The land that time forgot?

Someone in Florida who clearly has ties to Seattle includes descriptions of our city’s neighborhoods in this blogpost today, describing West Seattle as the essence of “old Seattle.” Though we still love WS fiercely and cherish its unique charms, we wonder if that atmosphere isn’t eroding a bit with the building boom, among other things. P.S. When you want to wallow in a little nostalgia for the bonafide “old Seattle,” check out the excellent new local-history blog, Vintage Seattle.

2 Replies to "The land that time forgot?"

  • Andrew May 27, 2007 (1:24 pm)

    Yeah, but… In the same post:

    “Madison Park – Found on the eastern slope of Capitol Hill, Madison Park can be considered one of the newer Seattle neighborhoods when it comes to gelling as a community. Madison Ave is the heart of this neighborhood, and it is now the new center of Seattle’s gay community in many people’s eyes. Go for a stroll down the eastern end of Madison Ave to Madison Beach.”

    We don’t have a “Madison Avenue”. We do have an “East Madison Street” which does pass through my neighborhood (Miller Park) which does have a sizable gay community. Does Madison Park? Not that I noticed! Please enlighten me.

    And what’s NEW about Madison Park as a community? It’s been there for EVER! It’s why E. Madison Street is the funny shape it is: the streetcar connected downtown, via the forests in-between to the beach resort on Lake Washington. No need to conform to the street grid: no streets, no grid!

  • K May 27, 2007 (10:45 pm)

    I think the blogger was probably getting Madison Park confused with Madison Valley.

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