Pagliacci going south?

A frequent reader who got involved in the recent Pagliacci uproar says PP claims to have quietly stretched its delivery area south, finally. Maybe as far south as Holden. Anyone who can confirm this with an actual pizza delivery south of Morgan, let us know; Holden isn’t south enough for us, but we tried asking anyway, and got the slapdown. We also e-mailed Pagliacci management early today to inquire; no reply. (Though WS Blogger Spouse insists that if Pagliacci notes enough of a drop after Garlic Jim’s opens in two weeks, “bet you’ll see them deliver all the way to Southcenter.”) Well, we won’t hold our (garlic) breath.

3 Replies to "Pagliacci going south?"

  • The House March 6, 2007 (9:52 am)

    I ordered a pizza Sunday night from Pags and they stated that they won’t deliver to Westwood.

  • pizza face March 6, 2007 (3:51 pm)

    We’ve done away with pags, after loooong pickup waits and just okay ‘za…and they shouldn’t have to be prodded for biz. Every biz should be so lucky as to have customers begging for them. We’ve moved on to Amante’s and Abbondanza (sp?). Perfect for pickup, then head to Beveridge place for brew and nosh.

  • Rubs March 11, 2007 (4:03 pm)

    I wouldn’t deliver to Westwood either.

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