called administrators? There is a heavily traveled route for many students from the HS and the junior high, through the neighborhood to and through Westwood Village. If the community could get the schools involved (maybe the PD to talk to the schools? I know, I know…everyone’s busy), maybe it would help curb the vandalism. It sounds awfully clandestine, but neighbors videotaping (even with a cellphone) the boys and then showing the vid to the school(s) could put a stop to this.

  • Mani May 24, 2007 (3:43 pm)

    I live at one of the houses they’ve targeted a few times. The kids are young black males, ranging in ages from 12-14. They roll in a group of about 8-12. I had a “chat” with a few of them in Westwood village after they shattered my front window. I mentioned to the on duty officer in QFC that these morons had done this. He did…NOTHING.
    Last friday, we heard a bunch of loud thuds on the side of our house around 10:30pm. We took a look around, only to find a VW Bug pulling over with its front window shattered. These young morons had showered her car with rocks, and in the process hit our house. I felt so bad for the poor lady!

  • gina May 24, 2007 (7:40 pm)

    Every generation has some really rotten apples. And the tree is just as rotten.

  • The House May 24, 2007 (9:14 pm)

    Mani, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been hit as well. Although in the beginning they seemed like they were not doing much to respond, three officers were in pursuit of them yesterday. If you see them throwing anything I’d reccomend you calling the cops (I hope you did when they broke your window). I’ve chased and yelled and they apparently have no regard for people or authority (the VW story is awful, but I witnessed them throwing rocks at a couple and their baby after they refused to give the kids money). I don’t think these kids understand that underage or not what the’re doing is a threat…one time they’re going to throw rocks at someone and they’ll throw lead back.

  • The House May 24, 2007 (9:17 pm)

    P.S. If they really want to throw rocks at something, I wish they’d throw them at the motorhome in your pic. Whoever owns that parks illegally up and down Trenton. It really makes it hard to turn out of Westwood Village when it’s parked down there and I believe has caused many accidents.

  • Elizabeth May 25, 2007 (3:49 pm)

    KING 5 News is working on a story about these vandals and are trying to find victims and locations of these attacks.
    If you have any information please email us at or call (206) 448-3850. Thanks.

  • Sus May 31, 2007 (9:55 pm)

    The front window of our house was broken two weekends ago. If there is no real police response, these kids will learn at an early age that there are no consequences to their actions. That’s not good for their future, and it’s not good for society.

    Westwood neighbors need to get organized…not only around crime, but around making our neighborhood a respectable place for everyone to live, work and play. We deserve better.

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