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Set your cell-phone alarm tonight

November 12, 2006 7:10 pm
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 |   West Seattle weather

… just in case; our weather-geek pals tell us it could get windy enough overnight to take out the power. It appears the National Weather Service concurs. In case you want to write it down now, the City Light hotline for reporting outages is 206-684-3000; if you want to check first if someone’s already reported your outage, there’s supposed to be a recorded message along those lines at 206-684-7400.

But what about the Christmas lights?

Big sign in the Menashe & Sons Jewelers window in The Junction — Jack Menashe’s retiring after 30-plus years. Since it’s “… and Sons,” we’re assuming the business will go on. But what about the Christmas lights at the Menashe house on Beach Drive? Please tell us they’re not going into retirement yet! We’re still reeling from the loss of the Gai display long ago. (Not to mention the little old guy in Burien, may he rest in peace.)

Think global, shop local

November 12, 2006 1:54 am
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 |   West Seattle businesses

As holiday-shopping season looms, we’re throwing in a few words of support for shopping at local businesses as much as you can. A lot has changed in The Junction, for example, since last holiday-shopping season. And many businesses are doing what they can to court you — such as, we learned at last weekend’s Gathering of Neighbors that Square One Books has a pre-holiday sale next weekend — 19% off! Check them out before wandering resignedly over to the big chain bookstore at W-Village. And if computer stuff’s on your list, sounds like changes are afoot at Quidnunc — its new newsletter reveals it’s now part of a company called HomeTown Computer Centers, and promises “changes to improve prices and customer service.” Certainly we all pay attention to prices … but it’s worth considering that paying a few cents more is the worthwhile price of not living in one of those hideous megaburbs without a true small-town downtown.