Re-outage update

Looks like about half the re-outage area is back on. Heading south on Cali, up the hill, the first sign of power was an outdoor light at Cali & Austin. Morgan Junction businesses, still out. To the east, 35th/Thistle light was back. Someone just left a comment wondering about 32nd/Thistle — when we head out again in a bit, we’ll check that out. And we’ll keep you updated on Morgan Junction, where the substation area is still cordoned off. Funny how this sort of thing changes your mindset; we’ve laughed in the past about suggestions that emergency-preparedness kits make great gifts … just heard that pitch again on the car radio, and now we’re not laughing. At all.

3 Replies to "Re-outage update"

  • Nick O December 20, 2006 (1:48 pm)

    I live on SW Austin (off Highland) and someone put a sign at the end of Othello asking for help. “Help No Power”. You should check it out. It doesn’t seem that City Light knows we exist over there.

  • Katie December 20, 2006 (3:00 pm)

    I’ve heard people recommending that if your power is STILL off or goes off again, keep calling SCL to let them know. It might help to be a squeaky wheel…especially if they may not even KNOW about it! We lost power at 9:30 near Murray & 48th, but it came back about noon.

  • MFishpaw December 20, 2006 (5:15 pm)

    We’re in North Admiral and were in a pocket of homes with no power until Monday afternoon. Daily calls into SCL didn’t help. We finally called the mayor’s office, which resulted in our power being restored within about 3 hours! I mentioned how my husband is a cancer patient, and the lack of power was particularly stressful for us. We got a call back from a SCL “accounts manager” who didn’t seem to know about the outage in our neighborhood. Once the power was back up, I did leave messages thanking everyone involved. What I hadn’t mentioned was that our kitty was dying, and she did eventually succumb yesterday morning — thankfully within a warm house. Thanks for the good work with the blog.

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