Perhaps they’re just teasing us

It’s probably the #1 question we get: WS Trader Joe’s or no WS Trader Joe’s? Sorry to say, we have no definitive answer. We have heard way too many second- and third-hand reports of yes/no/maybe/never, plus we remember back when a businessperson near Caffe Ladro claimed the landlord for that building was insisting TJ’s would go in there, with condos above (ultimately, the commercial building stayed status-quo, and condos went into the empty lot next door). That said, it seems rather mean that Trader Joe’s has given names to its checkout aisles, including: Three Tree Point, Normandy Park, Des Moines, Seahurst … and … Fauntleroy. Why don’t they just rename one “Alki” and rub it in even further? Wah!

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  • mblind March 26, 2007 (2:13 pm)

    I heard from Dow Constintine (Seattle City Council) that WS IS 100% getting a new trader joes next to that giant fabric store.. Also heard the same thing from a TJ employee in Burien.

  • flipjack March 26, 2007 (2:28 pm)

    by the fabric store, you mean by where the Whole Foods and QFC are going?
    That’d be awesome, I thought they were building it out in Admiral.

  • dh March 26, 2007 (2:57 pm)

    Interesting mblind – I heard exactly the opposite. That TJ’s had NO expansion plans in Seattle for the foreseeable future. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

  • Jiggers March 26, 2007 (3:25 pm)

    I’ve never been in one so I don’t know what they have to offer me.

  • dave March 26, 2007 (3:32 pm)

    i can almost hear the burien tjs employees laughing over how much fun they have perpetuating rumors of a tjs in ws.

  • Jiggers March 26, 2007 (3:47 pm)

    I thought Whole Foods was going there…

  • flipjack March 26, 2007 (3:48 pm)

    C’mon how could they not want to be a part of the GWSGSM? (the Great West Seattle Grocery Store Multiplex)

  • Eric March 26, 2007 (11:12 pm)

    We need an Albertsons and a Fred Meyer, dammit!

  • gina March 27, 2007 (6:37 am)

    Sounds like tj’s is in negotiations with more than one property management group/family.

    I think they will go wherever they get the best deal. Will be fun watching what grocery ends up on which patch.

    Want a true inside scoop on where there will be no condo development for the coming decade? Unless something crazy happens…

    California and Oregon, from the Christian Science Reading room, through Red Cup. And across the street, from the Forsythe, former flower shop, upstairs offices including Junction Association to the alley. Businesses may change, and some of the store fronts, but no plans to build upwards.

  • flipjack March 27, 2007 (9:59 am)

    I wish they would replace Thriftway in Morgan Junction with TJ’s. The workers are friendly there but the prices are out-freakin-rageous. It’s like paying Quickstop/7-11 prices in that store. Even PCC is probably cheaper than that price-gouger’s paradise.

  • Bayou March 27, 2007 (10:21 am)

    LOL @ Dave

    You are probably right because I would imagine that much of the Burien business comes from WSeattlites… at least that’s where I go to get my fix.

    I love Thriftway only because of the incredible cheese and wine/beer selection but yes, Flipjack, it is FAR from thrifty. I’d trade it in any day for a TJs.

  • Jiggers March 27, 2007 (12:27 pm)

    I wish they’d replace Thriftway with Albertons instead flipjack. It seems like that would be an awesome spot for it. Gawd TW is expensive. I don’t like going all the way down to the White Center one although they have real good deals in that store.

  • westwood March 27, 2007 (1:34 pm)

    I was up on Capitol Hill at TJ’s last week and struck up an conversation with folks in line. Turns out all three of us were from West Seattle.

  • Gayle March 27, 2007 (7:22 pm)

    When I contacted Trader Joes directly they actually returned my call and sadly advised me that they had no current plans to open a store in West Seattle….listed other sites, one of which was Ballard, I believe. But, plans can always change.

  • Lynda March 27, 2007 (11:42 pm)

    D’oh! The rumor mill. What about the green cement wall on 35th Ave SW? I heard there was a grocery going in there but I haven’t heard any names. There are some nice people at the Morgan Junction TW. Some of the old Food Giant employees went to work there. Sheesh, it takes me back and the Prairie Market was at the current PCC.

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