day : 28/01/2007 3 results

Hollywood Video getting ejected

Looks like at least one of the big east-of-Junction mixed-use projects is about to accelerate: Got an e-mail tip that Hollywood Video at Alaska and 41st had announced it would be closing Feb. 11; went over to check it out, and before we could even approach the counter to inquire, we heard the clerk say it loud and clear to three different sets of customers. Apparently they expected more warning, but then suddenly, this weekend, the owner gave them two weeks’ notice — or so went the clerk’s version. This is the project that supposedly will include a QFC, just a few blocks west of the future Whole Foods, practically across the street from Safeway … wonder how soon the wrecking ball will show up?

Speaking of signs

The Huling/Gee sightings below aren’t the only notable sign activity under way. In The Junction, Jak’s Grill seems to be in transition between awnings; if you look really close at where the awning used to be, you’ll see the old KRESS AND CO. name in the masonry (city historic link here). And a bit further north, the Garlic Jim’s sign is up:


Dot-com dollars on the shore

For those of us who gaze at the waterfront homes on Beach Drive and dream of living in one, the Times’ Pacific Magazine today takes us inside the mansion of Scott Lipsky, the GalleryPlayer chair also described as having “retired” from Amazon (despite his apparently young age). Good to hear that at least one dot-com $$$-holder has enough taste to live on Puget Sound instead of clustering with the others near Gatesland on Lake Washington!