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Scariest pre-Halloween sighting so far

September 12, 2006 9:51 pm
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In the seasonal aisles of Westwood Village Target: costumes to transform your dog into Darth Vader or Yoda on Halloween.

Hmph. Cats are generally too dignified for a stunt like that.

Alert for late-latte lovers

Caffe Ladro is closing at 5 tonight for some sort of annual employees’ event. This is bound to be especially disappointing to West Seattle’s Finest, some of whom take coffee breaks there many a night. (What is it about CL? The fine coffee, or the convenient parking right on Cali Ave, easy pipeline to the next call? Just curious.)

Speak now, or forever …

From this morning’s coverage of yesterday’s City Council hearing, seems like the Third Option for viaduct (non)replacement is truly on life support, if it’s even still breathing at all. If you have anything to say about it, OR the tunnel, OR the replacement viaduct (thanks to FoS for the direct video links), tonight’s your chance to do it without leaving West Seattle — 5-8 pm, Madison Middle School.