day : 28/04/2007 4 results

Quiet heroes

Didn’t know this was happening today, till we saw a banner at a worksite along Fauntleroy near Lincoln Park while we watched out a bus window: It was “Spring Rebuilding Day” for Rebuilding Together Seattle, which we hadn’t heard of till now; sounds like a great cause.

Could be worse

shelldowntown42807.jpgAs of this morning, the WS station we’ve been watching was holding steady at $3.39/regular, but after a bus ride downtown (just $1.25!) we saw lots worse, such as the Shell @ Denny & Aurora (left). So if you’ve gotta fill up, home is better! (Or South Seattle Costco, where we paid $3.13 yesterday.) Oh, and the governor proclaims herself “ticked off” by the pump jumps.

Revisiting the great pizza debate

After all the chatter leading up to the WS debut of Garlic Jim’s, it’s been open a month now, and the buzz has died down. A lot of folks gave it a try, with mixed reviews. So we’re asking today, has your pizza routine changed? Is GJ’s a regular part of it? Or, has the Pagliacci delivery-zone extension changed anything for you? garlicjim42707.jpgWe’ll start: Since GJ’s delivers to us but Pagliacci doesn’t, we haven’t gotten Pag pizza in weeks. (We’re sure they’re not missing us, since we’re not frequent pizza procurers.) Got GJ’s recently; 25 minutes from order to delivery, slightly overbrowned pepperoni pizza (left). We’ve noticed two major differences between GJ and Pagliacci: price, and subtlety — Pagliacci flavors can be subtle; giannonis.jpgGJ’s, generally not. Which is fine by us, as you would never mistake us for actual gourmets, though we do think GJ’s beats the non-locally based delivery chains (Papa John, Pizza Hut, Domino’s), and the price is right. Next up in the WS pizza world: the mysterious (still can’t find a biz license or anything else pointing us to who’s behind it) Giannoni’s (and neighboring Taco del Mar) is progressing at Westwood Village (right)

Worth reading

Three WS-related articles on the P-I site today:

-A well-known climber from West Seattle, Lara-Karena Kellogg, died after falling in Denali National Park. A tribute on this climbing blog points to a site friends have set up to share memories and condolences.

Robert Jamieson pays tribute to Charlie Chong. (We are still keeping an eye out for funeral/memorial plans and will let you know when we hear something.)

-The entrepreneurs who moved Retroactive Kids from Morgan Junction to Columbia City are profiled. Among other things, they observe that WS wasn’t funky enough. (We hereby apologize; we’re quirky and crazy ourselves but never quite made it to funky.)