Speak now, or forever …

From this morning’s coverage of yesterday’s City Council hearing, seems like the Third Option for viaduct (non)replacement is truly on life support, if it’s even still breathing at all. If you have anything to say about it, OR the tunnel, OR the replacement viaduct (thanks to FoS for the direct video links), tonight’s your chance to do it without leaving West Seattle — 5-8 pm, Madison Middle School.

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  • Forest September 13, 2006 (4:41 am)

    As with earlier viaduct “public hearings,” there were no opportunities for the public to speak. Just a chance to mill about and talk one-to-one with the same planners addressing the same few questions in front of the same art easels that were completed years ago.

    It was mostly worth attending if you’ve never read a viaduct article in the Times or P-I.

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