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The no’s have it

The first, and apparently only, count of the night for the viaduct vote is in:

Tunnel – 70% no.

Replacement-a-duct – 55% no.

More ballots to be counted tomorrow (and beyond).

In the swim of things

March 13, 2007 12:26 pm
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While dropping off our ballot @ High Point Community Center, we grabbed a handy all-in-one spring brochure for HP, Delridge, and Southwest Community Centers, including SW Pool. Noticed while leafing through it this morning that registration for spring swim lessons starts tomorrow morning. 7 am sharp. That time is important, because lesson registration can turn into a madhouse (maybe not if you sign up online); classes are available for 6 months through adult age, and they fill up fast. We’re mentioning it because if you don’t live on the south side of West Seattle, you might not even be aware that Southwest Pool exists. It’s just east of Denny Middle School, and worth checking out if you feel like swimming but don’t happen to belong to the Y or a pool-equipped health club.

WS, dissed again?

Slog discovers that ArtsWest and a big downtown theater company announced within two hours of each other that they’re putting on the same Tony- and Pulitzer-winning play. Apparently this sort of thing (one play, two places, same city) isn’t supposed to happen. The ArtsWest boss is quoted as saying, “I try to consult with other theaters but maybe I’m just a mosquito to them.” By the way, ArtsWest is auditioning for next season today.

Pointlessness at the Polls, day o’ decision

March 13, 2007 6:07 am
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-Two days short of the Ides of March, we’ll see whether voters choose to stab the tunnel or the replacement-a-duct out of their respective miseries … or both … or neither … or what …

-Or what, indeed? Tomorrow night, you can call in to ask Hizzoner himself. Not that you’ll be guaranteed an actual answer; so far this week, he’s just waffling.

-Haven’t voted yet, but still intend to? P-I offers one last roundup of info-links.

-That public viaduct tour later this month, during the twice-yearly inspection closure, is already sold out, says the DOT. No worries; here’s a better way to walk the lame-duck-a-duct.